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(You, cheeky thief!) “The victory of a nation lies in the quality of
its spies rather than the power of its army” This was quoted by Chanakya,
the author of Arthashastra. He believed that fortune, women, power
and the will to seek revenge… these four can be used against anybody to
break them open and leak all the secrets. Had he been alive today, he would have
added a fifth to that list, the phone. That is why the government uses
tapping of phones as a weapon. If secrets can be secured… then the human mind won’t refrain
from showing their true colors. Hello? Detective Mr. Ganesh? Yeah speaking. I’m Thirumalai, your
father-in-law’s friend. Tell me, sir. My calls are being tapped. Sir, its not that
easy to tap calls. Few IT and IP agencies under
the Central government, then intelligence
department in the state… only they can tap calls. While on call, do you hear any
hissing noise in between words? No. Does your phone battery dry too quick? No sir. Does your phone heat up too much? No sir. Does it take a while to shut down? No. Then be happy. No one’s tapping your calls. Selvam, come in. The reason for assigning you with
the task of tapping VVIPs… is the trust we have in you. I understand, sir. You may overhear too
much of filthy stuff. Ignore them. Once you get hold of
what we require…. hold on to it and give me call. Yeah. This is a top secret. Even your eyes shouldn’t know
what your ears are eavesdropping. – Sir?
– Handed over the assignment to Selvam. Sir, he is trustworthy. Yet we don’t trust anybody. Keep an eye on him. Sir. Hand it over to nodal officers
at Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL. Yes sir. Sir, how about under 15? The poet has a unique taste. Judges these day are quite
afraid of conversing over calls. 5 years for a politician. 30 years for IAS
officers like us. No one can tap my phone. But how? ” Can we meet in
person and discuss?” Just like how I invited
you, I’ll invite everyone. Sounds good but… how do I handover the cash
without even making a call? Early morning, take the car… and park it by the lighthouse at the beach.
Leave the keys on. Order your driver to make a call
from this number to this one. No other calls should
be made from this. My guy will come there. He won’t utter a
word to your driver. He will start the car… and leave. By the way, which car? Don’t be so greedy. You are paying me 100 million. Can’t you spend a mere 0.55
million and buy a car for this? The trunk of a Swift
car would be apt. No need of the number plate. Red color should be fine. If the wads are of new 2000
notes, it would be easy to circulate. Ok. Dear nephew. He is my sister’s son. His arrival has got
me 100 million. Would you like to make him
your business partner? His arrival… is about to make me
lose 100 million. If you want I shall buy one
more car but then leave me alone. Ok. Leave it. Audi or BMW, get whichever
is your favorite. Partner… buy a new red color
Swift car and… bundle up 100 million
in the trunk. The order is to park it by the
lighthouse early morning. The car is here. Wait there. Our guy
will be there soon. Ok. The guy who was standing
there seemed familiar. He too works for our department. It’s for an operation. Yes, I understood that
from his looks too. Sir. You leave. Where will you stash it? At your house? Stashing 100 million at my house
will give me a heart attack. Then? This stuff is not
meant to be hidden… it’s meant to be dissolved. It will be divided into
wads of 0.1 million… and distributed
across 1000 shops. What if there is an emergency? This is an ever-flowing stream. Anywhere and any moment… you can suck it with a straw. Oh, you cheeky thief… Oh, you cheeky thief… He is one among us in the
crowd and in the race. He hides among us. And he acts innocent. But then, he will raise hell! Chief! The car is missing. Chief, PA had called.
