Thunderstorm (1934) movie

From the national film fond of the USSR GROZA (The Thunderstorm)
A domestic drama by A.N. Ostrovsky Written and directed by Vladimir Petrov Music – Vladimir Sherbatchev
Art Director – Nikolai Suvorov Cinematography – Vyatcheslav Gardanov
Sound – Ivan Dmitriev Characters cast:
Kabanova – V.O. Massalitinova Tikhon, her son – I.P. Tchuvelev Katerina, Tikhon’s wife – A.K. Tarasova Varvara, Tikhon’s sister – I.P. Zarubina Feklusha, a pilgrim – E.P. Kortchagina-Aleksandrovskaja Dikoy Saviel Prokofievitch,
a merchant and an important man of town
– M.M.Tarkhanov Boris Grigorievitch – Dikoy’s nephew – M.I. Tsariov Vania Kudriyash – Dikoy’s clerk – M.I. Zharov Sojuzfilm, Leningrad film factory, 1933 GROZA
(The Thunderstorm) They’re coming! They’re coming! # Come, come with me # from Lebanon, my bride # Come, come with me # from Lebanon, my bride # Come, come, my… Look! Look! Such a beauty. an orphan, they say… And he’s such a hero. Seems to be a rich merchant. Not a bit! His mother manages the business. He has nothing. In all his business deals he only acts on her behalf. Yekaterina, the servant of God, is being wedded… to the servant of God, Tikhon In the name of the Father, and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. # Amen. # …obey each other # in the fear of God. # wifes to their husbands… Dikoy Saviel Prokofievitch, he gave a dowry of 30.000! A real benefactor, you may say. Such luck for to the Kabanovs. They had only one hope – a dowry. # …love your wife # like yourself. # And a wife # must fear # her husband Why do you pester me? Why do you pester me? What the hell! Gorko! (Bitter) Gorko! gorko! gorko! Why do you… Gorko! Gorko! No, little mother, no. – He will cheat you with the dowry, he will!
– No, no. I know him, he would cheat his own father. He’s not that kind of man. Don’t bother him now, he’s totally drunk. Have them take the dishes away,
or something will happen. Don’t come near me! I’ll kill you! I’ll strike you dead! Step aside! Please, step aside! # Katerinushka # was crying, crying # Katerinushka was crying must congratulate… congratulate drink, drink to my health. congra… Love and consent! Happiness! We wish you happiness! May God grant you to lie down in bed as two,
but to rise as three. [conceive a child] May the first night… bring you a son… and a daughter. Do you know how I lived at my mother’s place? I used to get up early. In summer, I’d go to the spring, bathe, and bring back some water, and water all the flowers in the house. I had many, many flower pots. How I loved being in church. It was like stepping into Paradise… I saw no one… and had no thought of time… I didn’t hear it when the service was over. It was just as if it were all in one second. Mother used to say
that often everyone looked at me, wondering what had come over me. What dreams I used to have… What lovely dreams! Either golden temples or some wondrous gardens. and voices of unseen spirits singing, and a sweet scent of cypress and mountains and trees, not such as we always see, but as they are in the holy icons. And sometimes I seemed to be flying, Simply flying into the air. House of 2nd Guild Merchant’s widow,
Kabanova M.I. The end of the world is at hand, by every sign and token. It’s peace and paradise
still here in your town, but in other towns: the noise, the bustle,
the incessant traffic! The people keep running, one one way, and one another. There is peace and quietness
in this town, Marfa Ignatievna, because there are many people,
you for instance, adorned with virtues, as with flowers. That’s why everything is done
decorously and tranquilly. Oh, the dreariness. I have faded here with all the flowers. Listen, Katia, let’s go together to the Gostiny Dvor
(Merchand Yard) I woudn’t have asked you, only mother wouldn’t let me alone, and I must. Tell her that you need to buy a piece of fabric. I can’t deceive. Cannot conceal a thing. I wasn’t fond of lying either. De-lightful, my dear, de-lightful! …but I’ve learned the trick, when I had to. The merchant gentry are all a devout people, and famed for many a virtue! Our whole house rests on it. I am well content,
full to the brim of content! Welcome please. Hot ginger pies, very low price! Welcome please. SHOP of 1st Guild Merchant S.P. Dikoy Vitka, bring a chair, quickly! What would you like, you honour? Sit down please, sit down… You need to measure it better. Stretch it, stretch! It won’t be us who will wear it afterwards. Vitka! Please, please. You are welcome. Come here, buy something from us. Hot ginger pies, very low price! Please be welcome. Sit down here. – Would you like me to wrap it up?
