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  1. That must be the first GMO FREE wheat, haha. You make me laugh. But it's so try everything you pointed out

  2. As has has been pointed out,the image is from a dream sequence,so anything goes.I find it to be a useless endeavour nit picking things about films,it is meant to be entertainment.So the only question is. Did it entertain me ? yes it most certainly has over and over every time I watch it. A great film.

  3. I've been saying that about the grass growing down the middle of the road since I was a kid. I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and seeing grass in the middle of the road while a horse was pulling a wagon trampling the that very grass. Well they obviously hadn't been down that road very often only cars, in the 1880's?

  4. About the wheat/barley height: The Trajan column shows some frumentari collecting some sort of grain (wheat? emmer?) being this just hip height. There is also a relief from Trier showing a gallic-roman harvester and the grain is again a around hip-height. Interesting video, nonetheless

  5. I love history & i love the gladiator movie & i loved this video pointing out the historical inaccuracies in the movie, its not slaying the movie but making history more interesting, i have thumbs up video post & subscribed.

  6. Okay, a small quibble, but the big battle against the Marcomanni took place around the Austrian/Slovak border and not up in hithermost Mecklenburg, as shown on the map, so Maximus's trip would have been somewhat shorter (although still pretty hard to manage with an open wound and no cash).


  8. See , this continues to be the problem with pedants reviewing motion pictures. The whole body of work across most of the film produced by movie makers is FICTION. Therefore an audience is asked, implored, to suspend dis
    belief and simply enjoy the fiction.

    If one was to discredit this particular movie, one need not go any further than the fact that the actual events are either fictional or largely not accurate. Marcus Aurelius died in Serbia, Maximus was not the general in that battle, Commodus was Assassinated, the list goes on. Who cares about the wheat

  9. Good God does everything have to be technically or politically correct ?I cant even enjoy a movie or have a conversation without worrying about crap..

  10. I would be very careful not to come off as an expert on subjects that have a lot of unknown variables such as history. Because I just might prove that is exactly who I am i.e. an expert. Take the word expert what does it really mean? Well break the word into its two components– ex = x, in mathematical terms it means an unknown quantity or an unknown subject. Now spurt, usually means something is under pressure, such as water is a spurt when an over abundance of gas causes a quantity of dribble to be squirted out. In other words,
    Expert = an unknown drip that is under pressure.

  11. Marcus Aurelius spent most of his later years fighting the Marcomanni north of the Danube river in Austria, Czechia, and Slovakia. Minor point, and the ride would have been even worse.

  12. You totally missed the point. It's a fever dream after he is wounded and picked up by the gladiator convoy on the way to Spain. It's a film about a man who wants to go home and can only do so in death. This is a prefiguring of his eventual fate.

    You're a clever chap but you don't get what this film is about at all.

  13. You didn't mention the tramlines. The clearly visible parallel lines in the barley (yes its barley) that are made by modern seed drills to provide a path through the crop for the crop sprayer to drive down.

  14. This is a train wreck of a video, not gonna lie. He's debating the accuracies in a man's dying hallucination of his dead son and wife. He didn't walk all the way to Spain, he was still very much in that arena, dying. He's wearing the armor, because he is still very much in the arena, dying. I've read info in the comments that he is walking in a field of barley, not wheat, as well.

  15. Guess you never saw the movie. And you don't know where this scene is from. It's at the end, and he's dying pillhead. Good job.

  16. TO be fair wouldnt it be next to impossibel to find a farm scene with no 4 wheel fossil fuel car that has the center trodden look ?

  17. The funny thing is the producers forget it was a vast task to wash, dry and iron in days of yore. Yet the film industry has medieval peasants,varied yokels and working class riff-raff sporting pressed shirts, washed cardigans and the like.The fleas, the stench…all washed away or we'd never empathize with history. No bidets or loo-paper either.

  18. also the german shepards were not there until early 1900s. also size of the legions is a complete bs.

  19. The actor in this shot is not Russel Crowe. The scene is a pick-up filmed after principle photography for the movie finished, and the man in the shot is a stand-in. The next shot is of Maximus' hand lightly brushing over the tops of the wheat. But, it's not Russel Crowe's hand. Once again, a stand-in.

