Yatchan Tamil Full Movie

It looks like it will rain. Ask the children to come in. Hurry up. Swetha…
– I’ll come after a while. Swetha… Swetha, listen to me.
Come in. Ever since the accident,
Swetha has not been the same. One day a couple came to adopt a child
from ‘Gayathri Illam’, our orphanage. You unlucky girl! I’ll kill you. When they were about to leave she pleaded
with us not to send Banu with them. She said she had a vision
of them torturing Banu. I didn’t understand why
she behaved that way. Later, everything turned out
just the way she saw it. We rescued Banu with
police help. Ever since then, there are times when with just
a touch she can foresee dangers for people. I was worried and took
her to the doctor. He said she is going through a paranormal
experience of getting visuals beyond time. He said it was difficult to understand this.
But that’s the reality we had to face. I didn’t know if it was a
boon or a curse for her. Was this going to put her in danger or would
someone else be in danger because of this? Hey, where are you going? What is it, Mani? You borrowed money from our
boss, Kailasam. Won’t you return it? I am going to do just that. As soon as I get paid for this job
that I am going for, I will repay it. Let me go. Leave your bike behind.
–Why? All right. Keep it. Stay here. I’ll be back with the money.
Keep an eye on it for me. You’ll be back, won’t you?
– I will. Whose bike is that?
– Who knows? I’ll be back. Look for him.
Where did he go? Here we go! Come, Chinna. How do you have so
much money? I worked hard for it. He wouldn’t have worked for it.
He must have whacked someone for it. Start the game. Looks like you’re going
to lose it all. I am going to get it all back
in one game. Deal the cards. Why…are you going to
repay all your debts? Rubbish! Does anyone
ever repay their debts? My hero’s film (Actor Ajith a.k.a. Thala)
is releasing in three days. We have to make it a gala affair. I’ll be serving the tastiest ‘Biriyani’
made with the finest ‘Basmati’ rice. I need money for that. Throw in the money. Brother Subbiah… I am coming. Didn’t you want someone reliable from
here to get your job done in Chennai? There’s Chinna. If he beats up someone,
no one will ever find out He doesn’t come across like that. He seems like someone
who only knows to flirt. I have a Rummy. You’re one lucky guy. We’ve lost. Lend me Rs.2000. Give me what you already
owe me. Brother, can you give
me Rs.2000? Don’t lend him any money.
He’s never repaid anyone. Wait, I am coming. Brother Subbiah… He was here… We’ve hired that cycle.
Put it down. Fabulous acting! Anitha, answer and then go. Get lost. How could you do this, mother? I didn’t let you feel the
absence of your parents. Just marrying you doesn’t make
him a worthy husband. I worked hard to educate you and to get you
married. Look what you’ve done! By lending me his surname,
he may be considered my father… …but by torturing you he’s
my enemy forever. You’re dating a guy despite
knowing he’s my enemy. Look here! If you meet
him again… This is what I am looking for. Give it to me. I will kill you in the blink
of an eye. What are you doing? Have you ever professed your
love to me so romantically? I was acting.
How was it? It was good. You were roaring away here. Why don’t you have the courage
to speak to your father? Look here, Mr. Fruit Salad! It is my destiny to become
a big star. The moment he hears I want to become an actor,
he explodes like a firecracker! I’ll tell him when the time
is right. Give me the courage to speak
my mind about going to Chennai. Karthik… Father…
-Come here. You have to leave for
Chennai tomorrow. I can’t believe this, father. I wanted to talk to you
about the very same thing. Great minds think alike! Meet a man called
Ramamurthy in Mylapore. I want to start another
branch there. I want you to finalise that. I want to go to Chennai to
become an actor. I don’t want to run a business.
I am not good at it. It doesn’t motivate me. Cut the crap! He wants to act. He’s making me angry. Don’t yell.
It’s embarrassing. You want to go and beg around
to become an actor? Isn’t that shameful? We have been running this
store for three generations. You have to take over. Instead you want to become an actor. Mr. Shanmugam! Come out of the house. What happened?
-Nothing. Mr. Fruit Salad! What are you doing here, Deepa? Why are you behaving so
disrespectfully? You don’t know how to respect others. Why should you be respected? People are watching. Don’t embarrass me.
Go home. Now you know how it feels. This is how embarrassed he was when
you yelled at him in front of everyone. Please keep quiet. You may be scared of him.
I am not. Keep quiet, Deepa. Leave home with just your boxers on,
we’ll make it in life. Why don’t you go with her? No, father… How did you fall for this girl? Is this how your parents raised you? They raised me just fine. You’re the one stopping
your son’s rise. I am doing what you
should be doing. Look at him. He has talent
in abundance! When he becomes a star,
you’ll want to show-off. You’ll make him endorse your
products to sell more of them. See what I do then. As if his face will sell anything! Can you keep quiet? I am fighting for you. What is it now? Apologise to him. Apologise to my own son? Apologise for yelling at
him and I’ll go. My dear Karthik… My heartfelt apologies for all the wrong
I’ve done and for having yelled at you! Will that do? You don’t have to overdo it. I am sorry too for having yelled at you. Now she apologises! Where is brother Subbiah? He is upstairs. Go up. What is it? I want some money. To gamble? Not for that. My hero’s movie is about
to release. I need money for the
celebrations. Sounds good! There is no more money due to you.
I’ve paid you for everything. It’s my hero’s movie. It’ll be shameful
if I don’t make it a gala affair. Bring that box. That will do, brother. This is the only debt I’ll be repaying. I don’t want it. Keep it. It’s going to be a rocking celebration! “We are the Thoothukudi dudes!” “Like the sea breeze,
we waft across carefree and cool.” “I am going to dance up a storm.” “I am going to star in a
hundred movies.” “Hey, did you think money’s
nothing?” “With a handful, one will
be on top of the world.” “Come along and don
a new role.” “Come along and sing a song.” “I want to be rich and famous, I want to be
on those posters donkeys feed on.” “The day Tinseltown rolls out the
red carpet for me…” “…is when Life would have opened
heaven’s doors for me.” “Borrow to the brink
and make everyone sink.” “When they chase you for
their money…” “…all they’ll get is my dirty
worn clothes, honey.” “My lucky stars will help me
scale great heights.” “A box and a few boxers is
all the wealth I have.” “Lord Muruga’s spear leads me
to brighter days.” “Lord Muruga’s spear leads me
to brighter days.” “I am going to dance up a storm.” “I am going to star in a
hundred movies.” “Hey, did you think money’s
nothing?” “With a handful, one will be on top
of the world.” “Come along and don
a new role.” “Come along and sing a song.” Stop throwing stones at me. Stop throwing stones at me. Just because I didn’t clear the debt,
you can’t hang me upside down. Blood is rushing to my head. Get me down.
I’ll give you your money. Slow! The boss has given us
strict orders. What has he said? He doesn’t want us to go
back without the money. If I had the money I would
give it to you. Take your hands off me. Look, I don’t have much.
Just Rs.150. Those are tickets for my hero’s movie.
Give them back. He’s got tickets for a whole week. He doesn’t care to return our money
but he’s got himself a week’s tickets. Don’t mess with the tickets.
I’m warning you. Why did you hit him? He tore my tickets. He’s dead. He won’t be dead. Sprinkle some soda or beer
on him. He’ll wake up. I am telling you he’s dead. It was just a slap! How dare you! Don’t touch me. How dare you throw a
stone at me? Run. He had the guts to hit him despite
knowing he’s my man? He said Kailasam was no
big shot and threw a stone at me. Get him wherever he is. Will do that… I’ll stone him to death. Hey, come here. Where are you going? I am going to elope. These are your clothes. Here’s some money. Why do I need this? You’re leaving for Chennai now. Right now?
Don’t play the fool. I can’t leave right away. Do you trust me?
–Yes. Do you have faith in your talent?
–Yes. Don’t you know your father is stupid?
–He is. I haven’t informed anyone. They are not going to give you
a farewell anyway. You can inform them when
you make it big. My friend Ramya knows
someone called Loghu. He’s an influential man in
the movie world. He’s a bigger photographer
than I am. Go meet him.
It’s getting late. Go. How did you get this money? I sold my jewels and emptied
my father’s cash box. How can you do this? Don’t you have any
desires of your own? I do. I want you to come back as
a big star and make me proud. That’s all I wish for. Let’s not get into these melodramatic
moments. It’s getting late. Go. Wait. The ticket is in your pocket. Idiot! You’ve worked for the gangs here… But now you’ve killed one of them.
