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This video is sponsored by circle space So, my name is noe and welcome last time I made a video about which Photography channels small YouTube channels you should be following and this time I want to give a shout out to the big YouTube channels that I enjoy watching and That maybe you might enjoy watching them if you don’t watch them already Now these are all channels that I enjoy watching and you know My attitude towards most of YouTube content here is that people just kind of try to sell you gear all time and focusing on settings But these are big channels that actually have like really creative aspect to them and I really enjoy their videos and that’s why I’m actually giving here giving them a shout-out. It’s not that they need my help. I mean, they’re pretty big channels I’m just a loser in comparison. Anyways, let’s get started The first channel I’m going to talk about is actually when I mentioned in the past is a Joe Allam now I like his videos cuz they’re mostly about Shooting you know, they’re not gear reviews for the most part in though I can forgive him for doing a few but he does a lot of traveling, you know And he does a lot of just a street photography vlogs Like good old-fashioned vlogs and his girlfriend too and that’s why I think he’s one of the channels that you should be watching Now he doesn’t upload very often, but the quality is very high He also shoots with the Fuji and as you guys know, I love Fuji so Fuji noticed me Anyways, go check him out. You guys want to tell them that I said sure is fine If you don’t it’s alright, like these people never really come to my channel anyways But I really enjoy his videos and I think you guys will too if you haven’t heard about him before the next channel And I’m pretty sure it’s more like the really big ones There aren’t many photographers. Who do this kind of power I mean, he’s like the closest thing to neon photography besides me and it’s a Brandon Wolfel Oh and he doesn’t really just do neon he uses neon lights every now and then but I like him because The creativity aspect like I haven’t seen him do any gear reviews on his channel like all his videos are just about the creative aspect photography like he He shows you like kind of behind the scenes of the things he does and he’s really popular on Instagram if you don’t follow him I like his videos because he shows you kind of his Creative process why I hate using that word creative process It’s more like he just shows you what he does and how he does it, you know And his videos are right to the point None of that BS buy my gear stuff or trying to sell you master classes or any of that I really like Brandon Woelfel stuff and I think you guys would enjoy it too My only complaint is never really replies to any comments Well, he replies to comments of girls and I never seen you reply to a guy comment, but I can forgive him You know He’s a busy guy or at least I told myself that next one and I’m pretty sure you guys know him already His name is Thomas Heaton Like I really like this guy’s videos, you know He does a lot of landscapes And as you guys know I started photography by doing cityscapes and landscapes my only problem with his channel and it’s not really a problem It’s just more like a it’s more like a me problem and especially is that he is just too damn Inspirational and okay I know that’s not a bad thing how it can be into inspiring be a bad thing and I mentioned this in my other channel, but like You know landscape photography is a pretty miserable thing. You know, I love taking the pictures I hate experiencing taking the pictures because you know, you’re climbing mountains in the middle of winter. You’re waking up at 3 a.m You’re hiking mountains or trails or swamps in the middle of the humidity and he makes it seem like it’s such a wonderful amazing Grander experience, you know and which is great You know if you’re like, oh man, I want to go out and shoot and feeling inspired. But for me, I know what’s up I’m like nah, man this the sucks, you know, it sucks. It really sucks But I really really love taking the picture You know, I just don’t I don’t like the process of getting there if that makes sense So his videos are great for landscapes, and that’s just my only issue with them, which is not really an issue It’s more like I don’t like people who are too positive, you know, they freak me out Sorry Thomas if you ever see this but you probably never will. It’s cool. But yeah, go check him out awesome guy, and I think I’ve only seen him do like one product review like once and His his outcome was like I don’t feel the need to upgrade because I can take good pictures to my camera still and I love That about him, you know, I love people like that. So anyways, go check him out He has an awesome van – next on the list is actually the art of photography and this is this is a big one for me because you know He’s one of the reasons I started this YouTube channel is actually it’s him in Joe Allan because I like both their styles you know, he also doesn’t really focus so much on the Settings and the gear or the sharpness he focuses on the art of photography, you know And and if he didn’t have that YouTube name, that’s what my channel probably named to be honest, but he already took it Anyways, he’s from Texas – oh, I don’t know if he is from Texas, but I know he lives in, Texas But his videos are very like lecturing lecture for no, so His videos are all about the mentality of photography and like the history and it’s just really refreshing to see that kind of high-quality polished content without any other BS you know, so uh I I really like his channels and it’d be good you guys go check them out if you’ve never heard of them before which is kind of weird because I’m pretty sure everybody here has heard about it before and One of the channels that I really really look forward to every time she posts is uh, Jessica Whitaker Well for one, she’s like really really she’s a good kind of people person, you know, not the Overly hype fake happy kind of person. She just seems like a really generally good caring person and her videos are