Says the car is missing. He is a crackpot. The car arrived 10 minutes ago. I will sign the order and
send it by morning. Are you nuts? After such careful planning, the car has
gone missing. Obviously it’s an easy guess. The higher authorities have spied
on us using intelligence team. That’s why they
seized the car. Sir… Just 100 million right? Let it go. We can earn
it in the next deal. Now, shut up and
get me the file. Oh, you cheeky thief… Hides every information
and doesn’t play Judas. He keeps the secrets safe. And keeps it untraceable. But then, he will sell
it and make a fortune. Sir, a red-colored car is parked outside
our house and the key is in the ignition. The game is over. This is how Ganesh
Moorthy was trapped. In total, he spoke to 14 MLAs. Everything’s recorded. Vasanthi… I think I’ll be packing off
to Madurai tomorrow. Buy me some meat
roast from Konar mess. Ask him also to pack his bags. His arrival is proving fatal. I
lost 100 million and my post! Everyone’s collecting
their kickbacks. What’s your problem? Sir, I am honest. There are only two communities
in our department… One, Corrupt… and the other, ‘Honest Corrupt’ ‘Corrupt’ means doesn’t care
from where the kickbacks come. ‘Honest Corrupt’ means getting kickbacks
from secret sources. Sir, I’m indeed honest. Then you are the biggest thief. Given a chance… you will make a big loot.
Isn’t it? I am an ‘Honest Corrupt!’ “Minister Muthupandi sacked” Please don’t mind dear. Give me one second. Looks good, isn’t it? Just wait. Let me post it on Facebook. Posted. And now you may spoil it. Who is your husband?
Me or Facebook? Awww, did I pinch a
nerve there darling? You are my husband. Facebook is my boyfriend. So, did you dress up to
show off in Facebook? You jerk! What day is it today? Today, Oct 26th. What’s special today? A festival where Lord Murugan’s procession
is carried out in a golden chariot. Super! Super! Super? My friend Mathi says that… husbands have a good memory of
Vadivelu jokes and their movie names… but they always forget
their wives’ birthday. Shit! Hey, sorry! Sorry! Wish you a happy birthday. You are looking beautiful. So, lets not fight and… Am I looking beautiful? Do I look beautiful in a saree? Or in a churidhar? You would look even more
beautiful without both of them. Where are my parents? They left, asking both of us
to go out for dinner. They went to the temple. So… let’s have dinner here and… then go for dinner outside. Is there a five star
hotel on this route? I’m an honest police officer who
earns 37,000 per month, excluding PF. Wife of a police officer like me… should be happy with
a three star hotel. I should have married an
officer who accepts bribes. What happened? 256 likes in no time. You! Are you mad at me? No, I’m mad at the guy who invented
Facebook and earns in billions! You mean Mark Zukcerberg? Whatever! The whole world celebrates him. You are too old-fashioned, Mister! And you are too
advanced, Missus! Wait and watch, one day you will
regret why Facebook was invented. Calm down. Now, come on. Let’s go. Sir, the GM ordered me to
give you a separate space. Let me turn on the lights. Mathi! – Hi.
– Hi. Mathi! How come you are here? – Hi.
– Wow! You all are here. How? This is a real surprise. Your husband told us that your Facebook
friends’ presence would surprise you… and we got excited about the idea. It’s my best birthday. But then… how did you contact them? Thanks to your friend, Mathi. Thanks for keeping this secret. How could you afford all this? I did a small favor for
a mighty businessman. Well, that’s what
I was wondering. I thought you turned good and
started accepting bribes. Throw that away. Oh my god! Imported! This is Alagesan. Every month he starts a
new business and fails. Now, looking for an idea
for his 350th business. This is Sathish. An innocent. When his wife eloped, taking
away their children with her… he wasn’t upset with his wife. Instead, he consoles himself
by blaming the technology This is Maari. He joined the police force with me… and at a point… he quit the force realizing that there
is no place for honest people in police. Where did you get it from? I did a small favor for
a mighty business man. That’s it. I never kept any secrets
from my friends. But now I am. That too… since I started
eavesdropping on humans. No one’s trustworthy. The minister who