How will they spare you? They have called me twice already. I can’t handle this anymore. What will I do if you
abandon me? Leave town immediately. Where will I go? Go to Chennai. I don’t know anyone there. I know a man who’s a manager
there. His name is Mark. I’ll give you his number.
Call him. He’ll help you. Tea with lots of sugar… There he is! Get him. Where did he go? Look there. …I’ve left home against
my father’s wishes. Stand by me till I make it
big as an actor somehow. Is this a sign? That’s not good. Anyway, they say seeing a funeral
procession is a good sign. Things have worked out for the best. You don’t have to worry about earning
a bad name anymore. Your brother chose the wrong path. That led him to his death. It’s not easy to earn
a reputation like yours. I am sure your business supports
close to 4000 families. That’s why I had a word
with our leader. I’ve told him the Party will benefit if someone like
you becomes an MLA. (Member of the Legislative Assembly) The MLA nominations are
due in 10 days. Don’t worry about anything.
Just focus on what you need to do. If you work hard for the Party,
you will rise in the ranks. Where can I find Loghu? Strike a pose like Salman Khan. Who are you? I am Karthik, I spoke to
you on the phone. Which Karthik? Deepa’s friend.
Didn’t Ramya tell you? Oh! The friend’s friend’s friend! What is it? I’ve come to Chennai to
become a hero. I am a terrific actor. Not happening! Can you strike another
pose, please? Deepa says that with your
recommendation, I will get a break. You don’t stand a chance. Stand there. Strike a pose. You stay where you are. Don’t go in person.
Just send your photos. You look tolerable only in a photo. Brother Subbiah told me
to help you. He never said anything else. He didn’t? I’ll be direct. You want to meet the ‘party’.
That’s not possible. The ‘party’ is too busy.
Where should I send the ‘party’? What are you saying, Mark? Someone like you calls me. I then send my ‘party’ across. When the job’s done, that
‘party’ will call me… …and then I will send that
‘party’ to another ‘party’. It’s a very busy life. What kind of a ‘party’ do
you want? How are the photos? Deepa took them. With and without a moustache. With and without a beard. I did ask you to send only
your pictures. But with these pictures you won’t
even become a sidekick. What are you saying, Logo?
-It’s Loghu. Take the 7 pm bus and go home. If you’re Ok, I can send the
‘party’ right away. Are you a pimp? Is this the ‘party’ you were
referring to? Did brother Subbiah come
to Chennai for this? I am in trouble already,
this is the last thing I need. What trouble are you in? It’s nothing. Let it be. Come on.
Don’t feel shy. I just killed someone in
Thoothukudi. Shall we drink tea? Give me a cup of tea with
lots of sugar. Give me a cup of tea with
little sugar. You are a big photographer. You know a lot of people
in cinema. A lot of important people
know you. Deepa told me you’ll get
me a chance somehow. Let’s give your face a makeover and shoot
an awesome portfolio for Rs.10,000. If it doesn’t come out well, don’t ask me.
It’s up to you after that. Rs.10,000 is too much. Can you do this for half
the money? For half the money, you get
half the face, is that Ok? For Deepa’s sake
and for friendship’s sake… I’ll do it for you. Will people come looking for
you from Thoothukudi? Yes. I thought I would hang around here for a few days
and then head somewhere else. What should I do? Run away from here the way you
ran away from Thoothukudi. You’ve been referred by
brother Subbiah. I know someone.
I’ll take you to him. Don’t discuss the Thoothukudi
issue with him. I asked you for tea but you’ve
given me sugar syrup. There’s no sugar in this. I am sorry. His tea has gone to you
and yours to him. Can I get you another one?
– Give it to him. Let’s go and meet your guy. I’ll get you another one
right away. It’s all right. Hi, baby. I need to send a small parcel. Is brother Joe there? Don’t you dare call me ‘baby’! Move aside. I know her well. Which parcel are you
going to send? You’re the parcel.
I am going to send you. Hello, brother. How was last night? What is it? He is a friend. He’s had a little trouble in
his hometown. I want to deport him to another country.
I am here for that. Sit down. You told me not to talk
about Thoothukudi. I know what to say. What’s your name? Chinna. If I decide to, I can send you to any
country you see on this map. You choose the country
and I can send you there. Here. 25 lakhs. What about this? 30 lakhs. I don’t want all that. I’ll go there. That’s the sea. Are you going to
dance with a mermaid over there? You suggest a good place
that’s not too expensive. Malaysia it is. That will be 2 lakhs. What do you say? It’s not easy to fabricate papers
and send a person to a foreign country. Give me Rs. 50,000 as advance. Give it to him. I don’t have money. I’ll return it when we go back
to the room. Give it to him now. You must return it. It is the client’s money.
–I will. This is Rs.30,000. Come to ‘Rohini lodge’ at 8 pm, we’ll adjust
the balance in return for a few services. Rest of the money? Once the job is done I’ll
give it to you. Who will guarantee that? Me?
He will kill me. Ask anyone in Thoothukudi. I don’t owe a paisa to anyone.
Do you know that? “I will rise after every fall.” “Crazy fellow!” “I’ll make you feel small.” “I can get you into trouble and
you won’t even know.” “I ain’t getting trapped in
any inquiry.” “I am the benevolent, fearless one.” “I will make you run.” “I will rise after every fall.” “Don’t you understand that not
every day can be sunny?” “Throw away your worry.” “Bro, tell me what you gonna do.” “Fool, you can’t blame somebody
for your failure.” “It’s alright to fade away like the moon.
But rise like the sun again.” “Like a rocket,
let’s thrust into space.” “Life is like a roller coaster with
its ups and downs.” “We have to brave the storm,
we won’t stop.” “I’ll laugh aloud when I give
fate a run for its money.” “I will overcome any obstacle
in my path.” “I’ll say it a hundred times and
yet ‘you won’t get it’.” “I’ll just finish it and say ‘I did it’.” “Bro, go around town and
tell them who we are.” “They will tremble when they
hear my name.” “I will rise after every fall.” He resembles the man
I saw in Thoothukudi. Who is it at this hour? Sir, how can you expect the job
to be done immediately? There is a good sign.
Consider your job done. Where is he? Why are you following me? Aren’t you from Thoothukudi? I am from T. Nagar. How many of you are here? I am the only one. Tell me the truth. Don’t you know what happened
at Thoothukudi? I don’t even know what is
happening here. Why are you following me then? Don’t stab me. Subbiah from Thoothukudi
told me about you. You could have told me that
before being beaten up. You didn’t let me! You twisted my neck even before
I could utter a word. I’ll never know what you’ll do
behind my back. Come here. Why pounce on a
weak man like me? Heartless guy! Let that go.
What do you want? Here’s your tea with lots of sugar. We have to get rid of somebody. Who do you think I am? I can’t do that. I’m looking for someone
who is not from Chennai. It’s a serious task. That’s why I followed you
and caught hold of you. If you breathe a word about me being here,
you’ll have your neck twisted forever. I can’t do that. Get lost. You’re going to miss out
on 5 lakhs. How much was that? Five lakhs just to break bones? If it were that simple I would do it
myself and take the money. You have to kill the person. I have to kill someone? Haven’t you ever killed anyone? You killed someone unknowingly,
and had to flee from your hometown. But here, you murder someone
knowingly and you’ll get paid for it. You said you didn’t know what
happened at Thoothukudi. Tell me. He wants me to kill someone.
I’ve only beaten up people until now… Here’s an advance of 2 lakhs. All right.
Who is the person? I must be the only one who gives
business to a person who beats me up. Why did you run into me? Say ‘sorry’ before you go. Why should I? You watch where you’re going. You are asking me to apologise! This was not planned.
It happened all of a sudden. Hey, holy man. Take this young man with you. Holy man? Is this conversation more important
than the commitment? Why have you brought me
to a hospital? Don’t say a word. Keep a 10 feet distance
from me. The first person I speak to
is your ‘mark’. ‘Mark’? I know him already. ‘Mark’ means the concerned party. Even I know that Mark
means the ‘party’. You’re confusing me. I’ll show you the target. Keep a 10 feet distance… 10 feet… I’ve been looking everywhere. Please tell me where this ward is. Five lakhs to kill this old lady? Give it a week and she’ll
die on her own. Are your nerves frayed?
