Which 360 camera should you buy in 2018?
Hi, my name’s Ben and I’m obsessed with 360 cameras in case that wasn’t already
clear I own quite a few of them maybe 15 16 or so and I’ve had the good fortune
to play with a lot of these and review almost all of these cameras in front of
me and others and I have a really good understanding of how the overall market
for 360 cameras stands this is an area that grows so damn fast there are so
many amazing cameras out and it can be super confusing about which camera is
best for you so in this video I’m going to tell you what all the best 360
cameras are to buy in 2018 regardless of your budget three months ago when I made
a ‘Which 360 camera should you buy’ video I promised you guys I would update it
every three months and that three months has come so from the previous video all
the cameras are in there do not buy category I’m not going to include in
this video because they’re yesterday’s news I’m only going to include the
cameras that made it through to the next round so go back to so if there’s any
360 cameras you don’t see here that you thought might be here go check out that
video and see why they didn’t make the cut the camera I want to start with is
the camera that’s had the most amount of hype in the last year and that is the
GoPro fusion many of you guys have seen my first impression video of the fusion
and it looks awesome doesn’t it well I’ve got a confession for you guys I
don’t actually own the fusion I borrowed it from my good friend Kevin Kunze and
we did a little review when I was in San Francisco but I haven’t touched it since
my first impressions of it were really good however a lot of people that
actually own the camera and the camera is only available in the US and parts of
Europe at the moment said that it is less than perfect the actual camera
seems to be performing well however the post-production seems to be a nightmare
it seems to be really hard to stitch the footage to process it in the GoPro
Fusion studio app and there’s been a lot of issues with the whole post-production
both on computer and on mobile which is why I’m guessing they’ve delayed the
worldwide release I still can’t buy a fusion in Australia
even in January 2018 it’s not for sale I recognize this is something that GoPro just
didn’t anticipate I mean as if they’re going to miss out on all those Christmas
sales when they could have released it at the beginning of December yet they’ve
delayed until January or beyond for a worldwide release look I
still don’t know when it’s actually coming out I’m refreshing the GoPro
website every single day and still unavailable in Australia and it’s hard
to buy from the US so we’ll keep you guys posted as as soon as I get one it
seems like it’s going to be an amazing camera around the six or seven hundred
dollar mark it’ll be amazing for video pretty good for photo but we will have
to wait and see I can’t put this in the must bike category because I simply just
don’t have enough experience with this camera yet it seems like it’s going to
be an amazing camera but there’s going to be a lot of issues you’re going to
have to deal with with post-production so definitely consider this camera and
stay tuned for my review of get my hands on it as soon as I can
and let you guys know what I think the next camera to consider in 2018 is the
gear 360 2016 yes this is a two year old camera now and most cameras from two
years ago are simply outdated the photos look bad the videos look bad however the
gear 360 is one of the longest-lasting 360 cameras in my personal opinion that
is still a word the consideration in 2018 Michael from 360 rumors and I
declared this the best 360 camera under $100 just a few months ago and I still
think it is if your budget is on the lower end and you just want to
experiment with 360 this is an awesome 4k 360 video camera it’s only compatible
with Android so iPhone users unfortunately you won’t be able to use
this however this is still an awesome camera and delivers a very good result
look it’s outdated in a lot of ways like it doesn’t have six axis stabilization
it does have a number of flaws and I did make an in-depth review of this camera
around a year ago so you should check that out however if I only had a hundred
bucks to spend I would definitely buy this camera because it’s freaking
awesome that brings me to its little brother the gear 360 2017 this camera
came out roughly a year after the 2016 model and it did improve a lot of things
like iOS compatibility resolution was up a little bit however with this came a
whole new round of flaws like the autocorrect stitching that adjusts as
your video plays and the workflows is a nightmare to work with in Adobe Premiere
so while this technically is a good camera and there are many awesome
features about it because of the abundance of cameras we have it just