got sacked today; your department has a
hand in it, right? It’s high-level dealing. Got nothing to do with us. Aren’t you tapping
the phones or not? At least share
those experiences. That’s the real drug. Eavesdropping… stinks real bad! Every VIP has a face
outside and inside. The whole world is… living in double standards. When did you start? Whoa! It’s not for me. It’s for my brother. He spoiled him! Look at him waiting
outside and yearning. Truth be told… Try eavesdropping
on ourselves and… still it will stink real bad. Try recording your conversations
and listen to it… the heart will
think something… and the lips will
speak something else. Try eavesdropping on us. Or on your parents. In fact try
eavesdropping on your wife. You will realize how
everyone is multifaceted. Why do you wanna create a
mess in a happy family? I’m a happy, happy
girl with a smiley. I am a smiley, smiley
girl, very happy. Put a smiley. Make a smiley. Come on, let’s speak the
language of Smileys. Here I am, changing smileys
according to your touch and kiss. Cute smile with
cute little eyes… that’s me; a cute
little smiley for you. I’m a happy, happy
girl with a smiley. I am smiley, smiley
girl very happy. So open your heart and smile. And Smiley is the way to do it! So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! Come on, let’s speak the
language of Smileys. Here I am, the smiley
to your touch and kiss. Cute smile with
cute little eyes… that’s me; a cute
little smiley for you. The sweet little anger and
those little delays… will change into happy
times if you wear a Smiley. Everyday begins with a smile Smiley. Even the Sunrise is
a Smiley in a way. I just can’t get enough of this. I am mad about Smileys. So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! Put a smiley. Make a smiley. I am an ever-changing Smiley
that is forever yours. You are THE one for me and
you are my everything. A life with you is
full of Smileys. That smile at the
corner of your lips… is a smile; that’s me. Love me or hate me; I am
always crazy about Smileys. So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! So, come on. Let’s hit it! Hustle up! Let’s hit it! Sir? Selvam, an urgent work.
Go to the office. Track that ‘Black’ sheep. I need the information about where he
is right now and with whom, right away. Ok sir. I did warn you when
we were dating. This is what a policeman’s
job is all about. You will hug me tight
and won’t let me go. Get lost. Sir, his cell phone is switched off. Wait till dawn and see. Can I speak to sir? He is not home. Marimuthu here, can
I speak to sir? He is not home. Hi ma’am. I keep attending all the calls in
this line expecting your call! Why speak here? Call me on Whatsapp. The signal is weak ma’am. Do you want to talk or not? Let’s talk. Speak! So, where is he? Why? So that I can schedule
how long we can talk. Speak until dawn. 3 of them arrived from
Delhi to meet him. We have another guesthouse at
Mahalbalipuram, in my name. Mangaiamma guesthouse? How did you guess
that so correctly? I, myself call you
“Ma’am” out of love. Your husband must
call you ‘Mangaiamma’… Sir ‘Mangaiamma’ guesthouse
near Mahabalipuram. Indeed from Delhi. Your husband must call you
‘Mangaiamma’, just a wild guess. You are just nailing it! This witty speech of yours
is what I am awake for. Talk as much as you want. He will anyway come back drunk. He will just come and
crash on the bed. This is how God does mismatches
and kills the romance. Yesterday, I wore a beautiful
saree and asked him how I looked. He said ‘Super.’ I quickly blindfolded him with my hands
and asked the color of the saree. He was clueless. We got married and had
a child together. And that was the end of romance. Now? He is always behind
money, fame and recognition. Half of them don’t even know the
difference between romance and that. They don’t even know
what romance is. Sleeping next to each other and gently
breathing warm air into the ear… then talking and sharing a laugh… but my husband jumps
into the act right away. You know what? I have started wearing sarees
based on your likes in Facebook. Ma’am…. no matter what you wear and what
you talk, I still like you. Really? Even if you count numbers… I will enjoy it as if it
were Illayaraja’s music. I might just do it, watch out. Please… – One.
– Ah ha! – Two.
– Awesome. – Three.
