When the Trees Were Tall (1962) movie

LEV KULIDZHANOV Cinematography
VALERI GINZBURG Production Design
Sound Editing – DMITRI BELEVICH starring
– Yeah. Please keep it quiet,
Kuzma Kuzmich! Would you please not bring
garbage inside, Kuzma Kuzmich. By the way, yesterday they
were here again asking about you. – The police?
– Of course. The summons is on the table. – The idiot will get evicted from Moscow.
– No, he won’t. Police can’t do anything nowadays. They’ll just talk and hand hold him
for a whole ‘nother year. If he had a wife, no police
intervention would be needed. He was married. Had it been me,
I’d have straightened him out. Quickly. Gossiping again? Oh Lord, just leave the man alone. Heard that? Mister!
Mister, when you were little, did you not listen to your mom? That’s right. Your mom guessed correctly. If you don’t listen to your mom,
you’ll grow up to be like me. So now what? Listen… Three months ago you had a warning.
Did they talk to you? Did you promise? Since then you’ve been incarcerated twice.
Once for 15 days and then for 10 days. A streak of bad luck. Life has black and white streaks.
I’m going through a black streak right now. – Why don’t you want to work?
– Can’t find a job in my field. Wait, you’re a machinist, right? How long ago was that?
My hands are not the same anymore. Lately I’ve been a warehouse worker.
Supply agent. That’s my field. Fired for mismanagement of funds. No, politics. Oh, Mr. Iordanov… You used to be a working man,
fought in war, have military honors… and now look what you’ve become. Dishonest dealings at work, drunkenness.
Selling flowers at the market. Is that proper activities
for a man like you? If only I could find a job
in my field… Go work as a machinist! I’ll make a call right
now, you can start work tomorrow morning. No, I won’t be a machinist.
A warehouse agent – yes, any time. But why? I won’t be able to do it.
I forgot everything, lost the skills. Learn it again! – Are you joking?
– Goddammit! – You can be a working man.
– So what? Make me a supply agent. I’ll do that. Don’t want anything else. That’s enough. Here’s my letter
to the city directorate… We request that your Moscow
residency be annulled… and you are ordered
to move out of the city. – To live in the wilderness?
– That’s all, you may leave. Thank you for the talk, comrade Major. – Have a good day.
– Wish you all the best. Next, please! Comrade Major, this is citizen Suharev.
Here’s the case file. – Masha dear, port wine and candy.
– Sure. – So?
– What? Want some more? – No, it’s enough.
– As you wish. – So what do they say?
– Well, what do they say… They say… “We’ll evict you from Moscow.” What do you think? Can they do that?
Or just trying to scare me? They can. No, just trying to scare you. No luck for me at all.
Such a bad streak in life. Who’s lucky nowadays?
For instance, I got burned on Stefan Zweig. Thought he was a real fine writer. But the
government published his works anew. Now I’m stuck with 14 cases of
unsold books. And what a disappointment
Maupassant was! I don’t believe in Conan Doyle anymore. It’s like living in a dream. Can I congratulate you on a new purchase? – Yeah, I’ve had my eye on it for a long time.
– Do you need any help with delivery? Comrade, please don’t take help
from random people. Our store will deliver everything
and set it up for you. Maybe you can tell him
that I’m your relative or friend? – No, I shouldn’t.
– Well, all right. To the left. Taxi! Taxi! Excuse me, where does
the taxi stop around here? (speaking in foreign language) Well, thank you. Thank you. – Can I congratulate you on a new purchase?
– Yes. – Delivery help?
– Yes, that’d be nice. – By taxi or on foot?
– By taxi, it’s far from here. Right away. – Do you agree to hire me for help?
– Yes, yes. – Oh, Lord!
– It’s all right. I got it. Everything is OK. – It’s a useful thing.
– Only very heavy. That’s OK, we’ll deliver. So here we are. Home. And I was energized
to walk up another floor. No need. So, how much do I owe you? In all honesty? And justice? With an elevator – it’s one price,
but without an elevator… One moment. Everything will be all right. All good. In half an hour I will come
to give you a shot, please be ready. Who is stronger? Watch out, you’re gonna
break my hand. Olya, look at the man over there.
He’s all alone and he’s lonely. No one came to see him today.
Go share some candy with him. Take more. Mister. This is for you. – For me?
– Yes. Thank you. Good girl! I’ll have them with tea. Over there in the corner.