doesn’t compare to a lot of the other cameras on this table if you got it for
free with your Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung whatever phone then you’ve got an
awesome 360 camera on your hands however when I think about going and buying this on it’s own I just probably couldn’t do it to be
perfectly honest right now in 2018 I would accept this for free but in
terms of buying it [MEH doubting sound] I’m gonna put this in the “Meh” category. Next on the list is
everything epic in ONE yes it’s the Insta 360 One and this has been a good
camera from the times I’ve used it I do love attaching this to my iPhone and
getting a really big preview of my 360 in advance that’s really cool this is a
great camera for bloggers you can just point and shoot and do basically
everything on your phone the Insta 360 One app is amazing I always say it’s
probably the best 360 camera app out there of all these cameras and it does
allow you free capture which means you can re-edit and re-frame your 360s within
the app so once you’ve downloaded your video you point your phone like this
move it around and it re-captures your 360 video that’s awesome and I love that
about the Insta 360 One what I don’t like is it’s kind of hard to use this camera
without it attached directly to your phone it’s a Bluetooth connection and
you can’t actually see what you’re shooting before you shoot it so you
might shoot 50 photos and discover later that they’re all overexposed
out-of-focus or there’s some major issue with it you do need to plug it into your
phone again to work that out so unfortunately that makes it much harder
to use with out your phone it’s an awesome camera in many respects it
shoots raw which most cameras don’t when I compared to the me sphere and the
theta V for both photo and video it came third in both situations so while this
wouldn’t be my first choice camera I think it is a good all-around camera for
bloggers who want a fast workflow and people that like to keep everything on
their phone I would 100% recommend buying the Insta 360 One in 2018 it’s a
great camera and you won’t be disappointed except for the things that
are disappointing next camera I want to talk about is Rylo and who are Rylo
they came out of nowhere a month or two ago and now they have this awesome
camera that has heaps of hype and there’s some awesome footage on YouTube
and Facebook and Instagram there looks amazing it seems to be a camera that’s
geared more towards extreme sports than anything else its main draw card is it’s
awesome stabilization it makes Insta 360 One six axis stabilization look really
bumpy and shaky I have absolutely no idea how they achieve such amazing
stabilization but it looks freakin cool next time I go skydiving I will be
bringing Rylo along just to see how smooth that stabilization is
which is probably gonna be never cuz I’m never ever gonna skydive with us said
from what I’ve seen so far this seems to be really the only feature worth talking
about everything else seems quite average compared to all the other 360
cameras stabilizations awesome but there’s been issues with the app issues
with the workflow issues with exposure so if you’re into extreme sports this is
definitely something worth considering it seems like you can create an awesome
moving hyperlapse effect with the Rylo I saw Michael’s hyperlapse with the Rylo and it looks super cool there’s no denying it looked freaking amazing and
that did genuinely get me really excited about this camera I actually can’t wait
to try out some hyper lapses and some stabilization shots other than that I’m
pretty certain I’m not going to use it in any other scenarios other than
movement so this might be a good camera to consider if you like moving around a
lot it has been interesting because since the release of Rylo Insta 360 have
taken a hint and they’ve massively improved their stabilization it should
be a firmware update and it should give the Insta 360 One and potentially other
Insta 360 cameras that amazing stabilization with no bumps when six axis
stabilization first came out look it was absolutely amazing I couldn’t believe
that a camera could actually do that from a simple firmware update but now
after seeing the Rylo it looks pretty crappy in comparison to be perfectly
honest with you you can see every shake go to 360 rumors channel and check
out this comparisons because there’s a massive difference between the two when
it comes to shake and if someone is obsessed with 360 cameras I’m so excited
because I know this is going to be the new standard that 360 cameras hold
having this amazing smooth stabilization so while Rylo may have started it I can
see every 360 camera that is made from now on taking a hint and working out
whatever it is that stabilizes that footage and adding it to their cameras
so really with the Rylo you need to ask yourself do I want amazing stabilization