– Superb! Four… Come on, even I’m getting bored! Why did you stop the music? Whoa! You mesmerize me. Your beauty is what makes me
speak such beautiful words. I’m a mother of a grownup girl. So what if you have
a grownup girl? Does that push the mother
to become a saint. Celebrate God’s gift. I feel like I keep getting
younger when I talk to you. These days, I keep wearing new sarees
and post it on FB to impress you. Tell me the truth, Hello? Am I your only friend… or do you have many
friends like me? Shall I tell you the truth? There are lots better than me who
indulge in these kinds of activities. The show called ‘Ilamai
Rajan’ in H TV? You will be shocked to hear
what all happens there. If the girl is beautiful, then she will
have to rehearse for 5 days extra. Unbelievable right? Stay on the line. Let me connect a conference call with a
friend of mine who had such an experience. Hello. What’s up at this odd hour? The repeat show of your program. I just watched it on H TV. Awesome closeups. Only after meeting that jerk in
person, I had so many close ups. Unbelievable right? I’ll make you hear it from his mouth
tomorrow in a conference call. Shall I go back to sleep? Ok dear. You go back to sleep. Ok baby. Take care. I thought such things existed
only in the cinema field. Even in television? They don’t even know
what romance is. Sleeping next to each other and gently
breathing warm air into the ear… then talking and sharing a laugh… Stop it! What was that? Playing with my face like a dog. Just like that. Romance. When you have a direct
bus to your destination… why do you want to jump buses
and take longer routes? Slow down! Sir! Sit down. It’s ok sir. Sit. Midnight operation success. The higher authorities
have appreciated. Thank you sir. Both of them are I.G. Gopalasamy and Milton. Sir… Yes, he is my batch mate. After 7 years, he will be
entitled for the DGP post and… already the work is underway to
make sure he doesn’t get it. The focus is on everything
else except police duties. All the details about whom they are talking
to, when, where and what must be recorded. Sir… principal secretary permission? That is only if you
need more than 15 days. We can manipulate it as names
of friends, relatives, etc. But it should go without my approval. Sir… everyone here are
intimidated by you. Just give me an intro and
I’ll take care of the rest. – It’s already taken care of.
– Thank you sir. – Selvam.
– Sir? Make sure nothing gets leaked. Then I won’t be in the
post to save you. Got it sir. D.I.G. has asked me to
keep him in the loop. Forget that useless fellow.
Report directly to me. Everyone knows that
you are my pet. Thank you sir. Sir! Hey. Just came this side. What’s with the formalities between
batch mates. We are friends. You sit in a very
powerful position, so it’s better to pay
you a visit often. Sit. What’s your name? Selvam. He was the camp inspector
when I was the IG in Madurai. Thank you sir. Looks like the promotion
list is getting ready. The signal is weak ma’am. Do you want to talk or not? Try eavesdropping
on ourselves and… still it will stink real bad. Oh, you cheeky thief… Oh, you cheeky thief… What’s your name in
Truecaller app, buddy? Mangaikarasi? Oh! A SIM in your
” madam’s” name? Oh you cheeky thief… Oh you cheeky thief… What happened? Someone’s conversation
running in your mind? Watch out. Don’t go retard. Now, eat. You guys are a couple, who have
been apart for four years. And now you guys will
re-unite in this show. Can you cry? Why are you laughing?
I said cry! – Sir, sir, I can’t try.
– Mahesh, send her out if it’s not working. Why are you wasting time? She looks… good. Then ask her if the offering
can be done today itself. She wants to know
what is an offering. Don’t we make offerings to God
for our dreams to come to true. Tell her it’s like that. She looks good. Then ask her if the offering
can be done today itself. Cheeky thief! Could it be any of the victims? We will skin them alive,
no matter who it is. What’s going on here? Even if a single audio leaks… then we will have to
shut down for good. What’s happening Maney? Hello sir… Please… How will I run the channel
if I let everyone go? Don’t we avoid the rubbish that
we see while walking on the road? If you don’t like it then just walk out. Did you trace this number? Hello? Isn’t the voice
quality really good? Who are you? Don’t you mess with the media. I won’t spare you! Listen… your opponent channel will
take care of saving me. That is, if I hand them
all the audio clips. The offer I have is 120 million. 20 million discount for you. There is no time to think. Deal? Or no? Say yes! Yes. Where do we hand it over? Hello… the candy colored… new 2000 bills. Bundle it up and… I guess that will be just fine. Buy a new Swift car… and place it in the trunk. Park it at the OMR AGS
Cinema entrance. Exactly in 5 minutes, you will receive all
the hard drives. What’s the guarantee? It’s not like you are buying TV at
Vasanth and Co. to offer a guarantee. Your rival channel is
waiting with the money. No. No. We trust you. Do you see the entrance? Yes sir. Leave the keys on and get down. Get the camera ready. Someone must be here to
pick up the car, isn’t it? Even a tiny footage would suffice and… then see what I do to him. Check that. Sir! Sir! Sir! The police is towing the car away. Shut up. There is money inside it. I know this area’s S.I very well.