Is that him? Hello. – Oh… hello.
– So, you’re alive? Yes. – How’s the laundry machine?
– Thanks to you… it’s not working. My son-in-law is berating me, my daughter
is hounding on me day and night, why I didn’t call them for help. I wanted to give them a surprise.
So a surprise it was. She said go… and see how your “helper” is doing. The
man is more important than the machine. I owe you the cost of the machine. Once I’m out of the hospital,
I start working and get you the machine. I forgot, what’s your apartment number? Oh really, like that will ever happen.
I hope no bones broken at least? No. Well, thank God. You’re probably all alone? – Like a guard on night watch.
– That’s what I thought. You look neglected and uncared-for. Could
see right away that you don’t have a family. Why so? – Just not very lucky.
– And no children either? Never had any. That’s bad. – Nothing good about it.
– The war destroyed many families. Back in our village… there’s a young woman, poor thing,
she’s so sad that she doesn’t have parents. – They left her?
– Not at all. Next to our village the Germans
had attacked a column of evacuees. The little girl lost her parents
in all the chaos. Either her parents were killed or not… But the girl was only one year old.
Our whole village helped to raise her. I used to live in the village with my
husband, after my husband died… my daughter and son-in-law had me move
to the city, so I’m not all alone. Yes, of course. Otherwise I would have stayed there. Our
village is very nice. I’m used to things there. Our collective farm is very good! Why did I start talking about the farm? – You were saying it’s not good to be alone.
– Oh, yes. So this young woman searched. Hoped to find
at least some relatives… At least some very distant relatives. It’s easy to find nowadays. File a search
request and you get the answer. Yes, if the parents were searching for her. They would say in August of 1941 on
Selivanovo train station we lost a small girl. Then she would be found right away. But how can she find them? She only knew them as “mom and dad.”
No first names, no last names. No, most likely none of them
are alive any more. – What was the name of the train station?
– Selivanovo. Selivanovo. The name sounds familiar. Maybe even my regiment was
stationed there during the war. Many regiments were stationed
near our village. I remember. Have you moved here permanently
or thinking of going back? Permanently. I even sold my house.
I’m a permanent resident of Moscow now. I see. Selivanovo. “Mister, this is for you.” Hey, neighbor… – I saw that you have a pencil.
– Yes, I do. – Here you go.
– No. You write down somewhere
the name “Selivanovo.” Selivanovo. You don’t get it, Volodya. In the hospital there was a truck driver on a
neighboring bed. A girl came to visit him. Saying, “Daddy, daddy.” I even felt a lump in my throat. – Ha! You poet.
– Why poet? Because you should only go for a scam,
when you have something to gain. Why a scam?
What is this word “scam”? A scam is a scam. Some daddy you are.
Yeah right! It’s not about that.
Think about it… She’s all alone. I am too. She wants to have
a kinsperson to live with. And I do too. – So why should I not try it?
– Well, go ahead. Try it. Did you file a search request? – I did.
– Take it back, while it’s not too late. It gets dark so late now. Nyura, come on out! Nothing is as good as going
for a swim in the evening. I don’t even want to leave the water. – What’s wrong?
– Nothing. I once saw a dream. That I’m going to my parents’ home. It’s as if they found me, asked me to come, and so I am on a train
going to see them, and I am wearing this headscarf
that’s just like the water right now. And as soon as I stand up,
it starts to radiate light. And so I step off the train… and there are so many people
standing all around, and I begin to think:
which ones are my parents? And everyone is silent,
so I stay silent. Only everyone is looking at me
and crying. Oh, such a dream is a bad omen. But I saw it a very long time ago. So what? It may still come true. – Should we go?
– But Lyonya hasn’t crossed back yet. Are you waiting for him? Are you Zoya’s servant now? Let Zoya come meet him,
since he’s courting her. Weird girl. I noticed that time is up,
but you’re still waiting for something. Turns out that you’re helping Zoya.
Delivering her admirer to her. What a fool. Tell people, no one would believe it.Stars have grown dim,
Nights have grown bright…
Oh, the narrow winding paths,
The warm sunrises at dawn…
To the village outskirts,
So the tradition goes,
We go out alone,
But return back as couples.
Look at him! He’s looking for her. Lyonya! No use looking,
you won’t find! Why didn’t you wait for me? But it’s nice to go for a swim
in the evening. Don’t you know how to swim? – Why so late?