now can I wait a few weeks or a few months for new amazing cameras to come
out the Rylo is about $500 right now and that’s more than the
average 360 camera I do have a feeling that the Insta 360 One will
match the Rylo with this firmware updates so I wouldn’t rush out to buy
the Rylo just yet look I’ll put them in the maybe column and I am going to release
more content with the Rylo so you guys can make a more informed decision by the
moment I’d say wait next we have the Xiaomi
Mijia Mi Sphere and you guys know I love this camera this is an amazing 360
camera best bang for your buck in the $200 – $300 price range
of all of these it really just delivers so well in photo video
is all-around awesomeness you’ve seen me compare it against so many other cameras
and it holds its own against cameras twice the price do check out my review
of the Mi Sphere but I’m not gonna keep flattering in this video cuz I’ve done
it so many times it’s an awesome camera do buy it if you’ve got $200 – $300 to spend because it’s just going to deliver I’ve almost never
been let down by this camera I took it to Niagara Falls it got absolutely
drenched by the water and it took some amazing 360 photos it’s water-resistant
it’s relatively tough and if it breaks you haven’t lost that much money you
also have a team of dedicated engineers working on the firmware for this all the
time Michel Mendes from the Xiaomi Facebook group is tirelessly working on
firmware updates for this thing to give you even more bang for your buck but
essentially this has become three times as good as when it was first released
purely through firmware updates things like resolution stitching the apps just
the general capabilities of the camera keep improving significantly and even
though this is a two hundred and something dollars camera I would pay way
more for it I would pay over $500 for this camera because
it delivers in so many ways so do consider it and do watch my other videos
about it next we have its new brother and that is the Madventure 360 which is
like an orange Mi Sphere right they look exactly the same and a lot of people
have been asking what’s the difference well there isn’t a whole lot of
difference to be honest they’re basically the same camera you can see if
the same design so there’s a company in China called MadV who made the original
Xiaomi camera and they sold the design to Xiaomi I think the contract was
around a year and the contract ran out recently so
MadV have taken over and they’re going to continue innovating this same design
making it better making improvements whereas at the moment Xiaomi maybe
they’ve lost interest in making 360 cameras but MadV is picking up where
Xiaomi left off at the moment we don’t know too much about this camera
it’s basically the same camera other than the fact that it comes with way
more accessories comes with the awesome selfie stick and a whole bunch of tripod
mounts and other cool stuff so I would consider it at the moment it’s in the
lower $300 price range but you know the engineers will believe definitely be
working on this camera and improving it for the next 12 months whereas it’s not
guaranteed that’s going to continue happening with the Xiaomi camera so
until more infos announced and I probably will make a review of this
camera I’m going to put this in the maybe list you should consider it
definitely it’s probably going to be an upgrade to the Xiaomi camera next is
another camera I don’t own and I don’t speak from experience
so take it from what it’s worth and that’s the Vuze 360 camera that came out
last year this is the cheapest 3d 360 camera and I’ve seen some footage from
one and it looks pretty good but personally I think 3d or stereoscopic
360 video hasn’t really taken off yet and it’s not really we’re spending a few
extra hundred dollars to be able to get 3d because no one’s going to watch it
maybe two percent of your audience so it’s not really something you should
prioritize right now when such a small amount of people engage you with it you
want the most amount of engagement possible and you’re more likely to get
that through utilizing the awesome features and some of the other awesome
cameras so I’m going to put this in the do not buy list for now this brings me
to another middle of the range camera and it’s the Garmin VirB this is an
awesome 360 video camera and I would argue it’s probably still the best 360
video camera pending the Fusion you guys have seen my review and you’ve seen how
tough and durable it is how awesome the design of this camera is and how they
look at the 360 video is superior to basically everything else this is a
higher price point so if you’re willing to spend over $500 for awesome 360 video
but less than a thousand and this is going to be one of your top contenders
no question its greatest threat is going to be the GoPro fusion and since the