Can’t you speak? Not this one. How are you now?
-I am all right. Can I say something if you
don’t mind. You didn’t get hurt because
you fell. Someone hit you. Don’t lie. Her husband hit her and
tortured her. Here’s the plan. I’ll follow her for a few days,
understand her routine. And then fix the right time
and place to kill her. I need a bike to follow her. Give me money. It’s a ‘low budget’ killing. He has so much cash and yet
he pesters me for more. Here are my keys.
I’ll hitch a ride back home. You don’t have to live
in hell like this. Move aside. Go back with your mother.
Don’t go back to your husband’s house. We’ll be in more trouble. Listen to me. If you send her with him,
you’ll never see her alive. What are you saying? Meenamma, I saw her in flames. Take your daughter home. She’s warning you because
she had a vision. Listen to her. Go with your mother. Darling Swetha! Why are you ignoring me,
darling? Who the hell is he? Swetha… I am talking to you and
you’re just walking away. What? ‘Baldie’, have you assigned the
same job to two of us? Why are you complaining?
I’ve given you money and my bike. Why would I do such a thing? This looks like something else. Hang up. Swetha, one moment… I have a call from Virat Kohli… Hello, Swetha.
That’s my number. Save it. If you fall head over heels in love
with me, give me a ‘missed call’. I’ll call back. How did you get my number? I called the hospital and
told them I was dying. Delete my number from
your phone. Delete it. Are you on WhatsApp? Can I send you a photo? Do you know whose
house that is? She’s pointing this way.
Has she seen me? It is the assistant commissioner’s house.
He’s my uncle’s friend. They play badminton together. Do you want to play too? You look beautiful when
you do that. Can you leave this place
right now? I am leaving.
Save my number. Call me if you see me in your dreams,
even if it’s a nightmare. This is the scene.
Rehearse it. What’s your surname?
-Shanmugam. Why did he cut the call again?
Could he be in trouble? Definitely. But you’re the one in trouble. Listen, we should always
keep the boys in fear. Or else, they’ll take us
for granted. My Karthik is not like that. I thought the same of my Raju. Look at what happened. He went to Madurai to study, found
another girl there and bid me goodbye. After Raju, it was Dinesh and
I am finally with Selva now. Karthik Shanmugam… Lights. Yugesa, give him the cue. Do you know your lines?
-I do. You’re Ashwin.
That’s Renuka. The two of you are in love and
you’re going to breakup. You have to convince her. Ashwin, I’ve waited too long.
I can’t take it anymore. Let’s end everything. What are you saying, Renu? That’s the one thing I didn’t
want to hear from you. Why are you shouting? That girl is going to leave you. I want to see more emotion. Convince her.
Do you understand? Give me 10 seconds. Let’s end everything. Let’s breakup.
All the best, Karthik. Deepa… How can you say that you’ll
leave me? If you leave me,
my courage will be gone. If you leave me,
my confidence will be gone. If you leave me, it’s as good as me
deserting my own self. I will lose everything, Deepa. He has said ‘cut’.
Let me go now. Was it good?
-It was good. I know, sir.
I saw you observing me. The name of the character is Renuka.
Who is Deepa? Oh, my God!
I messed up. Let me do it again. No need. It was good. Sir, please show this to the director when
he is in a great mood. Definitely. Sir, this is my life.
Please don’t forget. Thank you, sir. I was very disturbed after the sudden
death of my younger brother. You tried saying something to me… I didn’t respond well. Hope you’ve not taken
it to heart. No, not at all. Don’t keep things to yourself. You can speak your mind
to me. There’s nothing like that. If I want to tell you something,
I will. Brother… I’ve been noticing this the last few days.
Why are you following her? I am not. What do you want? Do you know who I am?
-I don’t. Tell me. Do you know who my uncle is?
Do you know ‘Otteri’ Durai? Is he an important guy there?
-See, you know! He is a gangster… …and my uncle.
So, what does that make me? I am a gangster too! I am a bad guy myself.
I’ve even killed someone. I am having a serious conversation
and you’re trying to kiss my nose! I am madly in love with her,
like in the movies. Get lost!
You can have her. You’ve given up!
Are you scared? If I see you following her one
more time, I’ll kill you. You can call anyone you want for support!
I’ve seen this in the movies too. ‘Baldie’, I might have to kill another guy.
Be ready with more cash. I asked you to kill only one person.
Who is the other one? An idiot is following her.
What else do I do? He is looking for ways to
make more money. Think of it as a festival offer
and kill two for the price of one. A festival offer? Do you expect me to wait patiently
while you take your own sweet time? I want this done quickly
but you keep ondragging it. Don’t take me for a fool.
Respond! Sleep, my darling. Wake up, idiot. Deepa… You neither call nor
answer my calls. I was planning to call you. Didn’t you have money to top-up your card?
I would have done it. I had the money.
How did you come here? I made friends with the manager. Tell me. Why are you looking at your phone? It is nothing. Tell me the truth. I wanted to see if someone
had called me. Karthik… Is there another girl in your life? Have you gone crazy? There’s no one else. Why are you so suspicious? Why didn’t you call me? It looks like an argument.
Are you breaking up? Deepa, I told him if he didn’t call,
you’ll leave him. Get lost! Deepa, every time you call me
I have nothing good to tell you. I was feeling bad. I am waiting for some
good news. What news? I am waiting for the results
of an audition. Really? That won’t happen. People are struggling out here. Will you
get a part with just one great performance? It’s not practical.
Put some sense into him, Deepa. Hey, ‘negative print’.
Get lost. Do you believe him? I thought only you were
going back. It looks like the two of you
will go back together. “Hey, gorgeous,
I am swayed by your beauty.” “Your inviting lips make me swoon.” “Your face is as luminous as
a thousand moons.” “To touch you, to hold you…
my heart yearns.” “Wherever you go,
I will follow you.” “Won’t you kill me softly
with your love?” “At sundown, your thoughts sway
at the corner of my heart.” “I see you in the twilight
glow of the sky. ” “In my very own private pathway,
like my shadow, you pursue me.” “In a world where I languish alone,
are you the newfound love who will yearn for me?” “What’s happened to me?” “My days have turned upside down.” “Am I the lover waiting for
his last chance?” “The unfathomable mix of joy
and grief in my heart has turned me crazy.” “With a single kiss she
sweetened my life.” “From the corner of my eye
I see you fleeting by.” “Everything has changed.” “Everything seems new.” “How best to share this feeling,
I don’t know?” “Who are you, girl?” “Strong as a rock from within.
But soft as a flower outside.” “My joy doubles in your love.” “Who are you, girl?” “Strong as a rock from within.
But soft as a flower outside.” “My joy doubles in your love.” How are you,
brother Subbiah? Haven’t you left yet? Thangamani is
worried you won’t finish his work. I am working on the plan.
I will finish it soon. Kailasam is still mad at you, Chinna. If he finds you, he will finish
you before you finish your work. Finish fast and leave town
at the earliest. Don’t get caught. Should I come with you?
-Why are you saying such things? It doesn’t look like
I’ll get a break. Even though I am brave,
I am scared I’ll lose. How will you lose? You’ll lose only when you
don’t try. But you’ve been trying. No matter what happens,
I am with you. I’ll be there if you lose,
I’ll be there if you win. Even if you commit murder,
I am with you. Don’t confuse yourself
unnecessarily. Whatever it is, call me. Do you get it? Daya, you said some ‘Vaathi’ was going to
board a bus? I can’t see anyone. The guy in the checkered shirt wearing
an ugly pair of trousers, that’s him. We’ve got to kidnap him
before he boards the bus. It has to look casual. Karthik, this is Srini, director
Surya’s associate. Please tell me, sir. I’ve been waiting for your call. The director liked your
audition the best. He wants to see you in person.
Will you come to the studio tomorrow? Sure, sir.
I will be there. Thank you, sir. Deepa… He is on the move. My knife! Won’t you watch where
you’re going? Idiot! What happened now? I got a call. The director likes my screen test
and wants to see me. What does that mean? I think I’ve been selected. Are you going to romance the
whole day? Get off immediately. Did you find it? No, Daya.
‘Vaathi’ has gone. Has he gone? Go, look. I am sorry, brother. I was overjoyed and I just
bumped into you. Looks like you’ve lost
something. Can I help you look for it? We’ll handle it.
You can go. Is it all right?
