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  1. Phelan, you're a genius! We should get Richard S. Horvitz to voice Wabuu in the redubs!

  2. I genuinely spit beer everywhere laughing at 23:48 because the mayor/Beauty's dad. I feel I should be upset. But I'm not.

  3. 15:17 in russian, alcohol delirium is called "white fever", belaya goryachka, usually shortened to "belochka"… Seeing a squirrel out of nowhere is a slang for being so drunk you start hallucinating, so… yup, Waboo is seeing squirrels now.

  4. Man, with the bait & switch voice acting on this it's almost as infuriating as expecting Peter Venkman to be voiced by Lorenzo Music but getting goddamned Dave Coulier instead.

  5. These movies didn't get translated in Latin America, but in Spain they did, and surprisingly, the European Spanish translations for the Dingo Movies are actually good. They even got more than 2 voice actors. They cut some scenes in the translations, but they at least kept the better quality from the Finnish DVDs. Go give them a look, even if you don't understand anything.

  6. You know how Dingo is:

    They do everything on the cheap. So, they decided to use a knock-off Wabuu instead of the real thing. Just to make it a little bit shittier than it could've been.

  7. I think I'm a bad human being for wanting a link to that background loop so I can use it to drive people insane.

  8. Wabuu is a movie spin off of Harvey Street Kids because the main character in the movie is one of the raccoons from Harvey Street.

  9. I die of Laughter when Charlie says : Damn later, there's Wabuu is mad with Raphael's Voice from TMNT and he also says: Damn.

  10. one thing i find funny here is that even finnish dub is way better than english and that's rare. maybe it's effort

  11. The animation (if providing they're not of the animals -especially wabuu- jumping) does look somewhat decent. It'd all look sooo much better if actual effort was put into animating and drawing all this stuff. My 10 year old cousin can draw better than the peeps at Dingo…

  12. So if I wanted to watch the Dingo Pictures CInematic Universe, do I begin with Pocahontas or Alladin? LOL

  13. I would be so pissed if it turned out Wabuu’s invention at the beginning was a fast forward button.

  14. Sweet Mother of God!
    I never thought that i see a Review from Wabuu on Youtube O_O
    (Btw. Im from German and have the VHS Video from him)

  15. Phelan complains that he wamts silence. 22:00 gets silence then complains that someone muted the mike……ok

  16. Diagnosis: wabuu is an ACTUAL psychopath, no joke.
    lying? check! killing others without remorse…check!(although a little bit faked)
    having charm and making others believe in him and abusing it, only to benefit from it himself…check!

    rule number one of being a psychopath: "never let others know at the first glance that you are one"

  17. I love how you can see the play button when these East West DVDs start up. Not even hiding the incompetence.

  18. I like how Wabuu is said to be "lying on his belly in the sun" but actually appears to be lying on his back, in the shade of a rock.

  19. Just out of interest I looked at the Dingo Pictures list of movies on Wikipedia, I think by now you made it though about 1/3 of all of them… may the strength of Wabuu and Old Man be with you!

  20. Why don't they just break out a Death Star and blow up Wabuu's home planet so we don't have to deal with his crap ever again?

  21. I guess Farmer Alfred is the same farmer of Janis where he think he can have milk from a bull and a male goat and the same of Nice Cats where he want to kill the cats (even though Charlie is HIS cat in Janis) soooo yeah he have some real mental problem,I'm not shocked he's also an axe murderer!

  22. 10:23 I don't know what the corresponding line in the English version is, but in the Swedish version those two drop the N-word. I'm not kidding, they say "You won't be catching any sunlight even if you stay there for so long that you become a n$#@%$."

  23. I have or had (can't actually remember lol) the french vhs of this. It called itself Winnie the Pooh with the cover focusing on a bear character that I don't even think ever showed up in the actual movie

  24. It makes me wonder if there's a regular English dub for the Wabuu movie. I mean, there must be, if they have it in the Countryside Bears.(Unless they dubbed that one only for the Country Bears segment.)

  25. So a shitty "movie" made by a German company has a Dutch cast for the English voices.

    Well. That makes sense.

    As about as much sense as a raccoon with floppy hind feet hopping around like a kangaroo!

  26. This is like some old librarian lady's attempt at getting children interested in storybooks through "animation". It's like something Peggy Hill would orchestrate. Like the first attempt at it, just a practice run, and they just decided to go with it.

  27. He gave Wushel the canned nuts, only for him to find out that he had no way of opening them… Wabuu truly is the next Allied Mastercomputer.

  28. I'm so stoked this is from Friedrichsdorf! Never knew about these movies! Friedrichsdorf is where my local LDS (Mormon) temple is. Wonder if the people from Dingo were Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

  29. Oh

    I have seen some crappy dubs in my life…
    But "not giving Dingo Pictures the quality it deserves" is a level of incompetence that forces me to reevaluate my entire view of the cosmos, just in order to make it even theoretically possible… I used to think of my self as a nihilist, but even so, I could not even comprehend this level of incompetence. This is a lovecraftian incompetence, a think I could never even comprehend was possible.

    If someone wants me, I'll be in the cellar, digging my entire ear canals out with a spoon.

  30. Even though I love movies with talking raccoons in it, I do admit this was poorly made. Raccoons don't jump and stand like Wabuu does. The voice acting also sucks.

  31. Why did they have so much effort in the Finnish version? I had 3 of the DVD's as a kid from Finland. They cost a total of 1€.

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