Wii U – SSB4 – Black ‘n’ white bangers!

Woah. Mario pulling off a big move there, but he really doesn’t do much damage. These two are going crazy already! Mario looking to plan his move here. Ooh! That was massive! Anyways, …we are filming this one in black-and-white (B/W) film. The NEW Nintendo 3DS XL System, along with other Nintendo 3DS family systems (are) having the capability to let (the user) change the type of film that you want to use for your videos. You can do this, via “Manual Controls” on your Nintendo 3DS Camera menu. six-minute time well 5 speed up there doesn’t appear 119 struggling certainly romario gonna kill ’em act on the road now has a
note to him if he wants to get past Mario has a mountain to climb if he wants to get past Wario. Mario is only up by 3, but Wario has a mountain to climb. Just couldn’t get a good attack going, until now! (Wario)’s trying to make his way back, but it’s not going as planned. 110% (damage level). 123% 132% Whenever the Wii U console senses there is no activity on any of it’s controllers, …It will start to dim it’s Gamepad screen. Pretty handy feature, if I do say so myself. Whoa-oa-oah! Mario really doing a good job here. (That’s a) nice block (or shield) maneuver. Taim-o a-ppu! (Japanese for “TIME UP!” The Winner is Mario! Nice battle! Mario (was) really showing Wario who’s the real boss around here. He was there since the beginning, on the N64 (1999). He had got a good attack style ever since. He really does the job, whenever it comes to knocking his opponents out. I’ll also be uploading the highlight reel to Youtube, so make sure you folks stay tuned until that uploads.

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