-Yes. Go. It’s blazing hot. All right. Pretend you’re
that girl. Stand here. That girl?
Why? I am going to use you for
the rehearsal. This is a public place.
Don’t kiss me here. Don’t you want your money?
– I do. Then, stand here.
– All right. I have to do this to get
my money! It’s not a kiss…?
A stab? He’s walking away heartlessly. Was all this about killing someone? I am just a small-time
rogue. They’ll spare a murderer. They’ll never spare the
accomplice. I thought I would get your papers
ready and pack you off. But it looks like I am the one
who’s going to be packed off. Hey, you…
-Is he your friend? I am a gangster.
Believe me. I am a ‘stylish’ gangster.
I am talking to you. Wait. Hello, boss. What’s your problem?
Tell me. Haven’t I already warned you
not to follow my girl? Oh, that babe! I am trying to set her up
for my friend. She’s not for you. Damn it! Press my hand. What are you saying?
She is such a kind soul. Why are you picking your ears? Attack him. Faster! Ouch! My legs!
My hands! Superb, mind-blowing, outstanding,
extraordinary, you can call it anything! When I see good performers,
I simply fall in love with them. I liked you the moment
I saw you. Thank you, sir. It’s a personal question.
Are you in love? Yes, sir. She lives in my
hometown. That is why you are able to relate to it
and bring it out in your acting. You’re madly in love?
-Yes, sir. The search for my movie’s
new face ends here. I have a star actor. You are going
to play the second lead along with him. People back home will be
very happy, sir. I know.
-Thank you, sir. Don’t make a big deal of it. This is important. June 18…That’s the day the movie
will be launched. I’ll introduce you to the world in
a very big way on that day. Most importantly,
keep a low profile till then. I want to create enough hype about
you and then present you to everyone. Sir, his name is also Karthik… Karthik, the industry has two actors
with the same name. Can we change your name? Sir, my mother chose this name for me.
I didn’t want to change it. We get sentimental about
our mothers. Who better than a mother
to name a child? Let’s not change your name. We’ll just call you ‘Little’ Karthik. ‘Little’ Karthik…
Ok, sir. ‘Little’ Karthik is the name
of S.J. Surya’s new hero. Hey, ‘Baldie’. June 18…That’s when I am
going to kill her. At last! I’m relieved. When and how are you
going to do it? I’ve done my groundwork. I can’t kill her near her hostel.
The police commissioner stays close by. The cops are around always.
-You can’t do that. Wherever she goes,
she always has company. That’s a problem. But, I found the right place.
-Where? She always visits a patient and returns
alone to her hostel through a market. I am going to kill her at
the market. Super!
-Thank you. But the market is always crowded.
If someone spots you, both of us will be finished. How will I get caught? I will be in disguise.
That is my speciality. Disguise?
How will you go there? Just do what I say. I want a vehicle to be at the
Five Lights teashop at 8 am. Send me a driver who
doesn’t know me. Keep a knife below the mat
of the backseat. As soon as my work is done,
I will get away in the same car. We’ll become strangers from
that moment on. Anyway, we’re not related.
Make sure you finish the work. Hey, Baldie!
-What is it? That girl looks good,
why are you trying to kill her? What’s the problem? Her good looks are the problem. She always appears in my dreams
and smiles at me. Consider the job done. What are you saying? Ten days before my grandma’s death,
she appeared in my dreams and kept smiling at me. And on the eleventh day she died.
This girl will die too. Don’t get confused unnecessarily. Big shots are involved.
Give me the date again. June 18… Don’t lose focus.
Say it after me… Tell me. Have you left? I am leaving. I don’t want the police to get wind
of what we’re doing. I’ve come here to pray. We could get killed. Don’t keep calling me. If you call me again,
it will get messed up by itself. Don’t ask me to return your
money then. Hello, Deepa. Do you know where I am now? Where? I am at the temple offering prayers
for ‘Little’ Karthik’s success. You’re going to rock. Super! Sir, I am the driver sent by the
‘cinema’ company. Tell me, brother. Sir, I can’t find the place. Do you know the teashop at Five Lights?
-I do, sir. Wait there. I am coming. Aren’t you the man sent
by ‘Baldie’? ‘Baldie’? Is that how you
call the manager? Get in, brother. Manager?
Anyway, start the car. Don’t forget to recommend me,
if they need a photographer. Certainly. Your photographs
have been lucky for me. You’re the only one who
thinks I bring luck. Thangamani asked me to go
to the teashop at Five Lights. Where is he? My car has come.
I am leaving. Let’s think positive, Ok? Did you find the place, brother? This guy gets to be a hero? I am glad you gave me an easy landmark.
We keep coming to this teashop. I didn’t ask you anything.
Just drive. I am already tense. Are you worried because it is going to be
your first experience? Don’t worry.
You’ll get used to it. Have you been doing this
for long? For around 10-15 years. Pick up.
Finish the job. Drop back. Pick up.
Finish the job. Drop back. Hello.
-Hey, Thangamani. Tell me, driver? He doesn’t look like the person
you mentioned. He looks totally different. Wow! Does he look different?
That is his speciality. He looks like another person altogether. Don’t talk unnecessarily. Just drop him off and bring him back.
No questions asked. Tell me, sir. Murugan, have you picked him up? We’ve left.
We’ll be there. Don’t bring him in through
the main entrance. Use the rear one. I told him not to call again.
Look at the road and drive. So arrogant even before becoming a star!
What if he becomes one? What is it now? You know what, the driver is
unable to recognise you. That fool calls you a fool. Looks like a great disguise!
Just take a selfie and ‘WhatsApp’ it. Let me admire it. Baldie, did you call the driver
to check on me? One more call and
I’ll just run away. I just wanted to share my happiness.
March on, my warrior prince! Don’t tell him I called you,
he’ll yell. Just tell him his stuff is
under the mat. Look under the mat. What is it? Let me look for it… Did you miss something? This is what I found.
What’s it for, brother? It’s for you.
You’ll need it at the spot. At the spot… Looks like the first shot after the launch is
a racy fight sequence! Where did he keep it? Where is it? My job is only to pick you up and
after the job, drop you back. For anything else,
ask them. ‘Baldie’ goofed up. The boy I’ve hired will
finish his job today. If I get the balance, I will keep
some and pay him the rest. What if your boy by mistake leaks out
information about you… I’ll be finished. Three of my men will be
on watch at the market. The moment your boy kills the girl,
my men will kill him. That’s it.
We don’t have to pay him. What about my payment? I’ll give it to you. I don’t see a traffic signal…
Brother, why have we stopped? Don’t you remember?
This is the spot. I don’t.
Only you should know. My hero’s cut-out… Where are you going? To the cinema studio. Studio?
-Yes. Aren’t you Thangamani’s guy? No, I am from the cinema
company. Cinema… Is my hero here? God! Who’s put up more banners
for my hero than me? Why didn’t you take my calls? Where is Karthik? Who are you?
How did you get into this car? This is not the guy you are
supposed to bring. I called the number you gave,
picked him up and dropped him here. You brought the wrong guy. So, I got into the wrong car… My hero is expected here… I also have to kill that girl… Ditch it… I’ll kill her tomorrow.
Let me meet my hero now. You’re making a blockbuster
with Thala. Then, why do you need a newbie?
Why the suspense? The story demands it.
You will be surprised when you see him. My choice is never wrong. Listen to me. Please go. Madam, just one photo.
I have put up cut-outs for him. Sir… Bunch of idiots! Fools! Fools! Damn! The event begins in 30 minutes.
I have boasted about the new guy to everyone. People are waiting.
What do we do? Who the hell have you brought? He’s the one who got into
the wrong car. Sir, this is not the same guy…
-You told me that already, stop confusing me. Did you call him?
-He is not reachable. Can we call off the function? We can’t do that. It’s a prestigious project. We have a good story. The Thala (head) is already in place. The tail is all we need. Where is the tail? Sir, can I see my hero just once. Surya sir, I’ve watched your movies. They’re very good. Give me just 2 minutes to take
a picture with my hero. Your fate is about to change. You are going to play the second lead
in my film with your hero. Me?
With my hero? Sir…that’s too risky. Chuck it. We have a good story, we have the head,
we’ve found the tail. We’ll rock! All you have to do is some tinkering, welding, painting
on his face and bring him clean. Bring out the pan-cake. That girl is coming. Who? There she comes, go. I don’t know her. Go, finish her. Finish her?