– I’m not a train to come on time. I don’t have a schedule. You’re laughing? Watch out! You may start crying. Enough singing about love over there!
Give us some dance songs! What are you upset about? Forget about her. If you ignore her,
she’ll come running to you herself. Allow me to separate you? You have beautiful eyes. – Did you know that?
– Of course. No, really, you’re not like others… Have you selected me
for the substitute position? Yeah. By a secret vote. Natasha! Wait. I’m really asking you,
please don’t leave. I’m so tired!
Can’t even feel my legs. What’s your shoe size? Big one. There, see that? These shoes are so old,
they’re falling apart. Will size 38 fit you? Are you selecting a girl by her shoe size? Well, I’ll go. Thank you for your company and I hope
everything between you and Zoya works out. I really don’t want to leave. Let’s see what you will say tomorrow. – So what’s your size?
– Oh, forget it! 38? [Natasha, your father is trying
to find you. Kuzma Kuzmich Iordanov.] Oh my! Tell me, please,
is the train running late? No at all, it’ll be here any minute. Is it possible that a passenger
could miss his train stop? Well, yes, if he’s asleep or
had too much to drink… then it happens, but it’s a violation and
train attendants have a duty to prevent it. Do they prevent it? Anyways, they try. Is that clear? It’s clear. – Could I have some tea?
– After the next stop. We are approaching Selivanovo. – Don’t forget the flowers.
– Thank you. We’re almost there. – Help me with the suitcase.
– Is this yours? – Yes. It’s OK, I got it.
– I’ll help. Don’t forget the hat. – Thank you.
– Good luck, Kuzma Kuzmich. – Goodbye, Kuzma Kuzmich.
– Goodbye. – My heartfelt congratulations!
– Thank you very much. Thank you very much. – What are you doing?
– I just wanted… How could you even think that? – You ruined my mood completely.
– Please do forgive me. – Thank you very much.
– Don’t delay, Kuzma Kuzmich. I’ll help. – All the best!
– Goodbye! Miss, are you waiting for me? Maybe I should stay? I see. – Be quick. It’s a short stop.
– Here’s some more. Kuzma Kuzmich, the flowers! There she is! Don’t just stand here! There she is! It’s her! Must be her! It’s him! It’s him! Hello. Are you my dad? So this is where you live? Come on in. Don’t just stand there. It’s nice here. Yes… I’ve had many different life situations. Oh, wow! I shouldn’t drink
the whole bottle by myself. No, dad, I don’t need it.
I’m good without wine. That’s not fair. You drink and go to bed.
Your eyes are already sleepy. It’s because of the weather. Well… – To your happiness, my daughter.
– And to yours too. You can lie down. The money is here, in this drawer. – You don’t lock it?
– Why would I? Yes, of course. You’re not in bed yet? No. You know, I remember you very well. – From where?
– And I also remember… Next to our house there were trees,
really-really big ones. Oh that… Back then all the trees
seemed very big to you. – Hello!
– Hello. Let me help. Are you here for the whole night today? – No, I just helped one old man cross.
– I didn’t see any old man. You were daydreaming about
your Zoya, so you didn’t see him. Don’t talk nonsense. Did you leave your dad all alone?
Or he didn’t come? Of course he came. He and I
talked the whole day today. He went to bed, he’s tired. – So did you like him?
– Very very much. Only he’s really shy all the time,
so I left him alone on purpose. To give him have a chance
to get used to things. I’ve been missing you the whole week. Why are you saying a lie? What lie? Here you go. Is this for me? Brilliant, smarty pants! Didn’t I ask you last Saturday
what your shoe size was? Did you answer me?
Now I’ll need to exchange it. You’re strange, Lyonya. To all of the sudden give shoes… – and with high heels.
– I wanted to do something nice for you. Well, you could buy me a pin
or some beads. OK, give it here. Are you angry? And I wanted to tell you
about my father. Oh! Why are we standing! Finally you remembered,
when I’ll already completely wet. At least you’ll get warm. Lyonya, – can you tell me the truth?
– Well, yes, I can. Only the truth. Are you spending time with me
just because you’re mad at Zoya? No. Why then? – Only the truth.
– Well, why, why… Because… I like you. Wretched liar. Why would I need your Zoya? – But she is beautiful.
