To all the sheroes ll Happy women’s day ll

women are fortunate stroke of serendipity i feel blessed to be raised by one such my mother !! my absolute inspiration and role model the way she carried different roles in her life as a wife, as a supportive mother and a passionate business women, is commendable amidst a chaos of her life, she never gave up on her dreams… amuktha jewelers is a result of her handwork and passion the way the brand is growing over years shows how dedicatedly she has been working on her dreams to meet this blissfull reality as a daughter, i feel very proud and seek a lot of inspiration from her.. i feel gratified seeing her keen indulgence in every transformation of her life as they say ” IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, DO IT ” to all the women’s out there, never give up on your dreams be inspired…. keep inspiring HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY

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