I’ll deal this. Ok sir. Sir, it’s me, Maney. Greetings boss. Sir, a friend of mine had parked his
new car at AGS theater’s entrance. Your men towed it away. Ye sir, tell me. All the towing trucks are here.
None of them have gone out. Sir, courier. Shadow leaks… He calls it ‘Shadow leaks’ Oh you cheeky thief… All together, have we
all spoke this much? Who fixed the
camera in our room? Sir, that’s our rival
channel’s coverage. The audio clips leaked in the
name of ‘Shadow leaks’… has shocked the people
and made them furious. According to Supreme court, tapping phones and
eavesdropping and invading privacy is an offense. Do you think such leaks
should be encouraged. Sir! Today, journalism is
on the brink of extinction. Such leaks are what keep the
journalism alive and kicking. Only a faceless man
can expose the truth. Within 24 hours, my life has gone upside down. On an average, 40 people wait
outside my door to meet me. But today… I’m hiding inside my house with the fear
that if I step out I’ll be killed. My wife and kids left me. I don’t care about the
100 million I lost. But he must be finished off. If finishing off is
the only option… then I have 100 methods to do it
without leaving a trace. But before that,
I have a few questions. How many of them
were you linked to? What kind of question is this?
I don’t get it. How many of them did you
have an affair with? I get it now. Set him ablaze to death and
yet he won’t change. 20 -25. But none of the ladies
have a hand in this. It’s a man who is behind this. He isn’t a normal guy like you think. The numbers he used
were virtual numbers. Call back and… it will track back
to foreign websites. It’s not a ghost
who spoke to me, it is a man. Nab him. Ji, this is your car but
then not yours. It’s registered in my name. Tell me anytime you need it
and it shall be your car, Smooth like a flower! I am ‘Honest corrupt.’ Ji? Every single human being
wants to be corrupted. Then how will the
society be clean? Ji… My aim is to earn 500
million before I retire. But at this pace… looks like I’ll achieve
it in 3 months. Don’t worry, we shall
dissolve it all. Do you know what is the most
cruel thing in this world? The sight of owner’s envying their
Benami (proxy) enjoying their wealth. Enjoy! Ji… this is your house
but then not yours. Remember I told you that I did a small
favor for a mighty businessman? This is his house. He asked me to pay 1000 bucks
rent as formality and stay here. No, please. We go to bed and rise
with our peace intact. Let’s be happy
with what we have. If God wanted us to have
a luxurious life… then wouldn’t we have been
born in a rich family? Fine. Can we visit here often? Like a guest house? – Ok.