– OK, she’s beautiful. But that’s not the most important thing. Do you understand that? Oh… After all… it’s bad when
everything comes at once. What “everything”? What?
Happiness. How should it come? Gradually and
over a long period of time. So that there would be enough
to last the whole lifetime. Otherwise it will flare up
like a match… and then it’s all gone. It’s not healthy to sleep
this way.Three tankers, three happy friends,
The crew of a fighting machine!
– Don’t know what soup it will be, but
it’ll be something. – What did you say? I said I don’t know what
the soup will be like. – Why did you come?
– Cable got loose, ferry is barely moving. We have to tighten it.
Such a difficult day. Either people or hay need to be carried
across. Not enough helping hands. We can barely manage. Is that a hint that I’m just
sitting here and doing nothing? What are you saying? Do whatever you want to do,
I just hope you like it here. Vitya! Look what’s happening. Yeah, this will take an hour. At least. Look. We can skip the line. Kuzmich!
Come here, good fellow. – No, no.
– Please, be a friend. Kuzmich, c’mon. Listen, Kuzmich… – We’re running late.
– Could you please help out? OK. Don’t get in each other’s way!
Move quickly one by one. Natasha! Come here. – What?
– While going across read this aloud… – … so that people are not bored.
– Oh, yeah? And who’ll pull the ferry? Look how many men!
Can’t they help out? Stand aside everyone!
Move the geese! We go first!
This is an urgent load! Get this bird farm out of our way! – Where are you going?
– That’s right, get out of our way! – What’s going on?
– Wait, daughter. You know… these people are running late, understand? Get on! Get on quickly! Get on! Natasha… Please leave now, go home. Daughter… Leave! Everyone is watching,
I’m embarrassed. Leave! Quick! And you! You can wait for a whole year now,
still I will not take you! Will you take the newspaper? So, did we skip the line? All right, to hell with her.
Let’s go around. The enraged savage mob attacked the
15 white and black bus passengers. Using pieces of metal pipes, steel rods,
clubs and simply their fists… the racists beat up
the defenseless young people. They chased down those, who tried
to run away, threw them to the ground
punching and kicking them. One white passenger… James Zwerg was thrown off the bus
and his face was smashed against
the hot concrete of the road. Streets… Windbag! Shall we go for a swim, Tanya? Lyonya! Lyonya! Lyonya, do you like wine? – No. I like beer.
– Beer is OK. Beer is even good for you.
Especially, they say, with milk. I should try… Why did you ask me about wine? Is your father drinking again? It’s hard for you to live
with him after all. Lyonya, I want to ask you. Have you ever lived alone? Completely alone?
Without a mother or a father? No, why? Then don’t say anything. Try to understand, people are asking.
District party committee is asking. And we ourselves are interested
in building that bridge. So you need to give us 15 people. I don’t have a single person
to spare. That’s all. – Every person is already doing a job.
– So when will we build it? In the winter? It’s easy for you in the village council
to talk about moving people. But I every year have to do
the impossible to get things done. – Also we’re building the chicken house.
– The ferry is why you can’t get things done. Machinery and people spend
countless hours just waiting. With the bridge human and machine
productivity will increase by 25 percent. – Really, by 25 percent?
– Let’s calculate an estimate. – It’ll be a telling picture.
– OK, let’s do it. Because usually each car spends
20 to 40 minutes waiting. – I feel so sorry for the poor girl.
She waited and waited…
– What does it matter to her? He drinks and she doesn’t complain.
She has no sense whatsoever. – You’re so jealous, Zoya.
– Not at all. Just saying the truth. You don’t know her at all,
but she’s just like her father. – He’s a hopeless idler and…
– Antonina! Give us the counting frame. And you, don’t you have
anything better to do? – What’s the accuracy of fire?
– What does that mean? – How does it shoot?
– How would I know? I’ve never fired it in my life. – Do you have cartridges?
– Right here, in the bag. – Be sure to bring it back in the evening.
– All right. You’re carrying a gun, but got
scared of cows? They’re very docile. I thought that the cows
will get scared of me. Nothing for me to be scared of. A man is scared of people,
not cows. – Hello, Natasha.
– Hello. – Where are you going?
– Hunting. – Where did you get the gun?
– The guard woman let me borrow it. Why should one be scared of people? – Because.
– Really, why? It’s well known. You’re young, so you don’t know,
but I’ve had my fair share in my lifetime. Have you yourself invested
a lot to expect a good return? What can I as one person do?
