Watch CCTV Camera Video Surveillance on TV with Chromecast

Here’s quick video that demonstrates how to
watch CCTV security cameras on a TV using Google Chromecast. Here’s a 42″ LED TV with
a Chromecast device already installed. We have the video input of the Chromecast selected.
I’m going to move the TV up here and make it smaller so that I can put my Android mobile
phone down here. On my Android mobile phone I have the Chromecast app running and I’m
going to bring up the menu and select cast screen. It searches for all the devices on
my network, which I only have on Chromecast device, so I select it.
Then it begins to cast the exact screens that’s on my Android. I’m going to minimize the Chromecast
app and open up the iDVR-PRO viewer app. I’m going to connect to my DVR. This is an 8-channel
CCTV DVR. Initially I’m brought to a single camera view but I can pull up the menu of
the app and switch to the 4-camera view. As you can see, the TV is just mirroring exactly
what I’m doing on the app. I’ll switch to the 8-camera view and the TV switches to the
8-camera view. In addition to the live camera view you can also do recorded video search
and playback, again, because the Chromecast is just mirroring whatever the app is doing
on your TV screen. I’m just going to go back to live view again. That’s it. That’s how
you can use Chromecast to watch security cameras live on your TV.
To learn more about using Chromecast in video surveillance applications and to see step
by step instructions on how this is set up, please visit
Thank you for watching.

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11 thoughts on “Watch CCTV Camera Video Surveillance on TV with Chromecast

  1. better best to get a android media player then you will not burn up your battery on your phone or over heat your phone.

  2. Watch CCTV Security Cameras on TV using Google Chromecast

    Want to watch your security cameras on a TV at your home or business and don't want to run cable? Google Chromecast is the answer.

    Watch this video to see a demonstration using 8 CCTV cameras that are connected to an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR.

    Here is how it works

    The latest Chromecast app for Android supports device mirroring which means that your TV can display a copy of what is on your Android mobile phones or tablets.

    Connect to your CCTV DVR or IP camera on your Android device as you normally would. You can use an app or the web browser. Then, open the Chromecast app and select "cast screen".

    Whatever your phone displays, your TV will too.

    iOS users can do this same thing with Apple TV. The Chromecast app for iOS does not yet support the screen cast feature.

    For more information, please visit this page.

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  4. I'm assuming this is dependent on us having a CCTV system wirelessly transmitting already to the phone/device via the internet, right?
    For me I need to go from the camera directly to the device, without the DVR.

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