– Yes, Wrap it. First class patterns. Flowers, flowers. Meet me beyond the hollow tonight. Oh well… Your Worship, take it. Only for you, truly,
I’m selling it at a loss. Anything else? Hmm-yes. She’s hot! You, Kudriash, are crazy about girls. Oh well… I’d get about 5.000 from her as dowry… and her into the bargain. My most humble thanks. Then I could become a shopkeeper myself. # And, ending his dream… # He fixes his eyes upon the fire. # And with the quiet voice of his mind # he tells himself this: # And with the quiet voice of his mind # he tells himself this: # Fortune’s playing with a man. # She’s always so inconsistant # Now she raises you high. # Now she throws you into the abyss. # Now she raises you high. # Now she throws you into the abyss. Here he comes! Our parents brought us up well. They sent me to the Commercial Academy, and my sister to a boarding school, but they both died suddenly of cholera. I was left an orphan. Then I heard that our grandmother had died here, and had left a will and that you were to pay us a fair share. Then you must be properly respectful to me. Well, you’re going to live with me, and do what you’re told, and your pay shall be what I give you. Grandfather, however, could you… Maybe, I shall be so disposed… as to give you a million. How’re the sales going? You’re selling, selling, but all for nothing. – But mother, it’s time to go for the sales.
– I know! You’ll go when I say. A good merchant… can sell even rotten goods for a good price. Why don’t you eat? If mother does at times say a word that hurts your pride surely you might put up with it! – When have I ever not put up with anything?
– Ever since… …you were married,
I don’t get the same love from you. Maybe it’s your wife who sets you against me… I can’t say. Mother, you are unfair to me. You might hold your tongue, I should think. I’m not asking you. Why do you butt in? Here she pouts again! What a stuck-up thing she is! But remember sweety,
did we get a big dowry for you? 30.000 were promised,
but what was given? But mother, it’s not her fault! You don’t have to defend her!
I’m not going to hurt her, no fear! I’ve seen plain enough for quite some time now… that your wife is dearer to you than your own mother. Is she planning to become the mistress? We never dare to think such a thing, mother. Well, you’ve only to wait a bit, you’ll have it all your own way when I’m dead and gone. But for now, everything will be as I say. My money – my will. But mother, by God, I don’t want to live my own way, I… Fool. Thank you Jesus Christ, for bestowing on me your earthly blessings. Don’t deprive me of your Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. There, you see! It’s all because of you! I’m completely torn between the two of you! I wish I were dead. I whish I could go away from here. Where would you go? You’re your husband’s wife. Varia, you don’t know my temper. If I am too miserable here, no force on earth would keep me. I would throw myself out of the window, I would drown myself in the Volga. If I don’t want to live here,
then I won’t, even if they cut me to pieces! You are really a strange creature. God bless you! # Why are you afraid of caresses, # my dear? # Look into my eyes, # kiss me. # I don’t need much, # my dear. # Three or four… # looks from your eyes… # and I will be happy. It’s a hard case, sir! You must try… and be obliging to him somehow. Well, I’m going out on a spree. # Hey you, Volga river, # you Volga-mother. # You’re overflowing so wide, Volga. Katia! Katia. Katia, you’re not angry with me? No. Come, forgive me. I’m going home. Tomorrow you’ll go for the sales. Diligent defender, Mother of God. Burdened with many sins, I’m praying to you with a broken heart. Diligent defender, Mother of God. Burdened with many sins, I’m praying… Tisha, my dear one, no one shall ever take your place! I can’t make you out, Katia! Often there’s no getting a word out of you, to say nothing of a caress, and now you come snuggling up to me of your own accord. Glashka! Bring me a stone from the yard. Search for a big one, and smooth. Listen… Kudriash, could I speak to you, heart-to-heart? You wouldn’t gossip? You needn’t be afraid of that! I know nothing of… …your habits and ways of doing things here. but the fact is that… You’re in love with somebody? Oh well, that’s all right. We’re free enough in that way. Find a girl to your liking and take her out for a walk. But don’t get mixed up with girls belonging to other men! Or the fellow will break your legs. # ??? (lyrics) Katia! What is the matter with you? Ah Varia, there is sin upon my soul! I can’t free myself from that sin. I can’t escape. And it’s your bad luck that I know you so well. I noticed some time ago… that you were fond of someone. Well, of whom then? Tell me… Tell me his name! Boris Grigorievitch. It’s true. Calm down. Tomorrow my brother will leave. We’ll ask mother to let us sleep
in the garden at the summerhouse. We’ll arrange everything. I went for a walk, and I saw him. He looks so sad and unhappy… Don’t speak to me of him. Don’t speak of him, I don’t want to think of him. Allright, don’t think then. No one compels you to. Do you suppose I want to think of him? But what can I do,
when I can’t get him out of my mind? I try to get a hold on myself… …and I can’t. Why wear yourself out for nothing? Do you suppose they’ll be sorry for you? Come on, wait a bit. Here’s the key. There’s a little gate in the garden fence,
behind the raspberry bushes. If I see him, I shall tell him to come there. What for! what for! No! You’ll do as I have told you,