  20. So ancient wHeat started out head high? Did the ancient wHeat appear as if beamed down from a starship? Maybe in Elysium the wHeat wasn't fully grown when he died.

  21. I bet there's an EU regulation that won't allow the film crew to grow tall wheat over an entire valley for a 5 second clip.

  22. @1:30 "They didn't have modern pesticides, and so it was full of weeds" umm … I think you mean HERBICIDES, buddy.

  23. any shepherd worth his salt would have at minimum one but more likely two ore more herding dogs with him that would keep the sheep on the road. Aside from that, animals tend to follow established paths and especially after a longer walk, settle down into moving along as a group.

  24. Gawd mate…spot the mistake or what…nuffink gets past you does it…what's that like 24/7 365? are your postings symptomatic of the pressure you daily endure? keep it up🍒👜💎

  25. Pedantic….the average cinema going slob wouldn't notice such details. It is meant to be his farm in North Africa (Carthage/Tunisia)….where once his exotic looking wife and son lived before they were murdered by Commodus. Cinema is mass entertainment and not historical documentaries. If it were THE case then the Romans would look Italian, with the mannerisms of ancient Italians.(which would be thoroughly bizarre for a modern Westerner to watch…..so for mass entertainment history has to be sanitized for the 21st century audience)…….otherwise the Western pop corn audience would not be able to relate to their HERO.

    You have the demeanor of a history teacher from secondary school. You appear intelligent and seem to know a lot about WAAAH….fighting. You seem to like the topic.

  26. Those two things he says about roads are both wrong. The idea that every road in the countryside would have fences just to make things easier for shepherds is comical, actually. And a single-horse drawn carriage would still create roads with two tracks as the horse would not destroy the grass as wheels do.

  27. At last, this has bugged the heck out of me for years. Big movies is about being immersed in the experience. Nothing ruins an atmosphere and the fantasy than a modern road. I mean really! Some of us do use our brains.

  28. They used herding dogs to keep the herd on the road and off the fields. Also to keep the herds within the boundaries of the shepherd's field and not to stray into neighbour's fields. In Europe they used tending dogs that patrolled the boundaries of fields to keep the sheep in the right place, rather than fences. The dogs were "living fences" so to speak.

  29. It's cinema. It isn't a historical documentary. The movie producers have to work within their budget, copyright and logistical/realistic bounds. Is the average cinema goer going to complain about the centurionation of fields in the Principate? No, they don't care. Are they going to argue that Maximus wears some abomination of lorica segmentata, minus phalarae? No.They don't care. This is entertainment, NOT fact.

  30. actually, TODAY wheat in Switzerland usually has poppies growing throughout it. Flowers that have deep roots help the grain penetrate ground and bring up moisture, even today.

  31. Sir, first I must admit that I too point out inaccuracies in the movies I enjoy. That said, I am not capable of making my observations as humorous as you. Thank you, and keep the videos coming.

  32. I've been pointing out the "where's the horse's tracks?" oversight for years, but my wife just tells it's a fricking movie; let it go. Yeah, I know, but I'd like to see someone get that right just once in a movie. Seems like such a simple thing.

  33. Your not quite getting it are you, he's dead, this is his heaven, so it would be, well peachy and perfect and he get's to be with his murdered wife again. it's pure fiction and in no way historical.

  34. I found that ignorance is a necessary quality in order to enjoy these movies. I can't watch any of these films more than once or twice because I start noticing these irritating details.

  35. Gladiator is a co American-british production with a British director. So… part of the innacuracies lies with your country.

  36. hmm,?
    I live in this area of Spain, I do not think you have ever visited it.
    The movie was set about 1800 years ago, and where his elysium was, was classed as the "bread bowl" of Spain, at that time.
    There was more rain here then, so the grain grew well but because of the plentiful sunshine the crop was stunted compared with more northern latitudes.
    There would not have been fences and boundaries either unless they carried the rocks from a considerable distance as the local rock formation is very sandy, and the soil is very deep as it alluvial plains.
    As for the "goats/sheep", even in this modern age the farmers still walk their animals at least once a day, and herded goats are "nibblers" and only graze on short vegetation, so the taller grain would be left alone.

    Get out of the studio and see the world, instead of sitting on your butt in your studio and believing everything you see on YouTube,!!

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