What do you mean, brother? Here’s the damn knife and
there’s the girl in the blue outfit. Go, kill her. Kill her?
Don’t play the fool, brother. Who are you?
Aren’t you Chinna? No. I am Karthik. They call me ‘Little’ Karthik. Why did you get into this car? I thought the cinema company sent it.
Brother, please drop me back. There’s been a goof up.
The man in the car is not Thangamani’s man. He got into the wrong car.
What do we do? I don’t care what you do.
Get that fellow to kill her. Brother, you go ahead with what
you have to do. I’ll take an auto-rickshaw to go back. Stop! Don’t punch me on my face. I play the hero in a film. Are you going to kill her
or not? I cannot. Let me go. Go, kill her. Why don’t you kill her yourself! Damn it, do what I tell you to do.
-I won’t. Then you better die. Let me go. If I kill her,
will you let me go? Go, kill her first and
I’ll let you go. If you do something silly,
I’ll kill both of you. I don’t know who you are.
But they’ve sent me to kill you. Don’t get scared.
I won’t do anything. Who are you?
What are you saying? Don’t run.
Stay here. Why are you looking
at me? Go. You go away first. I am able to foresee two
people dying. Gosh! That will be you and me. Who are you? If he gets up,
he’ll kill us. Go. Get into the car. After a long time, Actor Ajith and
I are coming together for this film called… ‘Yatchan’ I know all of you are eager to see the newbie
playing his younger brother. The wait is over… Presenting to you… Stay here. Listen, what is your name? Here’s the new kid on
the block, Chinna! Will these photos appear in
Thoothukudi newspapers too? Not just Thoothukudi,
throughout the State. Sir. Where did you go? We were looking for
you everywhere. I got late. Did the programme get
cancelled? No way. They moved
on with another guy. He’s the guy. You changed the hero? Him? Whatever it is, speak
to Srini. Sir, the manager is saying all
kinds of things. I got late.
Can I see the director? The director is very angry
with you. Go away. I got caught in a big mess on the way.
You won’t believe what happened. Sir, please speak to him for me. Karthik, even the Press has been told.
I can’t do anything now. Sir, please… Karthik, talent is not the only thing here.
Being on time is more important. I’ll let you know if something
comes up. What’s the report? Sir, it’s not a gang fight. Something to do with love.
Everything happened in a jiffy. Everyone saw the boy and girl leaving together.
They hit people who blocked their way. This wallet was lying there. They’ve identified him as
the man in the photo, sir. If they’ve decided to kill me,
can’t they make it quick and instant? Ask him to stop. Please. What did I ask you to do?
-You wanted that girl killed. What did you do? I got someone from another
town to do this job. Why? Because you didn’t want
to leave any trace. What happened after that? The boy is quite smart, but something
happened in between. I wanted to kill her because
I didn’t want any trouble through her. Don’t I know to do that? You do. Two of my men are dead.
If the police get wind of it, I’ll be caught. The date for the
nomination is nearing. I asked you to kill her but
you’ve messed it all up. Throw him away. Please don’t.
Give me three more days. I will finish your work.
Or even two days will do. Keep this school bag for me. Meanwhile, I’ll bring her corpse. Or else, I will come back and wear
this bag and jump into the sea. Please give me two days. How can they torture a middle-aged boy by
holding him hostage mid-sea? Where the hell did he go
letting me tremble? He’s the new guy who is
all set to act with Thala. You murderer!
What are you doing there? What?
-Not you, idiot! Just shut up and watch that. Brother, look at this nonsense!
-What? What the hell? What is this, Renu? You said the very thing
I didn’t want you to say… How can you deliver your dialogues
while picking your ear? What will you do if a girl
ditches you? I’ll slap her. You cannot slap her.
You have to beg. I cannot beg. Give me a good action sequence.
I can’t handle romance. Hey, ‘Baldie’. Chinna, step outside for a minute. Who are you?
-I wanted to call you myself. I need to speak to you for
5 minutes. You can’t do that.
We are rehearsing. Don’t worry.
He’s our guy. ‘Baldie’, how did you find me? Give me a minute. Why did you come here?
What’s the matter? What are you doing here when
I asked you to do something else? Your posters are plastered
all over town. I got into the wrong car and
my whole life has changed. I am acting with my hero. I am going mad here.
You messed it up. Why are you getting tense? I’ve had to run for my life. Someone else got into your car. He killed two men and
saved the girl. He killed two people? I asked you to send just the driver.
Who is the other man? Thangamani… I sent two extra men in
case you goofed up. You didn’t have faith in me. Find someone else to do
your job. Don’t make me angry. Stop this nonsense and
finish my work as promised. Are you being arrogant because
you gave me money? This company will give me
money, I’ll return yours. Big shots are involved.
They’ll kill us both. If you utter another word,
I’ll kill you for the money you paid me. We have nothing to do
with each other. Get lost. Who do you have to see? She knows where to go. Hello, sir.
I am Thangamani. He’s Ravi, that’s Shiva. Damn! I am not here to
introduce everyone. Where’s Karthik? Sir, what wrong did my son do? What a silly question to ask! He got into the wrong car. How can you threaten us
for such a small thing? We boarded the wrong bus on
our way here. However we handled it. He ran away with a girl. Are you the girl’s father? The girl’s father? Uncle, I told you he’s become
a different person after coming to Chennai. I am sure he has run away
with his daughter. That can’t be. Sir, even though I don’t like her… …technically, he should have eloped
only with this girl. Why did he take your daughter? Where are those two? We don’t know where Karthik is.
We came here looking for him. What is it? Won’t any of you ever utter
a good word. You’re always talking about
bloodshed and violence. Speak positively.
Believe me, everything changes I need to use the loo right
away. Ask them to let him go. Why are you laughing?
What are you doing, Deepa? This is the first time I am seeing
a girl point a knife at me. It’s crazy. Will you come with me?
You’ll be paid well. I’ll stab you.
Just let him go. If she stabs me,
you bury him. Don’t! Don’t harm him. If you don’t want him to
be stabbed, drop your knife. Drop it. Aren’t you ashamed of letting
a girl threaten you with a knife. Until Karthik hands over that girl to me,
his father will be in our custody. Let him go,
I will come with you. What if you kill me on
the way? See, you’re getting angry.
You’re danger. Look at him.
A true son of the soil. Let’s take him with us. You are all right. How did I get here? You fell unconscious.
Swetha brought you here. You are safe here. My life is over! All my hard work has
gone a waste. Someone else has walked
away with my part. My life has gone to the
dogs because of you. They came to kill me,
not you. But it’s my life that
they’ve taken. Come, tell the police about it. They’re looking for you.
Go, get caught. Why is everyone looking for me? I saved you, that’s the only
thing I did wrong. The police is looking for
you because… …they claim you killed two men who
came in the way of our love. Who are those men? Meenamma,
I think they are Vetri’s men. Vetri’s men? Hello, wait a minute. Who’s Vetri and what is your
problem with him? I happened to meet Vetri sir,
in a traffic jam. His men were very anxious. He was unconscious in his car. I realised he had a mild
heart attack. Since I was a nurse I administered First Aid and
saved him even before the ambulance arrived. The very next day he
asked to see me. I went to his ice factory
to see him. When I went there, I realised that close to 3000
families depended on him for their livelihood. He was God to them. He wanted to do
something in return. I have to express my gratitude. Tell me how. If you feel that way, please do something to help
‘Gayathri Illam’, the orphanage I grew up in. They need help. Vetri sir did a lot for us. We were able to educate
the children there. We wanted to thank him for everything.
We went to meet him one day. What happened?
Come inside. I think I am fine. Please wait, let me check. When I held his hand, I had a vision of someone
beating him up and throwing him into the sea. When I realised his life was in danger,
I had to tell him about it. I asked him to be cautious if
he had enemies. The only man who hates me and considers me an
enemy is my younger brother, Selvam. I was shocked to hear that his
brother was his enemy. Did he die after your vision? No. Who are you conning? She held his hand,
prophesied his death. Nonsense! She had an accident when
she was very young. She started having visions
after that. A few days later, we heard his
younger brother passed away. We went there. I predicted this death for him,
but it happened to his brother. I was confused. He said his brother was the only
impediment to his progress. I suspected he killed his
brother because of that. But my gut feeling was that he
wouldn’t do such a thing. I didn’t know if I should
ask him about it. To clear my doubts, I gathered courage
and decided to confront him. Are you accusing me of killing
my own brother? Sir, I just felt something had
gone wrong. Stop it. It is my fault… It is my fault.