great They’re all about shooting. I’m not sure if she’s ever done in gear reviews or anything like that. But if she did I Probably wouldn’t have even noticed cuz her videos are all about shooting mostly and she always replies to my comments, too Which is great like not many people do that like some people don’t even give you a little hard to see to tell you that they like seemed uh, your comment But she always replies and she’s one of those big youtubers that I feel doesn’t think she’s too big to reply to us Peasants, you know, so definitely go check her out. She’s awesome and I always look forward to her videos cuz she’s got that great attitude Another one that I like watching and I’m not really sure it’s kind of photography It’s more like film but YCimaging like he makes some really cool Music videos and he does a lot of film stuff basically, but I also enjoy the photography aspect of his channel and one video I really liked especially is like when he made his own light like, you know most people try to sell you like a studio equipment or like oh click on the affair link below and this guy makes videos like Here I made my own studio like from stuff. I bought at Home Depot, you know stuff like that So I like that about him. He keeps it real. He’s really chill and not gonna lie One of the things I like the most about him is his lighting setup. You know, he’s very nice backdrop So I definitely like that about him and it’s one of the reason like he got points with me is the backdrop They’ve got a cool backdrop, man but yeah, go check him out great beds and yeah good stuff and if you guys never heard of Sean Tucker I kind of put him up there with the art of photography You know, he makes him good kind of really in that photography stuff And and like I said, he I think he puts a lot of thought into his video, which is great the only issue I have is that he’s kind of got the Kind of got Thomas heating effect like that guy is too inspiration for me, man like I can handle too much poetic Ness in a video over like oh the pictures and the ideas and the feelings It evokes and the emotions and the rawness like I I hate that kind of stuff But but he does a good job of that You know, like there’s not many people can pull it off So I got to give him props, you know Sean Tucker and I just I’d like though I kind of liked his pictures are kind of really wrong really moody Like and I know it sounds kind of weird praise from nobody like me But he’s got a great videos and you should definitely check him out and he doesn’t put up videos out very often Which is kind of a bummer but he’s also great because he keeps the quality high, you know, so yeah I always watch these videos to the end and I can’t say that about all channels some videos I just kind of skip to the important stuff and yeah go they go check em out I think you’ll like them if you’ve never heard of them, finally I’m sure you guys have heard about Jessica Kobeissi, you know, she’s she’s awesome you know and not gonna lie one of the reasons I like her videos is because she’s been to saw a few times even though I’ve never been able to meet her because I didn’t really know about it before then She focuses a lot on shooting and she talks all about her personal experiences You know, I I always watch her videos to the end and she also replies too, which is a big plus You know, I always feel like the grow you tubers always replied but like the guy is just gonna screw off comments or peasants Which is really cool. You know, I like her She’s very genuine and definitely feel like you can connect with that kind of people kind of person, you know But who knows maybe what makes a youtuber great is making them making people think that you can connect with them But you can’t I could be wrong her videos are awesome They’re always about shooting and she does a lot of a creative photography stuff and a lot of portraits as you guys know I’m not into portraits, but I like her stuff and oh, yeah who can forget I like mango street mango street is great But I don’t know man there it’ll look too happy for me. You know, I’m not done with a whole to happiness thing I know it’s I know that’s what it takes to be a big youtubers that you gotta have that a person that really like Too big to fail kind of personality and get along with everybody, but they make really awesome Tutorials and that’s really what I like. I’m alive because uh, they get down to nitty-gritty Harder de toros now. They’re very stylized and they’re very professional which which is great You know, I kind of prefer the more kind of raw blogger style, but I really like their videos and they’re really cool no, the best thing about all these photographers that I mentioned is that they stay away from Controversy, like they don’t go out there causing trouble then go out there causing drama, which is what I like, you know And there’s some other big YouTube channels I wouldn’t mention if it wasn’t for that controversial aspect, you know, like uh, ya know trash talking, you know We keep it real. This is what I think is what I feel and you know, this is what I think about you It’s kinda happens when you get it, too when you get into the public domain you become public figure You cannot get open to criticism and these people they have no criticism really really well while other channels do not you know Like there’s been channels where I leave something like hey is the great pictures I don’t think it’s your best, but it’s too good and they were like, they’ll be like so butter You know so offended and then it’s like it just makes me not wanna watch the videos anymore or like or or some people who? Never come into it Like people have never commented like no like I never comments in in these videos. It just kind of makes you feel Disconnected, you know, anyways enough of that Yeah, I hope you guys Enjoyed this list. I wanted to make this this for a long time and not that they need my help. Not a huge But they’re really cool. And if you’ve never heard about it, you’ve never heard of them before. I think you were like watching them So see you them and I’ll catch around

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