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100 thoughts on “TOP 5 CAMERAS OF 2018

  1. Hey. Planning to get the fuji xt3. Should I get the 18- 55 or ditch it for 23 f2. I am keeping the 56 f1. 2 constant. Along with that what's the one I should get?

  2. we need canon color science & Af, Sony IQ & performance with Fuji ergonomics and we would have the perfect camera!! Waiting on the Fuji Xh2!! 🙂

  3. Weight in the age of pads phones something not really put in the mix by most camera vloggers for vloggers travellers near the top of the mix a factor that makes things much more enjoyable rx 100v vi tx3 m50 P900 and 1000 affordable BIG zooms and image quality in good light decent

  4. if you dont need the best af, get a gh5 /gh5s… great lenses out there, adaptable ones from canon aswell. and the image is even better than the a73 as many people say… 4k 60, 10 bit external… 180fps…. best ibis comapred to the others…. so much good stuff… no good workaround for a near price. 🙂

  5. No love for Panasonic 😢

    For a YouTuber who has a huge influence over 500k subscribers, he's doing a big disservice to people who actually wants to get into videography.

    -Flip out screen
    -Video focus with menu and button layouts
    -4k 60fps
    -180fps @ 1080
    -and so much more

  6. I don't own any of these cameras, so I'm couch quarterbacking here… I wonder about that Fuji… yeah, it's a tilty instead of a flippy screen, but I have heard great things. I think I would have switch the Fuji in your lineup with the EOS R. While they're both really great, I suspect the Fuji would be better for spectator sport photography. Of course I can entirely understand your choice of Sony for number 1. Great video.

  7. 6d II…so easy & fun to use. Great picture quality, ergonomics and video is more than good enough for casual video. After all, the best camera is the one you want to use, enjoy using and inspires.

  8. The eos r is sooooo undewhelming and you gave it the second spot because of the flip out screen? For people who make films, they want video features not floppy screens… weird plug for canon.

  9. Sony have been in the Full frame mirrorless for over 5 years now and have so much more features to offer. Canon can't be number 2. NikonZ7 number 2. Sony A7iii for 1 place Video .

  10. Can you explain why having a maxed out camera is value-added when you are shooting for a small, low quality (4K or less) screen on YouTube or wedding videos (i.e., non-cinema). It is different when you are shooting for a theater or large 4K video screens. Just curious. It is simply a case of geek "bigger is better and more expensive is better"? For example, only dogs can hear the differences on $10K stereo audio systems. Most people listen to things through a smaller speaker. I can't see why bloggers even bother with RED either. Real filmmakers don't go near DLSR/mirrorless. That said, why spend much at all for blogs/YouTube?

  11. I got around $1500-$1600 to spend on a setup. Most likely buying used and mainly for photos of portraits, nature, landscapes, outfit pictures for instrgram. Do you have any recommnedations as to what camera i should get

  12. Biggest Question in the filmmaking community : 4k 60p with IBS, good AF and good Colors…. Were is this camera? How long do we have to wait for it? Will it be the painfully late Sony A7s III? I don't think so because Sony's only flaw is the bad color science, so Will it be the Canon eos R S? But I need that kind of a camera right now…. We all need a 1dx mk2 in a smaller data friendly body…

  13. Matti, there is a pretty good deal on the A7 II … is the A7 III really worth more then the A7 II ? because its like 1300$ CDN with the kit lens and the A7 III is 2700$ CDN with the kit lens

  14. How just you color grade your videos .
    make a video on color adjustment of videos
    Please do it.
    It will also help other people who worry about colors correction or or grading.
    again i'm saying make a video and let us know……

  15. Matt or Jenna – can’t you also deal with stability and potentially add slo-mo while editing also?
    So it all boils down to personal choice and what is important to you? Are you running and gunning a lot? You probably want a built in image stabilizer, but then again, you probably also want a flip out screen. If you’re shooting mostly in your studio, does a built in image stabilizer most important to you?
    SONY, get on the flip out screen wagon for pete’s sake. Ha! That’s funny. Pete. Whatever.