I gave you too much liberty. I killed my brother? Listen to me carefully. Don’t you dare tell me about your visions
and predictions ever again. Do you get it, leave. I had never heard him
speak that way. My suspicions grew stronger. I couldn’t keep quiet about it. I was sure something had
gone wrong. I went to meet Inspector Velraj. You are making a mistake, Swetha. Don’t go about saying this
to other people. Vetri is going to become
an MLA very soon. Your life will be in danger. If what you claim is true,
I will take immediate action. Until then,
don’t talk about this. I followed Velraj sir’s advice.
I didn’t breathe a word to anyone. It’s only after that,
did these things happen. You are innocent for sure. But I don’t feature in your
flashback at all. This is only about Vetri and you.
I am not there even in one scene, am I? You have a good cop in
your story. Call him and tell him I have
nothing to do with all this and get Vetri caught. After that, you go your
way and I, mine. But, where do I go… Velraj sir is the only one
who can save us. Are you safe, Swetha? They tried killing me. I feel I am right about
my suspicions. The men who came after me
at the market were Vetri’s men. Where are the two of you? We are at ‘Gayathri Illam’, sir. The boy who saved me,
Karthik is also with me. Things are out of control now.
We need to be cautious. Safety is priority.
Don’t tell anyone where you are. The two of you must not call anyone,
nor should you step out. When I call you, come to
the place I tell you. What happened?
– He’ll call again. Just hold my hand and tell me if
everything will be all right? I can’t make predictions
just like that. Let’s go. Isn’t it better to be aware? I told you she would call me. A boy called Karthik saved her. Where is she? She is at the orphanage. We’ll be in big trouble if
she stays alive. I will kill the two of them myself. Vetri, wait. Don’t be in a hurry. It has gone wrong already. Don’t lose the good reputation
you have at the orphanage. The girl trusts me. Once I confirm she hasn’t told anyone
else about this, I will kill them myself. I’ll take care of it. Are you ready, sir?
Music! Stop the music. Idiot! How many times do
I have to teach you? Master, why are you hitting him? You’re doing well, sir. I have taught him a
hundred times. He’s a dunce. He’s as lifeless as a rock. Master, let’s avoid difficult moves. Should we just seat him on a chair
and make the camera dance instead? ‘Baldie’, here I am struggling to dance
and you’re troubling me. Get out of here. Tell him. Why did you bring the police? You’ll take money from me
and kill me? Talk to him. Sir, we are friends. I was only kidding when I threatened
to kill him. Tell him. Won’t you finish the job
given to you? I told you big shots were involved.
You didn’t listen. Face it. Sir, I’ve not murdered anyone. Didn’t I say I would return
the money? No. I’ve just started life anew.
I am acting with my hero. I know everything about you. Sir… If I decide to, I can throw you behind bars
not just for the murder in Thoothukudi… …I can frame more charges
and have you killed in jail. Forget about your acting. If you do what I tell you to,
you can move on with your life. I will ensure you’re not
in trouble. Will you do what I say or do
you want to go to jail? Which film are you
shooting for? Are you sure he asked us
to come here? -Yes. Aren’t you the one acting
instead of me? What are you doing here? Was it your car I got into? You got into the car meant
for me? You messed up my life.
Aren’t you ashamed? Couldn’t you have gotten off when
you knew it wasn’t your car? You’re a fraud! Who are you? Keep quiet. You got into my car.
You could have gotten off too. You saved her unnecessarily
and got both of us into trouble. So, you’re the one who
came to kill me? Yes. I’ve been following
you for a week. I wanted to kill you at
the market place. He goofed up. I’ve come to kill both of you. Let’s run. Don’t move. You can’t get away from here. The police will be here any moment. Shut up. Turn around. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Hey, what are you doing? Stop it, both of you! Drop the gun. Karthik, come here. Who are you? Why are you trying to kill me? Is that important?
Drop the gun. Tell me this first.
Vetri sent you, didn’t he? I don’t know who Vetri is.
Put the gun down. Don’t, Swetha. How do you think I felt when
the gun was pointed at me? Shut up. I came to kill you.
I tried my best, but I am unable to. Trust me. Sir, he’s the one who tried
to kill me. If you didn’t come here
on time, he would have killed me. Sir, you’re right on time.
-Give me the gun. Sir, what are you doing? Sir… I am the one who sent him. I told you not to interfere with Vetri’s
affairs and that I would take care of it. You didn’t listen. I trusted you all along.
You betrayed my trust. Sir, it’s wrong.
We trusted you. Thank God you are here, sir.
Or they would have killed me. Why didn’t you follow my
instructions? Sir, I didn’t do anything. Sir, how can the police do this? If you had killed her that day,
you wouldn’t be in trouble. It wouldn’t have been necessary
to kill you. You shot a policeman! What are you doing? Let’s go. Hurry! Get into this.
–This is a police jeep. Just get in. Guna.
-Tell me. We missed the ‘Vaathi’ at
the bus stop the other day. We should definitely get
him today. It has to be casual. No, we have to make it rough. He’s here.
Start the car. You hit a police jeep. Brother, it is not the police. Sorry, brother!
It was a mistake. Aren’t you the idiot from
Koyambedu? This is the girl our brother
was telling us about. Get both of them. We missed ‘Vaathi’ again
because of him. I don’t understand. Two of your men were
killed at the market place. There is a girl involved. People at the Party are asking me
if you are involved in this issue. No. I think it’s someone
else’s issue. I believe you are not involved. But if you are involved,
forget about becoming an MLA. Even if other party members are ready to
accept you, I will oppose it. Because I have
a reputation to safeguard! People should not point a finger at
me for proposing a tainted candidate. I am sure you understand. Convey my regards to
your family. What did I say to you? You said you would kill her. What did you say to that? I told you not to risk your reputation at the
orphanage and that I would take care of it. What happened after that? Mani’s man goofed up. We shouldn’t spare him. That’s enough. I gave you one job. Just one simple job. One became two and two
became three. Wonder how many more? I would have done it myself. You scared me
about my reputation and stopped me. Did you see the Party
leader grilling me? I trusted you and everything
has gone for a toss. I know exactly what to do. Let me show you. Is brother home? He is. Whenever I try to get ‘Vaathi’
you come and save him. What is your connection
with him? Who is ‘Vaathi’? I blame my luck. Whichever car
I get into, trouble awaits me. Look at that. Someone else
is playing my role. Whenever I see it,
I get irritated. You were supposed to play
his role?
-Yes, brother. I’ll break your bones. He has gone through such
a tough selection process. You claim the role is yours. Shut up! Are you heading to the hospital
or to the mortuary? You’re next in line. Chandru… Swetha… How did you manage to bring her? Brother, we went to get ‘Vaathi’ but
we saw her and kidnapped her. Good job, but don’t ever
touch her again. Chandru, what is all this? That idiot broke my bones.
I will take care of him later. Why did you bring me? Won’t you take my help
when you are in trouble? But how can I let it go? I told my boys to bring
you to safety. You should have stepped
into this place as my bride, Swetha. They brought you here so
unceremoniously. Is he the one who is in love
with you? Throw him out of here. Chandru, let him be. Swetha, why are you getting angry
if we harass him? You’re in love with him,
aren’t you? Chandru, I am not in love with him. The newspapers and TV
reports say so. You’re crazy.
That’s not true. He saved me from the man
who tried to murder me. He’s like a brother to you. Stay inside. I’ve told you not to stand around
watching people being beaten up. Your shirt has bloodstains. Uncle, I’ve told you about Swetha.
She is here. So, you are Swetha! Chandru told me you are in trouble.
-Yes, sir. He’s been so upset,
he’s not drunk an ounce of water. Chandru…
-Sorry, that was a mistake. This is my territory. This is a gangster’s fortress… No one can enter without
my permission. Even the police think twice
before they step in here. Don’t worry about anything. Who is this?
Sir, I am Karthik. He saved her.
He’s like a brother to her. Your job is done.
You may go. Sir, if he steps out,
his life will be in danger. Because I saved her,
my life is in danger as well. You can die, it’s all right. Let him stay here too. Sure, uncle.