directly after you get there! Sit down, all of you! Bid farewell to your husband. What are you hanging on his neck for,
shameless hussy! It’s not a lover you’re parting from! He’s your husband – your head! Bow down at his feet! Give orders to your wife
how to live in your absence. Obey mother, Katia. Tell her not to be saucy to her mother-in-law. Don’t be saucy! Tell her not to stare out of window! Don’t look out of the window! Tell her not to stare at the young fellows
while you’re away. Don’t look at young men, Katia. Tisha, don’t go away! Take me, take me with you, away from here! What fun would it be to leave with you! As soon as I have a hope of escaping, you want to cling yourself to me. Tisha, my little pigeon, how I would love you, how I would cherish you, my dear one! Tikhon! Then make me take a vow… a dreadful vow…. that I shall not dare to speak with any outsider, nor see anyone, that I will not even dare to think of anyone but you. May I die impenitent if… Come here. Come here. Do you know the hollow behind the Kabanovs’ garden? Get off! Get off! You’ll go there a little later on. # Across the river, across the fast flowing river… Katerina Petrovna! How can I ever thank you… If you only knew, Katerina Petrovna, how much I love you! Why did you come? I am a wife, you know, I must live with my husband,
till I lie in the grave. And never could I clean myself from this sin, even if I prayed forever. That had been of your own free will. I have no will anymore. Your will is upon me now, don’t you see? Well, have you made friends? You might go and walk about a bit. This is our place…
where we have been sitting very often. # Why are you afraid of caresses, # my dear? # Look into my eyes, # kiss me. # Nobody sees us, # we are alone. # Clasp to my bosom, # and let’s swoon. # Across the river, across the fast flowing river… No one shall know of our love. Do you think I have no feeling for you? Don’t worry about me! I have come to you on my own. Since I haven’t been afraid to do wrong because you, would I to fear the judgment of other people? # ??? (lyrics?) Your beauty is extraordinary. This was a first-rate plan, getting out at the garden gate. It’s fine and convenient for us. # There lived one miserable youth, # Alone in this world, an orphan. # In the dead of a midnight # He always used to walk on the graveyards. # In the dead of a midnight # He always used to walk on the graveyards. # So he’s walking on the graveyards, # the clock strikes midnight far away. # A tombstone is shining in the distance # with grape-vines around the grave. # Oh, the day changed to night # a sickle moon appears # gipsy boy has taken the gipsy girl with him # away from our marquee # gipsy boy has taken the gipsy girl with him # away from our marquee # there’s a troika with three greys # waiting for me in the forest My money – my will! # In a clear starlit night … [???] my heart feels so sad … We didn’t expect him, but he’s here. # In the dead of a midnight # He always used to walk on the graveyards. Let God arise, and his enemies be scattered. # Oh my soul… # look at your… # sinful deeds… # and wonder… # how the earth holds you, and wouldn’t open up under your feet. # how the wild beasts wouldn’t eat you… # how the ever-burning sun still gives you light. # Stand! # Repent! # Stand! # Repent! # Stand! # Repent! Why do you torture yourself like this? I’ll talk to you at home. Why are you hiding? You won’t hide from God. One should live so as to be always ready for … But what particular sins has she committed, mother? She’s just afraid, it’s her character. How would you know? Maybe, while I was away… Katia, my girl, you’d better repent,
if you have been sinful in any way. You can’t have any secrets from me,
no, you naughty girl. I know all about it. My heart is torn! I can bear it no longer! Mother! Tikhon! I have sinned against God and against you! Did I not swear to you I would not set eyes on anyone! And do you know what I have done in my sinfulness? The first night I left the house…. And every night after that… – With whom?
– With whom? With Boris Grigorievitch. They say, in the old days they used to kill a woman for that. She ought to be thrown into Volga. It wouldn’t take much to kill her. She ought to be buried alive… so that she is rightly punished! What my wife has done to me, nothing could be worse than that. It wouldn’t be much to kill her for it. She won’t leave me. The only way to leave her husband – is through the coffin. And nowhere else. I might kill her in anger, like a dog. But mother says if we kill her, her sin is taken from her. So she must live, and suffer for her sin. What shall I do now? What have I to live for now? I would only want to see him. Are you going somewhere? Yes. My uncle is sending me to the Siberia stores. There’s nothing I can do, Katia. I must try and oblige him. Take me with you, away from here! It’s time for me to go, Katia. Farewell. Wait a second. Wait a second. Let me look at you for the last time. Well… that’s enough for me. Don’t… don’t. Enough. Farewell. The end. subtitles IDBoris & serdar202

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2 thoughts on “Thunderstorm (1934) movie

  1. Very good, and so different from many of the Soviet films of the era. The acting, especially of the three women, was superb, and some of the shots, especially when no one was talking, were excellent. Lots of nice little touches, such as the two ancient retainer women who always followed the mother around (watch them sharing supper from the same bowl). A film that deserves to be better known!

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