13 thoughts on “Vlogging Camera – RX100 VII Review!

  1. When you watched smartphone reviews way too much and coming back here i just can’t stop myself from complaining how horrible is the HDR on this. Just way too much overexposure. LOL.

  2. No ND filter kinda of makes the camera suck for cinematic video because most sunny weather video will be blown out if you use the 180 degree rule. So I do not think it compares with the A9. I think the powerful zoom is not so great either because if your going to zoom on distant objects hand held all you get is super shaky footage, nowhere professional unless you feel like using a tripod.

  3. Great review! I am really LOVING mine! Thanks for encouraging me to get it! It really is SO close to the perfect camera! And love your nails by the way 😉

  4. I saw that in one mall here in middles east and the amount is very expensive. I can't afford to buy it i hope someday someone will give me 😍😍Godbless sister!

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