Which ‘VEEP’ Actor Has The Dirtiest Mouth Off-Camera?

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27 thoughts on “Which ‘VEEP’ Actor Has The Dirtiest Mouth Off-Camera?

  1. I certainly hope that tim guy on bottom left is preparing to play Tom Seleck in a film because that is literally the only thing that would excuse that monstrocity of a mustache.

  2. The reason we cheer for Selena is because she is funny and viscious and sometimes you want to the baddy to win if they're doing it in a funny and smart way and it doesnt hae real life consequences.

  3. Fans of Veep should check out 'The Thick of It'. It's the show that Veep was based on/inspired by. Hilarious show.

  4. Seasons 1-5 I've watched about 50 times. It had a setting for comedy that I had never seen before. I also
    thought the status of the characters made the show funnier and more interesting.

  5. I think Tim's story is probably the most common story of people who work in DC.
    I recently moved to norther VA (near DC) and the DC culture is so stupid.
    Where I'm from, asking people what they do (for work) is to learn about them. But in this area, they treat it like a competition. 🙄

  6. Kind of a "side note" comment: always thought the actress who plays Selina's daughter kind of resembled the actress who played Paige (the daughter in The Americans).

  7. I'm in love with Sarah's legs and heels…Whoa! Great show with an awesome cast. Love comedies with sarcastic bite. Watching Veep all over again for the 4th time! Will be missed.

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