  16. The Canon has nothing on the Panasonic G5 & G9, or for that matter the OMD I.  Please stop being a Canon Diehard, and stop saying that not everyone needs auto-focus and not everyone needs 4K, and not everyone needs 120FPS.  We "ALL" need it and "ALL" would like to have it, and we "ALL" would Expect to have it in a $3000. camera.  Oh, and why would you review two cameras that you have not used yet?

  17. All great options. I can see why you like the EOS R for your uses. But I cant blame the majority of people seeing it the way they do.

  18. Canon EOS R should be on 1st place. Because if you can make good content with it you can make good content with any camera.

  19. Hi Matti, Love you videos! You have problem with the auto focus with the Sony because you have Canon lenses, with the Sony's its crazy. Maybe you could make a video like Canon vs Sony aouto focus, with their native lenses and try other ones too. I'm sure (maybe :D) that the Canon will work the same with other lenses as the Sony with your Canon glasses 🙂

  20. I know this list is opinion but no mention of the GH5s….. You should definitely add “For Youtubers” in the title. You guys are obsessed with Autofocus lol

  21. Not every body needs 4K right now
    Not everybody needs super slow motion
    Not everybody needs to be frugal with their money
    The EOS R is a great choice!

    I love you matti

  22. This has to be your worse video you have put out IMO? What next the top 5 cars you have never driven? Come on you are better than this.

  23. I want the next EOS R to have a joystick, IBIS and 120p…I prefer canons feel, color, lens lineup, menu and autofocus.

  24. Fuji X-T3 would have been my number 1 pic of the lot 4K 60fps 4:2:0 10Bit internal + 1080p 120 fps 4:2:0 10 Bit internal (422 external) + great autofocus + fuji colors + FLOG + HLG and a great price what more does it want to take the number one spot , it just missed on flip out screen has a APS-C sensor and no IBIS. I personally feel its better than EOS-R or the A7III. Pair the X-T3 with Ninja V and u have a beast.

  25. I’m thinking of getting the z6 or the xt3, Im already invested in Nikon and want whatever is better for hybrid shooting. I want the z6 because I already use Nikon but again the xt3 has extremely impressive performance for an APS-C camera and is cheaper. What should I get?

  26. Wow, you rock always, but the color science on the Sony is just horrible. I dont like the image it delivers. Its a great camera, but not for me. I have used it so much!

  27. Matti, I'm guessing that .. for the footage in this video, the clips you showed were filmed with the respective camera that you were talking about? If that's true, to ME, the very best looking clips from this video was the EOS R, by far . I would love to get the R or the A7III .. but I'm just a bit strapped for cash. So I'm personally looking at getting either an X-T3, an X-T30, or an M50 (in that order) and some sort of gimbal/stabilisation. GREAT video, man!! Was REALLY surprised by the EOS R ; you and Potato Jet have really* made me reconsider this camera but I just don't think I could swing it. Later man

  28. Mine imho😊
    1. Fujifilm xt3- it feel right in every moves and delivers. When you come with fuji people knows your kinds.
    2. Panasonic-Lumix S1. Its a comfort camera with everything in your hand. They need to be famous first with their first full frme.
    3. Sony-sonies are good for appliances and room. My bravia is uncompromising. But not their camera i am not that into it.
    4. Nikon-they are competitive and huge improvement on way. Z6 is better than canon Eos R,
    5. Black magic- i never own one but i like their cenematic shots.
    Let me continue..
    6.Canon- Eos r is not that nice but they atleast come to the new generation.
    7. Hasselblade- Expensive but not handy and not sperrior. Never own one or try it bcause it not worth it.
    8. Leica- all series M or whatsoever …limited feature and useless machine. Its like a 2000s phone in a gold case.
    9. Olympus- atleast they are beautiful to look at.
    10. Red dragon(i just include it)- it can not do anything except video. Nobody owns it unless their life depends on films.
    A camera should be photoable,videoble, manageable and lens should be changeable

  29. When are you going to get the Blackmagic to test?!! I'm very interested in your opinion and seeing what you can make it do.

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