Wide Angle Lens Photography for Models and Landscapes

do you want one of these truffles? thank
you look at your face you were hoping I’d say no with you yeah I’ve only got
like three well I’ll have three that’s fine oh it’s white chocolate and brown
chocolate I think he’s like oranges are I’m gonna suck it make it last you’ve
only got one more team I know you so I posted about a couple months ago on my
YouTube community page said mentioned that I was going to be doing this shoot
with Larissa and I said you guys have any questions and I’ve whittled out the
complete crap ones that are stupid and I’ve got a short list of questions that
are answerable my favorite one is what’s her favorite type of cheese I knew that
was going to be – I feel like that person really knows me already to ask
that sort of question because that’s what’s most important in life after all
course so I would say a nice sharp cheddar you know the one that kind of
makes you go one kind of like I get a lot is you know
how how would you feel if the girl was your daughter so I see them they’re like
how would you feel if if I was your daughter I guess and I’m a nood model
and you’re working with a nude model and but the thing is noodity you shouldn’t be
inherently seggzual so like the last thing I want to do is have censorship I think
censorship is just making the future generation just like ashamed of their
bodies like we shouldn’t be living in this like Puritan society like we have
done in the past we need to fight be celebrating celebrating what we have and
I was really bullied in school so I was ashamed of my body and nood modeling
help me get over that so if my daughter was really self-conscious about her body
I’d be like why do you pose for an artist have a beautiful painting done of
yourself you know see yourself in a different light it might change the way
you feel so I could get a picture painted of my colossal girth and that
would make me feel less disgusted about yeah you should try it seriously if
anybody wants to paint the picture of me nood just post a comment and we’ll
set that up he’s taking commissions I think people would pay me to keep my
clothes on. please don’t undress! Note to self. whenever hiking through the forest with a model always be sure to pay attention
to your surroundings rather than giving all of your attention to the model but
if you get smashed in the face just pretend it didn’t even hurt. Smooth. now I
don’t often work with models but a few months ago I stumbled upon a very
magical forest scene and the shot that I had in mind really needed a model the
challenge however is that the landscape in my shot requires a super wide angle
lens but would that work with a model so they
said hey this is what I was telling you about I reckon we’ll have you stood here
and then this curve will just frame you’re beautiful of these reeds that’s
that’s the plan anyway that’s the vision that I have it’s magical
yeah and the lights perfect it’s soft and we’ve got the whole place to
ourselves doing the jacket so you comfy and then play with the lights to figure
out where where the lights need to go and then once we figure that out just
the light I’ve Drive it’s pretty small about it yeah I’m only packing a small
one but be sure the smallest I’ve ever seen
really you usually work with big ons we’ll make do looks like what happened
so what I’ve got for this this situation and if you’re a portrait photographer
you’re gonna be laughing at me right now but I’ve got one of these LED panels and
they use these for like light paint in a night photography but that’s all I’ve
got so they’ll have to do the job we’ll see how it looks yeah I usually work
with my finger no I know it’s how you use it right exactly of what she
understands so my goal with this composition was to capture the magic of
this beautiful forest and larysa just has that ethereal beauty that not only
matches perfectly with the landscape she also fit gorgeously into the frame
created by that twisty cedar tree so I set up my pathetic little light and
began the process of finding the ideal spot so here is the first shot of the
day and as you can see I used a smoke grenade to simplify the scene so that
both Larisa and the twisty tree and nicely separated from the complicated
background but don’t worry I would never use one of those unless it was
wintertime and the forest was suitably soaked so I felt it was very very safe
now in all honesty I was amazed at how well my two cheapo LED panels managed to
light Larissa I could have borrowed some heavy-duty lights but I didn’t have the
time to learn how to use them and I really only wanted something gentle just
to add that little bit of brightness to Larissa’s eyes
so that was the pink dress and we’ve got a few quite lovely shots I think with
that one so now we’ve got this lovely green dress which is it matches the the
scene right this is this is what we want something that matches that one the pink
was totally the opposite it pops against the background this one blends in so it
may or may not work whilst we’ll see are you comfy there look so what I’m going
to try and do now with my completely limited portraiture experience is use
this light here another one and just run it up and down Larissa’s body just to
see if you know that that light being so close may create shadows so this is
gonna hopefully counterbalance those shadows I may not need it I believe it
was right here did you mark it no I’m not a full
professional it definitely helps
I like it I believe it about their like if I get too close it’s too harsh but
maybe right right here I could go ahead on yeah I think head-on actually we’ll try
so here’s the shot that we got with the Celtic dress style and you’ve probably
noticed that I’ve gone for a very desaturated look to these images and
that is because I wanted the colors in the scene to blend more seamlessly with
Larissa’s colors and also you might be wondering what kind of lens I used well
I used a super wide 18 millimeter Prime which really only works because Larissa
is in the center of the frame now if I placed her off to the edge of the frame
that would have stretched her and distorted her shape but by having her in
the center of the frame it gives her a more flattering look hey comfy Shelly Lily right so this is
the third and final dress which I think might be the best one I’ll grab the
jacket see see what we come up with so lastly
we have this green dress and it looks lovely but I might need your help in
deciding which one is best do you like the pink dress the Celtic or
the green let me know in the comments now as I mentioned before I’m a
landscape photographer so with this kind of photography I am a total novice but
what I learned with this shoot was that I should have used that second light to
soften the shadow that you see under Larissa’s chin the other thing that I
learned is that when used carefully a super wide angle lens that’s normally
used for landscape photography can work really well for shooting models in
landscapes so after I got the shot that I came for which was all about that
combination of the landscape and larissa I figured that I might as well shoot
some quick and easy handheld shots with an actual portrait lens and this brings