– Yes! So specifically you
prefer a married woman? Not exactly. There are many benefits
with married ones. How? Three reasons. #1. They won’t insist
on getting married. #2. Married women are the
subsidiary bank at home. So, money is available at anytime. But you have never
asked me money. Won’t you spare if I ask? Anything you quote. Shall I do a tele-transfer now? Then? What’s the 3rd point? Listening to stories. The episodes of few
husbands are very funny. Where is your husband? Bangkok. Business? Oh come on. Stop it now. We very well know
what goes on there. What’s the time? “11” Cut the call. I shall call you back. I shall call you later. Hang up. I shall call you later. Hang up. Your parents went to
your sister’s house. I’m off to the market. The door is open. (Karaikudi) Sir, the delivery guy leaves the
newspaper at our doorstep everyday. You don’t seem to
be concerned at all. Are you one of those who buy
newspaper just to show off? Don’t you smile? Yeah right! Looks good! Your looks are etched in my mind. Your words are
etched in my heart. Excuse me. So, you aren’t house
owner’s daughter? So, you too are a
tenant, just like me? It took you a week to find this out? And you call yourself a cop! I am not the same anymore;
you are the reason. Let’s go. Nice and slow, you filled
me up with your love. You came in as a
sweet surprise. So what if he has a
beautiful sister? You think I’ll beat them
up and file a case? It’s your fault. Go apologize. I like him. Listen, don’t fall in love with him. Then I’ll have to
break you guys up. Shut up! Pleasure, warmth, music, languages, dewdrops, rains, the cool climate and
moon; you make me enjoy all of them. Scorching heat, breeze, wind, shade… struggles, difficulties and this never-ending
sweet pain; you make me feel them too. So, what do you do? I finished my studies. Now,
waiting to get married. Will you marry me? You? You hardly smile or laugh. What would I do with
a husband like you? Don’t you fade away like
the shadow, my dear. My eyes always look for you; don’t
you hide behind the clouds. Aren’t you an honest officer? Here are my papers. Shall I find you a groom? My dad himself failed to find
a groom for me in this place. Why? What was your condition? I said after marriage I will treat
my husband the way I treat my friends. All the grooms who
came, ran away. Oh my dear deity… please grant me my wish. Love, dream and wishes… everything seems to be
granted; the reason is you. Loneliness, desperation, yearning
and pain; the reason is you Excuse me. You keep asking me to
smile and laugh… but now why do you look dull? Heard that you are transferred
to the neighboring town? Straight trees are cut first. This is the 4th transfer this year. Now, smile please. Yeah right! Looks nice. How about I find you a groom
in the neighboring town? I understood you very well. Your father is looking for a groom. But you want a friend. Every morning I shall be waiting at your
doorstep like a blossomed flower. Every night I shall be the candle
that brightens the place around you. You came in as a
sweet surprise. Your looks are etched in my mind. Your words are
etched in my heart. Looks like he is waiting
to bid you goodbye. I’ll finish you off! How dare you? Sir, a girl has been waiting
outside the station for long. Your looks are etched in my mind. Your words are
etched in my heart. I am not the same anymore;
you are the reason. Nice and slow, you filled
me up with your love. You came in as a
sweet surprise. My mind is disturbed. If it doesn’t get disturbed… then it means life is boring. I have a friend, a D.S.P. Looks like his wife is talking
to someone else over the phone. He says he wants to be frank
and ask her about it. He wants my opinion. Go tell him… It is because of being
frank like that… my life got ruined. Ladies would think that “He doubts
me when it’s not true, what if it’s true?” Imagine how their mind
will play tricks. Especially if the woman
is not guilty… they won’t waste any time
and hang themselves to death. Every time I call you… you pick it up at the 10th ring. Now, you rush and pick the
call at the 1st ring itself. Why so? What’s with you? What’s with the confrontation? Who is he? Why do you care? My boyfriend. What can you do? I’m not talking about today. The guy who called you
up at 11 yesterday… and you told him that you
shall call back later. Who is he? Did you eavesdrop? From this very minute, we
are not husband and wife. That too… it happened at 11 and… you kept it a secret till now and
acted like nothing’s wrong. It’s a shame to have been in
love with you for 4 years. It’s a shame to have been
your wife for 11 months. I can’t live with a
husband who eavesdrop! Bye. Mom? Yes mom. Yes. He just arrived. Why didn’t you go to bed yet? Ok, go to bed. I’ll talk to you in the morning. Sir, the SIM in the name of
Mangaikarasi remains switched off. Hence, couldn’t track it’s location. It was last activated at tower #24. – Which station limit does it fall under?