When everything around is a pretense. For example, they say about a person:
he’s a hard working man. But he only pretends to be hard working.
Deep inside he’s lazy! We all think something lofty of ourselves
that doesn’t actually exist. – Does she as well?
– No, she does not. She’s an exception… – … from very many people.
– Why do you then make her suffer so? – Me?
– Why do you make her cry? When? I saw her crying
because of you. Mind you… we won’t let you hurt her, got that?
Some daddy you are! – What are you hinting at?
– You ought to be ashamed of yourself! – Are you going to teach me?
– Insolent jerk! You got to do better than that, rookie. This is all not true! He doesn’t hurt me at all.
Why are you picking on him? – Wait, Natasha.
– Daughter, don’t interfere. Look what you are doing to her!
Don’t you care for her at all? But of course, you didn’t raise her.
Just showed up and started mooching. Not true! Dad, I really love you a lot,
don’t listen to anyone! I understand you. Men’s talk is new to you… but I’ve heard worse things.
It’s all right. Hey, why is the ferry not moving? Natasha, I’m sorry.
I lost my temper. Hey, Kuzmich! How is the hunt? Caught much game? Where is the chairman? – May I?
– Well, come in. – Good morning.
– Hello. It’s midday already. Sit down. I can offer you some tea. No, thank you. I am here about work. – It’s not right otherwise.
– Yes, that’s very true. Yes. You’re not aiming too high, I hope. Because
I can’t appoint you to be a minister. Or a director.
Or even a team leader. Only manual labor, digging dirt.
Have you ever held a shovel in your life? Yes, I have. Sign me up. You sure? Dead sure. Hey, friend. Where is the chicken house being built? Chicken house… How can I explain it…
See that old woman walking over there? There you turn left, once you approach
the water pump take another left. Hello, Fedya.
Did you lose something? Vera, look, he’s coming. Why are you so late? Had a hard time finding you. Where are you going? Come up,
you’ll be shoveling the dirt down. Hey! Hey you! Out of your mind?
You’ll trample the chickens! Must be drunk again. Dad! Look who is here! Dad! It’s aunt Nastya. Come, I’ll introduce you. Aunt Nastya, this is my dad. It’s very nice to meet you. Aunt Nastya, sit down.
Dad, would you like some tea? No, dear, I’ll get going. I have many things to do. So, I stopped by to see you too. – He’s very strange today for some reason.
– Well, maybe some problems at work. – It happens.
– Usually he is always polite. So how do you like him?
Doesn’t hurt you, no? Not at all, aunt Nastya.
Dad loves me so much. – Really?
– Yes. Well, that’s good then.
Thank God. – Have a good trip back.
– Thank you, dear. Dad! What are you doing? I found some Valerian calming medicine. – Thought I’d try it.
– But it’s an old bottle. Now it has stain remover
liquid inside it. Smell it. Really? It’s a strong odor. – Is your heart feeling bad?
– Who knows… is it good or is it bad. Before it was like I didn’t
have it at all, but now… – It’s really aching a lot.
– You should definitely see a doctor. How is the work? What about work? It’s fine. I came back only for a minute. Dad. Do you love me? Why are you not sleeping? Can’t fall asleep. – Thoughts get in the way.
– What thoughts? Father-in-law is here. – Friction clutch?
– Yes, why? – What division are you working in?
– The fifth. Hello, Kuzmich. – Why did you come?
– Stopped by to take a look. I haven’t seen you in a while.
Thought I’d stop by… find out what’s the reason
that you’re not coming around. I’m working a lot, that’s the reason. We’re in a rush ourselves,
and management is adding pressure. – And I started to worry.
– Why? Why what? Natasha is no stranger to you. You should understand, I presume. – Nice workshops.
– They’re all right. Should I remember the old days? Shall I play with a file? Listen, Lyonya, you don’t happen to have… a free work bench? We’ll find one. Let’s go. – Volodya, are there some vises not in use?
– Yes of course. Over there. Why? Kuzmich wants to remember the old days.
Give him some metal part. – What should I give him?
– Something easy. Here’s a clutch plate.
It’s OK to break that. Yeah. Shape the clutch ears, 20 to 15. – 20 is the width?
– Yes. – Let me show you.
– No, I’ll do it myself. Take the trammel. All right, keep working. Comrade, you’re holding the hacksaw
wrong. Let me show you how to do it. No, this is my special approach.