me on to the third thing that I learned about shooting models in beautiful
landscapes and that was that my success rate was far greater than simply
shooting landscapes and I reckon this is because of the tighter compositions
because it’s much more about the model and with a professional like Larissa she
made it very very easy to bag shot after shot after shot so we switched into a
long for a portrait lens now this is the 55 millimeter for frames this could be a
much tighter crop it’s not really about the scenery or the background and she’s
getting cold now because we’ve been through three dresses and it is bloody
cool that Here I am in my country down jacket so I’m gonna rush through a few
more and then I think that’s it we’re done aren’t we what a trooper not only
did Larissa braved these winter conditions through three dresses but she
also suffered two hours of car sickness so here are just a few of those handheld
shots that required zero planning and like I said once that switched to this
style of shooting my productivity went through the roof now as I’ve mentioned
twice already this type of photography is way outside of my comfort zone so
here’s the reason why I did this and why I made this video
sometimes your creative vision beyond the constraints of your chosen
genre of photography but don’t be afraid to experiment and test the limits of
your genre break out of the box of strict landscape photography and I can
promise you this you’ll expand your creativity and you’ll also learn new
techniques just from making mistakes did I do a good job
was I right on my first time with my small my small life I always thought
those I literally always have Chapel hot pegs I did all right though you did all
right I made the least profession I get a good
reference for me really maybe you play your cards right so I’m not the least
professional no really you had worse than me yeah always Oh
which one Oh much worth much Oh lots of story for the drive home maybe like what
do I look for in a photographer when when they’re reaching out to hire me
is if I’m looking at their style or their personality and honestly it’s like
a mix of it’s a mix of everything it’s how how they message me was the kind of
tone of their messages there you can pretty much tell like when someone’s
being respectful and professional and then their work as well you can easily
see if someone’s like what your what their style is what your style is is it
are they gonna mesh well together you’re about the most important thing is safety
by far like I will often look at references
before I even look at all their work to be honest I need to see their references
I need to see who they’ve worked with before I start entertaining the idea of
of booking because you put yourself in a very vulnerable situation so so how did
I manage to slip through the cracks then that was your opportunity to say because
your work is so beautiful Gavin that just had to of course so another
question I got was does she like a lot of direction or more finding her own
groove and that’s like again a bit of both
I I am pretty much happy like going up going into my own head and just like
moving and being inspired by the location and even just like the
chemistry with a photographer as well like if we have any banter or that kind
of makes me feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable if there’s like silence I’m
just like is this okay is this okay it’s okay even though I
know what I’m doing is like okay it’s just you kind of need that feedback you
need that back-and-forth relationship advice it’s not it’s not you’re not
going to get good results yeah because you two artists working together yeah
it’s like it’s like being a musician of playing with another musician yeah
exactly if they if they start playing yeah and
then you’re like yeah well that’s good because I feel clue what I’m doing and
you are definitely gonna be driving the bus when it comes to this shoot I like I
like to drive the bus that’s good but there was another question about whether
so you take a picture of a picture of me and what if I don’t like it like what do
I do and how do we have that conversation that you think this picture
is amazing and I’m like really like my toy looks weird or something like that
because models will see like the weirdest things in themselves like what
is that like bag of fat under my knee or something we look at the the most
strange things so but the thing is and every model is
different if you take a picture and I don’t necessarily like it all that much
I want probably not say anything I might be like old but I prefer this one or but
I’ll never like stop you using that image that’s good because you are and
you know you have artistic vision you obviously like that image for a reason
yeah so Who am I to say no that’s not a good image like I can I can give
feedback and I can say well I don’t like about it but I’ll never be like oh no
you can’t you can’t use that you can’t use that image or take it down or no
I’ve never liked that because I usually just put my faith in the person I’m
working with and if they see something they like then if they’re happy I’m
happy excellent answer nothing quite like
banging down a rough horrible gravelly logging road you didn’t mention that you
get carsick whoa you don’t happy okay if I do I’ll
do it yeah I just pick now back make a good cliff just spray the GoPro that’ll
get us some likes but how long does it take to calm and then parade it’s a
costume business with a bloody costume honestly if I don’t breed it at
nighttime I will suffocate myself in my sleep at least you don’t need to sleep
in back when you go camping you could strangle somebody whether you could use
it as a as a weapon creating art choke someone oh yeah it’s almost thank you
yeah use it as a whip so you have Welsh half Latvian yeah pretty much
straight down the middle really interested so I’m English so like we
can’t be friends because you’re Welsh I probably shouldn’t even come here to me
it was a big mistake well on my Welsh sides
my granddad is 102 actually he’s almost 103 in April and he was a prisoner of
war in Auschwitz oh that’s historic yeah and he got a
British Empire medal awarded from the Queen in a couple years ago really yeah
he’s been on BBC news he’s been on an ITV he’s been on lag Bible he’s gone
viral yeah he’s the oldest poppy seller in the world
so he’ll sell puppies at Tesco and he’s a legend like he does talks around
schools and been in the papers so many times even and even I’ve been
interviewed by the paper because of him is he still sherry yep unbelievable so
that’s that’s some good DNA to have yeah yeah you’ve got longevity I hope so
I hope so he has a book out called a schvitz goalkeeper because they were
allowed to play football on Sundays yeah you would not believe the stories I mean
they’re harrowing we are harrowing like his book it’s very interesting reading
but it’s it’s sad you know and will never realize what they went through
that’ll never experienced that kind of hardship yeah because we’re just so
privileged with Concord it’s hampered and offended especially you you weren’t
even in the words just to pop English what are we gonna do it

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