TOURIST TRAPS IN ISTANBUL: Caught on Camera | Taksim Square, Sultan Ahmet…

Solo travellers should be extra vigilant here You may be trapped, even by a beautiful girl… I am going towards the music This is called Dondurma, a Turkish icecream Yesterday the person from my hostel offered it to me I am enjoying the hospitality of Turkey The Hostel staff also helped me to upload a video by sharing his mobile internet actually the hostel’s internet connection was quite weak Yesterday he offered me Dondurma This costs somewhere between 5 to 20 Liras This is Istiklal street This is one of the happening areas of Istanbul If you are also looking for a place to hang out during the evenings, come here and just enjoy it like me I am going to check the mobile tariffs in this Vodafone store Vodafone is Quite expensive – 6GB for 200 Lira whereas Turkcell was offering 6 GB data for just 120 Liras 120 Lira equals 1300 INR approx This place was suggested by my hotel staff You can enjoy Dondurma and do a lot of activities at this place Take a stroll like me and watch people from around the world on this street They were from Cyprus We chatted on various topics including Bollywood and Aamir Khan They striked the conversation from where are you.. He said something about India He said… We watch Bollywood movies in Cyprus It was a friendly chat session, but now…. I am going to share something very important The staff from my hotel Dongyang shared some Dos and Donts about this city The thing which I am going to say now actually striked in mind after I met these people but this doesn’t mean that I am defaming these 2 tourists If you are a solo traveller… then this is for you You just saw both of them the way they behaved at the end made me suspicious they wanted me to have drinks with them the hostel guys had already informed me about such people they said that such people target solo travellers. most of the time you will meet them at popular place like this Even a beautiful girl may approach you to have a drink with her and if you accept their offer and drink with them you may have to pay a hefty amount for the bill at the end that may be over 2000-3000 Liras So please be careful. I was said to be careful How all this started!! while I was walking they approached me and asked for a cigarette lighter They asked me in Turkish Probably they wanted to check I am a foreigner or local! I said, I am not a Turkish, I dont have a cigarette this way they stroked the conversation we chatted about India and Bollywood and then they just vanished my hotel guys told me earlier that these guys will pretend themselves as a tourist If both of them were genuine people, then I don’t have any bad intentions about them I am just sharing an example to make you people careful So please dont take it otherwise Its better to catch a Funicular to visit Istiklal street or Taksim square as they are located at a height while coming back you can walk down This is what my hotel staff suggested now while coming back I didn’t go back to Taksim Square as I wanted to explore these randon streets A couple was talking in Hindi I turned back to look at them and they also did the same when they heard me speaking in Hindi It feels good. Isnt it! However, in comparison to Bangkok, Malaysia, Singpore etc less Indian tourists visit Istanbul This is the European part of Istanbul I am in this part since I landed here The Asian part of Istanbul is not that happening as the European part is Most of the tourist places are located at ‘Golden Horn’ the same place where I am staying right now where I am staying…! I forgot the name! If you want to experience the ferry ride then I would recommend this ferry You can pay by using your Istanbulkart Just pay 2.5 Lira and reach the other side of Istanbul called Uskudar

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