fusion was released in America this has gone down $100 so you might want to
consider it check out my review of the Garmin VirB because if you love 360
video then this is going to be a camera that doesn’t let you down this camera is
really awesome I can’t think of too many flaws about to be perfectly honest I
really wish I used it more but I don’t shoot video that much personally I’m
more of a photographer so a camera has to be good all-around has to be
excellent in photo and excellent video and this is more good at video not so
good at photo so for me personally as a photographer I’m going to say no but as
a video shooter absolutely 1000% you should consider buying this camera VirB
moving on to the higher-end 360 cameras and this is a field I know absolutely
nothing about there are quite a few contenders like the Insta 360 Pro, Z cam,
Kandao Obsidian, there are various GoPro rigs where they combine anywhere from 2
to 30 GoPros into one ball and then you stitch the footage together later
there’s also the Yi Halo which has just come out which all of my
professional friends are totally geeking out over however all of these cameras
come above 2000 dollars anywhere from 2,000 to about 50,000 and that’s just
out of most people’s price ranges so while I’ll probably never get my hands
on any of those I would suggest checking out my friend shoot from creator up
because he has with a lot of these cameras and he’s the
guy to go to if you’re looking for a more professional rig in terms of
high-end photo other than using the GoPro method or the DSLR method where
you take photos in all directions and stitch them together there is a camera
called the Panono Mick from 360 rooms absolutely loves it so check out his
channel cuz he’s got examples of it it seems like an awesome camera basically
nobody I know owns it other than Michael but that’s alright it seems like a cool
camera the workflow seems super confusing and complicated and I’m all
about simplicity and sticking to your mobile which is why I’m gonna focus more
on these pocket-sized bad boys I just removed a camera from here can you guess
which one it is which camera was right here it was my
newest acquisition camera I’m very very excited about and that is [Angel raising voice “Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”] this is the Yi
360 VR my newest acquisition and this is a 5.7 K 360 video camera to be perfectly
honest I’ve only had it for 24 hours so I can’t give you proper thoughts I will
put out a first impressions video in the next few days and I will make a review
of this as soon as humanly possible but this is going to be an awesome option
for video if you geek out on resolution from having a look at the previews on my
phone it seems like it has issues with stitching also the dynamic range isn’t
great so if you’re one of those people that’s absolutely obsessed with
resolution and this will give you the resolution stitching might be a bit
difficult but it’s under $500 so Yi is an option with stay tuned for more next
we have a camera from a much smaller company and this is the VRDL 360 camera
why I haven’t actually turned this one on yet it does do 7k photo and 3k video
which is pretty good it’s a $200 price point so personally I think that’s a
little bit too much for only 3k video especially when you have gear 360 doing
4k for $80 or something and when I think about it that probably is the cheapest
360 camera that can do 7k photos but there’s just something about this camera
that hasn’t demanded my attention to turn it on and take photos and videos it
doesn’t really have any unique features that these 360 cameras don’t have so
it’s not yelling at me Ben turn me on take a 360 photo make your tiny planet
with me Ben please I’m begging you NO whereas almost all these cameras they’re
begging for a tiny planet to be taken so look I will take a photo with this I
know I’m being unfair so to be continued with the VR DL 360 camera I’m going to
put this in the “MEH”list since the release of the Insta 360 Nano and the Insta
360 air there’s been a a bunch of new 360 cameras that are
mobile friendly to plug into the Lightning port or the microUSB port of a
smart phone and there’s going to be a ton of these coming out in 2018 a few I
can think of off the top of my head are the Ion 360, the ACER Holo 360, the
Motorola 360, and the Essential 360 these are mostly from already existing
smartphone makers that thought they throw their name in the Hat and put a
360 camera out that matches with their phone time will tell how those pan out
but at the moment I’m still not a fan of 360 cameras that attach to your phone
only because it does limit your photo ability having to have the camera
physically in your hand all the time I’m going to add one more camera to the do
not buy list and I’m very very sad to do it it is the Theta S this used to be my