Special approach. Don’t interfere. Go, go. Let’s go take a look? Here it is. – Looks right.
– Check the size. – Check it, Lyonya.
– Probably did overdrive? – Who did overdrive? Where?
– He’s only joking! In my days you got punched
for jokes like that. The work is precise. My hands remember it!
They do remember! – But look at the bubbles!
– So what? Bubbles can be dealt with. They can be fixed!
But they do remember! My dear hands, they do remember! Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot. My hands do remember
the trade. Take care. – Take care.
– Thanks, Lyonya. Bye. Can you explain why?
Why are you going away? Natasha, you must also understand. – Understand what?
– I am a working man. Don’t we have work
for a machinist here? I’ll go… I need to go. – Did I offend you somehow?
– No, of course not! – What’s the matter then?
– I can’t be a scoundrel anymore! I can’t. Earlier I could do it,
but now I can’t. What can’t you do? I can’t live with my depravity anymore. You know, Natasha… I am not your father… Well, go on. Who are you? A cheat. That’s who! A swindler. I heard once that there lives a Natasha
all alone and thought I’ll settle there. I didn’t take into account that my conscience
may wake up in such a situation. You’re such an avid liar. I always felt it, when you
were making something up. I just pretended not to notice it. I just don’t understand,
why do you need to lie to me? Why? Natasha, I told you the truth. Do you really think that I will
believe you that you’re not my father? When I remember you
so well ever since! – Ever since what?
– I already told you… When the trees were big. But… I was completely different back then. So you were after all? You were? Well, of course, I was. So what have your lies accomplished? You just caused me pain
and that’s it. Why are you silent? I lied. Really, I lied. Why? I don’t know myself.
Just thought why not make up a lie. The idea just poped into my head,
so I lied. But why? No one knows… How can you make such things up? I won’t anymore, I promise! – And you won’t leave?
– No. Lyonya! Hey, Lyonya! Oh… I’ve been looking all over.
Where have you been? Why are you mad? So you had to wait a little,
no big deal. – All I do is wait.
– When did you have to wait? – I don’t mean in that sense.
– In what sense then? In general… How many times have I said
to you “marry me”? And every time it’s
the same thing: “Wait.” Like a fool I keep waiting and waiting. Have you and my father
conspired or something? You just can’t see a person happy.
You just have to ruin it, right? Oh… So what do I do with you? Marry me. I love you, Natasha. What oath do I need to make up,
so that you would believe me? Very well. Let’s go to the district office right now
and sign the papers. In the night? Yes, in the night. Who goes there? What’s going on? Uncle Grisha… – … are you a bureaucrat?
– Me a bureaucrat? Those who invent all these papers are
the bureaucrats. I just suffer. Then please register our marriage.
We decided to get married. – Can you do it right now?
– Are you joking or what? There’s nothing funny, Grigori Martynych.
We have decided to get married. That’s why I was asking,
are you a bureaucrat or not? I see, I see. Of course, I can do it… But why right now?
Maybe during day time? Like it’s supposed to be.
With celebration and cheers. – No, Grigori Martynych, right now.
– And it’s already celebratory here. Oh, you young people…
How strange you are. Well, Lyonya, give me the book,
the one that’s in the closet. No, no. This one is too early for you. Yes. This is the one.Bread harvesters
of Ninensk and Tashkinsk districts…
were the first in Orenburg region
to reach their grain production goal.
State granaries are now filled with
more than 7,100,000 poods of grain.
In Azerbaijan, in the Shirvan steppe
natural gas extraction has been started.
The blue fuel goes
to neighboring regions…
– Kuzma Kuzmich!
– What? – A summons for you.
– What summons? – Police summons.
– What? That’s what it says here. Come immediately. Otherwise without
a valid excuse will be subject to arrest. – Going to district center?
– Yeah, for now. – Finally! Get in, I’ll give you a lift.
– Thanks, but I’ll go by foot. Get in, I’m driving by police station. – So you already know all about it?
– Of course, my dear friend. You’re breaking the law. Is it so hard to stop by district office
to get your passport stamped? – What stamp?
– Registration that you live here now. – Is that only reason I’m summoned?
– Is that not enough for you? No, really!
Is that the only reason? Well, yes. THE END SUBTITLES MADE BY:
Katia Kutyavina ([email protected])
Seattle, WA, USA

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