Let him sleep in my room. Come on, boys. What happened to the ‘Vaathi’ issue? They went to get him,
but came back with them instead. It shouldn’t go wrong again.
-Ok, uncle. It’s been a shame.
-Yes, uncle. For the last 13 years… Have to succeed this time! We’ll get him. If you had killed her that day,
we won’t be facing this now. I wanted to kill her. I pointed the gun at her,
but couldn’t pull the trigger. Why? When I looked into her eyes,
it was electrifying… My head was telling me to kill her,
but my heart was holding me back. I was stuck. She comes in my dreams
every now and then. You like her. You’re falling
in love with her. But, ‘Baldie’ said only people
who are going to die come in our dreams. Hey, are you crazy? If she comes in your dreams
what does it mean? It means you like her and you are
thinking of her all the time. Don’t confuse him. Just close your eyes for a moment. Now, who do you see? I see that girl, Mark. You’re in love for sure. But if you run away, what if someone
else kills her? What will you do? What are you saying? It’s simple. You need to make her
fall for you. Just tell her that she will stand out
in a bunch of 10 call girls. Also tell her she is not someone
you can get over a phone call. See what happens. Look at my status and look
at hers.-For what? Where am I and where is she… Where? Idiot, she’s educated and has a job. Boss, educated or uneducated,
working or not working… …earning or not earning, a girl is always
a girl and the heart knows no difference. Mark is on the mark for
the first time. Where will we find Karthik? Deepa, this is Karthik. Which Karthik? It’s your Karthik. Are you the one who has eloped with
a girl and is in hiding? So much has happened. I am at Durai’s house in Otteri.
Come here, quick. I am coming. Ask him for the address. Where in Otteri? Ask for ‘Otteri’ Durai…
Anyone will bring you here. That’s it? ‘Otteri’ Durai. Get in.
-Sounds like a big shot. Hurry! We’ve found Karthik! Is that Durai?
He looks short. No, it’s our Karthik. Deepa, do you know what happened? If I slap you, will her men
rush to your defence? Go away. Why did you slap me so hard? They are brother Durai’s men. We’ll be safe only here. You want to be safe with her? Where is she? What happened, Karthik? She is Deepa.
The one I was telling you about. Who do you think you are? Who the hell are you? How dare you question a don
in his own house. I’ll break your bones. Get lost. What is this, Deepa? I worked so hard to make you a hero.
What have you done? Will you just entice any
guy who is good looking? Who, this fellow? Why is she blabbering, Karthik? Deepa, listen to me. People warned me saying you
would change once you leave town. Your damn friend… Deepa, calm down and listen. We have nothing going
on between us. Karthik was the one who saved me
from getting killed. That’s all. You, villain.
She is in love with me! I am her friend on Facebook.
-Get lost. Please keep quiet, sir. Deepa, settle down. I’d told you they sent a car to pick
me up on the day of the launch. The vehicles got mixed up. I got into the car that was
meant for her killer. That’s the confusion. The guy who got into my car turned
into an actor and I became a murderer. I swear. You’re the only
one I have. Forget that,
now you settle down. Karthik, I need to tell you something. Tell him about it. Your dad has been kidnapped. Who took him? Her father. Her father?
-My father? My parents are not alive. She grew up in an orphanage. Don’t call her an orphan.
She’s got me. -Shut up. Karthik, it must be Vetri’s men. Who’s Vetri? Can you keep quiet for some time? My pants might be on
fire again. They’ll be looking for you
everywhere. It’s safer wearing this. Where do we go looking
for her? Let’s look for her in all places
you followed her. I ride fast.
Hold on tight. Why are you hitting me? Are you the ones from Thoothukudi? Come, darling. Why did you hit that cockroach? Uncle, he is the one who hit me. How dare you beat up my boy? You also had the guts to
try and kill that girl! Bring him inside. Wait. Brother, I don’t know anything about you.
Can you hear me out? He is the one…
‘Otteri’ Durai. Brother, I didn’t come to kill her.
Can I speak to her in private? Untie me. Don’t. Brother, I won’t do anything.
Ask them to untie me. Untie him.
-Uncle, don’t. Let’s see what he can do when
so many of us are around. Yes, brother. I kidnapped you only because
the boss asked me to. You’re going to act with Thala.
Can I have a selfie with you? I’ll think about it. It’s fine. I’ll take it with
the man himself. Swetha… I just want to talk. We’re not idiots. Do you think
you can kill her in front of us? Whatever you have to say,
say it from there. Well said, uncle. Go ahead.
-In front of everyone? How do I do that?
-Why are you setting your hair? I don’t know why… I’ve begun to see you
very differently. Hang on… No matter which street corner, you are
the prettiest of all the call girls standing with you. You don’t seem like a girl
we can get with a phone call? Why are you saying such
dirty things? Oh, no! I am really sorry.
This damn Mark’s lines are not working. Wait… Let me just tell you all that I feel. Initially when I saw you,
I didn’t feel anything. It’s only after Chandru sang a song
to you, I started having feelings for you. Later, as I kept following you,
I fell in love with you completely. Idiot, that was not a group song.
It was my solo song. Shut up! Look here, I like just two people in this world…
Myself and my hero. But now I like you more
than my own self. Just one last thing… If you leave me, my
confidence will be gone. If you leave me,
my courage will be gone. And then… If you leave me, it’s like
me deserting my own self. That’s all. Super, bro.
-Thank you. Those are my lines. The ones
I spoke during the audition. Fraud! You’re using my lines to
impress a girl. He’s out there proposing to her
and you’re relaxing on the swing. Didn’t you come there to kill me? Why are you blabbering like a fool? I am not blabbering.
I am serious. I am clueless about what will happen next.
And you’re coming up with new problems. Swetha, you have nothing to worry.
I am there to help you. Brother Durai is there too.
Don’t get scared. Hey… Hang on! Do I look like a fool to you? You’re professing your love
but she says you came to kill her. Who sent you? ‘Baldie’ commissioned this. I agreed to kill her for money. I don’t know who has
asked him to do this. Who is it? Vetri? The one who runs VS Fisheries. What’s his problem with you? I got to know he killed his
younger brother. That’s when all the trouble started. Brother, do you know Vetri?
-I do. But not too well. Uncle has been very upset with
Vetri’s younger brother. I had a brother who would’ve
been as old as Chandru today. Selvam conspired to kill his brother. I wanted to kill him myself,
but someone else killed him. But you are claiming Vetri
killed Selvam. He’s not that kind of a guy. What’s the problem, Vetri? Why did you want me to
come here all alone? Let me tell you. Ever since you came home,
I’ve been gripped by fear. What is your fear?
I don’t get it. What did you say to me yesterday? I asked you if you had anything to
do with the commotion at the market. What was my response to that? You said you had nothing
to do with it. What did you say to that? If you had anything do with it,
I asked you to forget about the MLA post. That was my fear. The fear of not becoming an MLA,
led me to kill my own brother Selvam. You are putting the same
fear into me. You conned everyone into believing
you are a good man. Rascal, I won’t let you… We should not spare
a monster like you. Yes, Velraj.
We know where that girl is. The problem is that she is in
‘Otteri’ Durai’s custody. Look here, Vetri and I are
not enemies. I’ll talk to him and sort this
out amicably. Don’t worry. Good, uncle. Brother… Awesome. It will be great if
you can solve my problems too. Brother…
-You stay right there. Brother, if I don’t kill her,
Vetri will kill me. If you take care of my problems,
I’ll get back to acting with my hero. Don’t do that.
Let him die. Don’t be childish. Brother, we don’t have to feel
ashamed any more. What are you saying? Because you’ve passed your
12th grade. Uncle, we are educated gangsters now.
Give me a high-five! “Hey, you!
Don’t get cheeky.” “Come on, unwind and get
set to rock the stage.” There’s the teacher (Vaathi). “Start the music high.” “Get the glasses out.” “Loosen up and give me a high-five.” “Look up at the sky.” “Now, look down.” “Use your left hand, right hand
and give me a low-five.” “Pump up the volume.” “Put him down,
let the game begin.” “The teachers he looked at
with glee.” “The learned rowdy,
in his
vehicle is making his entry.” “On the throat did he,
place a knife casually…” “If the move backfires,
back out tactfully.” “Start the music high.” “Get the glasses out.” “Loosen up and give me a high-five.” “Look up at the sky.” “Now, look down.” “Use your left hand, right hand
and give me a low-five.” “Hey, you!