favorite 360 camera and I’ve traveled the world with this thing this is
delivered some my best content ever that’s helped me grow my Instagram
account to now 18 point something K followers was mostly because of the
content I shot with this camera and now I’m telling you don’t buy it what’s up
with that well it’s a purely because there’s a new camera in town and that’s
called the Theta V it’s basically the same as the state s to be honest however
they’ve upgraded the video to 4k the 4k video looks excellent and why have 1080p
video when you can have 4k do check out my review of the Theta V for a full list
of its strengths and weaknesses but this is one of the most reliable cameras I’ve
ever had as has been the Theta S but the Theta V is a camera I know I can rely
on the optics are so good that it’s always going to deal the view a really
nice photo or video regardless of the situation the dynamic range is among the
best of all of these the 360 photo workflow is excellent a 360 video
workflow is excellent the tiny planet workflow of both of those are excellent
as well I can always rely on my theta and it’s one of the most pocketable
cameras ever look there’s basically the size of a pocket and it fits so nicely
in your pocket and when you can fit a camera in your pocket it means you can
go out and take ten times as many photos as you could with something like this in
your pants yeah not a good idea not if you want to stay out of prison three of
the most popular cameras from the end of 2017 with a Theta V, Xiaomi Mi Sphere, and
Insta 360 One and if you saw my comparisons between these three cameras you’ll see
that the Theta V basically one in all three situations with the Mi Sphere a
very very close second so the Theta V is just going to have your back if you have
between 350 and 400 dollars to spend the Theta V it’s just going to be an
awesome camera for you however if it’s less if it’s more around
the 200 to 250 price range then the Xiaomi Mi Sphere is an excellent second best
it can do the vast majority of things that the Theta V can do and in some
cases it can do way better so the Xiaomi Mi Sphere is still my camera of choice
for those on a budget if you have around $300 get the Madventure if it’s $350 go
to Theta V if it’s $400 you might want to consider the Yi if it’s $500 – $600 to
consider the Garmin VirB and if your budget $600 – $1000 you
will want to wait around for the GoPro fusion from what I saw when I was in San
Francisco it was just amazing the video look absolutely stunning there’s going
to be lots of amazing things about the fusion like I said it’s going to have
flaws but in that price range this will most likely be the camera of choice for
video and potentially photo as well I’ll put links down in description to where
you can find all these cameras for the cheapest price possible on either Amazon
or gearbest.com they’re all amazing and whatever your
budget is I would just say get a camera even if it’s the worst one here it’s
better than not having a 360 camera and if it’s this little thing yeah this
thing that’s been sitting here at the front of the table I literally don’t
even know what this is called what does that say
REXSO? look this looks like a smartphone camera but even this some unknown 360
cam there are going on the mail from China it’s still better than having no 360
camera so whatever your budget is make sure you get yourself a 360 camera and
you capture your world in 360 so I’m curious which is your camera of choice
in 2018 which is your personal favorite which camera you thinking about buying
which one are you totally geeking out over I’d be super interested to hear
your guys thoughts and definitely also leave a comment in the box below if you
have any questions about any of these cameras if I can help you out personally
I will do my best to do that don’t forget I have full reviews of most of
these cameras on my youtube channel so go over there and check them out see the
side-by-side comparisons and really work out which one is best for you because
there’s no one single best camera it really depends on so many things most
importantly what you want to shoot her do check out those other videos because
I think they’re going to be really helpful also don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button down there because we’ve got more awesome reviews
side-by-side comparisons and general 360 tutorials you won’t want to miss those
in 2018 by the way I’m on Instagram and Facebook as well so definitely follow
those pages because there’s going to be a ton of valuable content coming in 2018
with all of the latest 360 cameras like this one and this one and this one and
this one and this one and this one so definitely
stay tuned for that until next time has been your 360 camera
obsessed friend Ben and I’ll see you in the next video
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