Westend Photography, Let’s Meet The Studio Photographer!

In this video, We’re going to
visit a mate of
mine, Imran. Imran has just opened up a new
Photography Studio, in Hoppers
Crossing, Melbourne. Let’s go visit Imran, at Westend
Photography and find out why he
decided to open a Photography
Studio in 2019 and how will that will benefit
his Customers? My name is Imran Abul Ksshem I am a Portrait Photographer. I have a studio and mainly for families. I like to shoot like families families with different
generations with their kids growing-up. So most of my clients are
working with me for the long
term. so I see the changes within the
families so every now and then they come to the studio and take photos as it’s a good memory for them
for the long term. Also I sell lots of Prints and all of my prints have 75-
unconditional guarantee so three generations can keep
these prints. So it’s a good memory plus a
good product for them. to keep their family photos for
generation to generation. Cool. You need to give the
customer a
good experience So in terms of having your own
studio customers get very used to
coming to your place they feel like it’s their place so and in terms of that
relationship, you get good
photos good posing good connection with
your subject you’ll notice how well you and
your client whom you are photographing if the connection is strong, if
you know each other very well you’ll get good photos as well. one of the business strategies
for me I do corporate headshots and most of those people who
come for the corporate headshots when they see the photographs
on the wall and when they see my work and then they come, they bring
their family book me, some of them book me
straightaway like we need a Family
photograph So they come for their corporate
headshot but I know within six months they will come back to my studio for their family photographs to
be taken. It’s a good thing it’s part of
the marketing strategy like once the people come for
their headshot so they bring their family or
sometimes they come for their
family headshots and then they ask me for a
corporate headshot. So that works very good
together. Education is somehow you need a
education, formal education you go to School or College and
art sometimes doesn’t go with
the formal stuff. but It depends on you if think
you need to go to school to learn or get more networking every art work or everything,
you need good networking so school is a place where they
already have the networking so you can use the school
networking and also you learn some techniques and
some ideas some other students as well you meet everyday you’re sharing
ideas sharing techniques so it’s good
place to learn and also like its up to you how dedicated you are in there so if you’re a young person, I
say you need some basic
education you don’t need to go to school
but if you think school works for
you. It’s better to go to school and
learn It’s a Trade, it’s a Craft You need to take photos you need to think about the
photo, you need to tell the
story and not only a single story
there’s lots of things involved,
taking photos so if you have Camera and you
think you’re a great
photographer that wouldn’t help It’s a long term journey a trade it’s art so everything comes together it’s not one day or it’s not a
one month journey with the learning curve, with
the learning process so everyday I’m learning, you
learning like before the digital started
when you were talking about
Salgado. they started a different way now if we think about we can
start the same way it’s not possible because now everything is in
your hand if you take a photograph you can
see it straightaway Salgado and other print film
photographers you can’t see what
you have taken when you went to the darkroom
you could see yeah now within a second you can let
everyone in the world know that you took a great photo In terms of art art there is a two way art for the sake of the art art is for the money so you have your own way and you need to choose which way
do you want to go? I was very lucky to get a
scholarship to travel to Japan For 12 days through Melbourne Polytechnic. and like I was planning to do something
while I was in here I was in Australia I was
planning to do something but when I went to Japan and I seen it was raining and the arrangement of the
culture with the umbrellas the rain and other stuff that suddenly attracted me and what I thought here I’m
gonna do something I’ll forget about my original
series I thought no I can’t do that
because of the rain this will be my series so I started taking photos like
after one day I was only taking photos of the
umbrellas in Japan and mainly focus that thing how life related with umbrellas in Japan so out of my 12-day trip 11-days it was raining so it was a good chance for me
to take photos of the umbrella so that was a great experience in Japan to take photos and I feel like culture attract me a lot so that goes culture traditions contemporary life everything related with that.

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