Don’t get cheeky.” “Come on, unwind and get
set to rock the stage.” “Hey, Beautiful!” “Don’t you have a little space
for me in your heart?” “Tiny smiles are enough.” “Am I not a part of you, truly?” “You are not alone.
For, I am with you.” “It is an unspoken secret
bond we share.” “Someday you’ll love me back.” “By looking at your eyes,
I’ll know that.” “Start the music high.” “Get the glasses out.” “Loosen up and give me a high-five.” “It will hit your senses.” “It will make you tingle all over.” “A stench it has that you’ll
crave for later.” “Your body will ask for more.
For alcohol it will roar.” “Once you drink,
you’ll transform in a blink.” “The high will leave you
high and dry.” “Start the music high.” “Get the glasses out.” “Loosen up and give me a high-five.” “Look up at the sky.” “Now, look down.” “Use your left hand, right hand
and give me a low-five.” Hey! Policemen!
We didn’t invite you. Never mind.
Join us for dinner. We’ve come here to make
an arrest. Arrest who? We are arresting Karthik and Swetha for the
murders at the market… …and arresting Chinna
for the murder at Thoothukudi. Inspector, do you realise
who you’re talking to? This is my territory and
they’re under my protection. I won’t let you arrest them. Chandru, call the commissioner. We are going to arrest you
as well. Why? We suspect you killed Selvam
to avenge your brother’s killing. We have a warrant. Durai, let’s avoid unnecessary trouble. Uncle, the commissioner is not
answering our call. Sir, I know you’re doing this
at Vetri’s behest. Sir, he is Vetri’s man. This has nothing to do
with Vetri. I am the one you want.
I’ll come with you, sir. Let them go. Why are you pleading
with him? I’ll take care of everything.
Let’s go. Sir, please don’t go. Sir, please listen to me. If you come with me,
no one will return alive. I had a vision of the three
of you dying. Sir, I don’t want you to die
because of me. I am sure something untoward
is going to happen. Sir, trust me.
-What are you saying? I could see it when the three
of you held my hand. Are you people coming or do you
want me to take you by force? Please don’t come. Sir, please just take me. Sir, we’re coming. Don’t come. Don’t worry.
I’ll come back. Chandru, it’s over to you now. Uncle… Shame on you for framing
charges and bringing us here. That’s why I don’t respect
policemen like you. Vetri sir,
please let them go. I am the one you want.
Let them go. You… Please, sir… If you didn’t know about the
murder I committed… …and if you hadn’t brought it up,
I would have spared each one of you. Vetri… I should have killed your brother
when he killed mine. I let it go. But you killed
him for me. I wanted to talk to you and solve
all the issues peacefully. But now I realise you’re
a changed man. I am a gangster too. But what kind of a gangster kills so many
people just to become an MLA. How are you different
from your brother Selvam? No difference. Absolutely no difference between
Selvam and me. Because I am Selvam! Vetri… Selvam… Why, Velraj? There’s no point being on
your side. But I can gain a lot by
being with him. What are you doing, Selvam? Why is it that… …Vetri commands so much respect
and Selvam is spat upon? We were born together…
and we also look alike, right? But as you touched great heights,
I was cringing inside. The more people praised you,
the more it killed me. You can never become Vetri. That’s why I’m taking
a ‘short-cut’. Vetri… The name you’ve earned, the fame you have,
the respect you command… …the MLA post that awaits you… …this Selvam is going to
enjoy every bit of it. Now, I am going to live as Vetri. And you are going to die
as Selvam. Hey! Selvam… I won’t spare you.
-Me? Stop it. That guy took my place only
by mistake. But you intentionally killed your brother and
took his place. Shame on you. And you… How could you predict Vetri’s
death so accurately? So accurately, as if it happened
right in front of you. How is that? Come on. Hold my hand and tell
me what is going to happen to me. Come on, tell me now. I see you having a brutal death. Bring them. Oh no, my son! What are you doing to my son? How dare you beat my son! He’s running to his death! My son! I beg you. Let him go. Father! Spare my son.
He’s innocent. Throw him in as well. Finish them. Spare my son! Karthik! -Karthik!
-Uncle! Come on, boys! Hey, where are you hiding? Where is he? I don’t know.
He brought us here. Where’s my uncle? Brother Kailasam… There he is in the pit.
Karthik! Deepa! Uncle! Who are you? I am ‘Otteri’ Chandru.
I am a gangster. Oh, my god! ‘Otteri’
Durai’s men! Where is …
-Shut up. Who the hell are you? Who am I? Come to Thoothukudi,
you’ll know who I am. Don’t move.
I’ll shoot you if you move. Crush them if they move. My daughter-in-law! Deepa! -Give me a hand!
-Karthik, are you all right? See, I’ve rounded up all of you. Uncle, have they hurt you badly? You wait… How dare you borrow money from me
and also kill my man. Hey! I believe you were not bothered even
when they took my name. Uncle! Catch him! Kill them all. I’ll take her safely.
You go fight. Swetha, let’s hide behind the car. Deepa! Deepa! No… -No…
-Hey! Wait. You don’t do anything. I have to settle scores with him. Finish him! You cheat.
Wait. That’s you.
-I know. You’re walking away in
‘slow motion’. Do you think you’re a big shot
if you become a film hero? I hope you’re not hurt. I am badly hurt. I believe you beat up Kumar
even after he took my name. -No. How dare you!
-Please hear me out. He tore up tickets to our hero’s film.
That is why I beat him up. He tore up tickets to
our hero’s film? Yes. All the tickets I had.
He tore it all up. Ask him why. Did Kumar really tear the tickets?
-Yes. Had I known this,
I would have killed him myself. You made everyone come all
the way just to get beaten up. You liar. Bring all of them here. You get just two days to
return my money. I’ll return it in two weeks.
–What? I meant two days. You don’t need stitches. It will be fine in a few days. I don’t want your movie role.
You can have it yourself. I’ll just come along to see my hero. I don’t want your mercy.
I’ll work hard and get to the top. I’ll get even with you then. Get lost. Can I speak to you in private
for 5 minutes? Whatever you have to say,
say it here. I am madly in love. Yes, say it here. Why are you curious? I spoke from my heart. So? I told you I liked you. We were in trouble then and you
didn’t want to entertain such thoughts. All your troubles are gone now. You had so many visions
for everyone. Hold my hand and tell
me about us. I don’t get visions
whenever I want. I took a bullet for you. It hurts. A bullet for me?
-Yes. I am sure you saved me only
by accident. You are right, Swetha. Stop kidding and tell me. You have dirty thoughts. What…?
I didn’t have dirty thoughts. What did you see? Uncle, he is proposing to her again. Let’s not stay here anymore.
We’ll shift back to our area. We’ll continue our 12th grade party. Bring everyone. Come, Deepa. Swetha… Why aren’t you saying anything? We’ll talk later. Damn! Had I known, I would have
taken three bullets on my nose! Taking bullets for her is
not good enough. She just walked away
with a grin. Are you an idiot? She’s indirectly
telling you that she loves you. Swetha, hold my hand and tell me if
I will date Kareena Kapoor. Hey, Swetha! Chandru says you like me. Do you always need someone
to explain everything to you? Don’t you understand it yourself? Om sir, this is Karthik. He’s very talented. He’s appeared for many screen tests. Sir is here. Karthik, right? Looks good, right?
-Yes, I agree. S.J. Surya showed me your screen test.
He insisted I see it. He said it was fantastic and
mind-blowing. I saw it too. Very nice performance, Karthik.
-Thank you, sir. Did you tell him, Kaushik?
-No, sir. Karthik, I have good news for you. You’re the hero of my next film. Thank you, sir. Karthik… I forgot to tell you this. Chinna will be acting with you. Chinna? In this one too? My ‘double hero’ subjects have
worked out well in the past. Don’t worry about anything. Your character will be strong. It will be equal to Chinna’s. Ok, sir.
-All the best. Welcome aboard. What is your problem? Why did you get into my car? You’re the one in my car. Brother, isn’t this a grey Innova? Yes.
–Heard that? Brother, isn’t this meant for a shoot?
-Yes. Heard that? Brother, wasn’t this car sent for me? No.
-Tell him it’s for me. This is not for you.
It’s meant for the heroine. Both of you are in the wrong car.
Will the two of you get out? Again? Make sure you check the
next time. You too. Who’s the heroine? Get lost!

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