– Nungambakkam. Pizza Hut. One veg large pizza. Olives, capsicum
and less cheese. Thin crust. Please wait sir. Let me
confirm your address. No. 15, Valluvar Koil
Street, Nungambakkam. Yeah correct. Why so late? Too many orders sir. You! Why are you still here? Sir, you paid extra 100 bucks. Fine. Leave. Well, that’s what
I was wondering. I got worried if my brain
cells started get weaker. That boy just left returned
me the extra 100 bucks. Poor guy. Forget it. They rob so many
people of their money. Answer me. I’m hungry. Let me eat. Come, let’s get married. I don’t like that game. Will you marry me or not? Stop kidding. I’m serious. Stop kidding. So did you lie to me? You are indeed kidding. Don’t mess with me. If I make up my mind,
I will make you mine. Nice joke. There, I laughed. What will make you believe
that I am serious about it? You are kidding for real. Then why should I live? Watch this. Live. Stop kidding and get down. This ain’t a joke. I’m serious. Will you marry me or not? The funniest of all
jokes in this world… is marriage! Get lost! Keeps torturing me everyday,
asking me to marry her. Hello sir. Please be seated. And she is? My assistant. Can you please wait outside? Very high profile cyber crime. I want his complete history. Very urgent. Whatever is your usual charges, double it up. I’ll do it for free, sir. I need your help
to crack a case. Which case? H TV. Are you asking if
we are involved? Nope. Just that if you
got any information… Who approached you? Maney? This is where I’ll be purchasing the
second hand machines for my lab. Everything is set. Ok but… try inventing medicines by
mixing Ayurveda and Alopathy. Is it?
MAZE HDReleaseIn future that
will be in demand. When will the liver
donation happen? 31 of them has to die for that. You are number 32 in the list. Stop torturing me every week. At least tell me how long it will take. Pray to God that 31 people
die as soon as possible. Leave. Can I get his number? Don’t you understand? Buddy, it’s gonna cost me a little more. Your honesty is well respected. He didn’t ask me for a single document.
He just paid me 0.5 million. It’s ok. Buddy, could this be Selvam’s money? Maybe he is giving it to me through
Sait so he can get it back on time? Where did he get
so much money from? That’s what even I don’t get. It’s going to be 11 months
since his marriage. Your brother still wants
me to cook the fish gravy. As a result of cleaning the
fish, my hands are aching. Come dear. I made your favorite fish gravy.
I cleaned the fish myself. Go have it. He won’t prosper. When is he going to earn if not now?
After retirement? Most of them own 5 houses in the city. Obviously, you will be well respected
in the department if you are honest. I step out of the house and it feels
great when people talk about my son. How’s your best friend doing? Well, he is doing ok. Shouldn’t I have left? I told you… You encouraged me to live
my life with whom I like. Don’t make a U turn. More than killing or
committing suicide, once you lose interest
in marriage… it’s better to separate and live.
That’s all I said. I hope I didn’t guide you wrongly. 2 faces, 3 faces, 4, 5 and 6 faces. 7 tones and 8 lives is
what we all are living. When nothing is hidden and
everything is revealed…. then you can’t find any
honest and genuine person. Hello? Hi Agalma. Which bank? Oh! Your husband’s already home? We don’t need any loan. Hang up. Hang up and I will keep
calling you repeatedly. What loan is it? Give me a short description. The photos you sent me
with different Bindis… I aligned them in a
single frame and… you look like a rainbow. No, we don’t need property
loan, gold loan or any loan. Did you remove the wall paintings
because you are furious with me? Your interest rates
are unaffordable. Hang up. Please. You are the lamp that came
to brighten up my life. I pity you. Call me after your husband leaves. Thanks. Why don’t you say just
no and cut the call? We receive at least 2
marketing calls like this. They plead and make
us take the loan… then later chase them when they
run away without repaying. Hello? Hi Agalma. Which bank? Oh! Your husband’s already home? We don’t need any loan. Hang up. Hang up and I will keep
calling you repeatedly. What loan is it? Give me
a short description. The photos you sent me
with different Bindis… I aligned them in a
single frame and… you look like a rainbow. Name: Balakrishnan. Facebook name: Balki. Computer engineer. College topper. Supposed to be working
in Microsoft or IBM. Supposed to be owning
0.2 million shares. But instead he is stalking
women, via internet. This is a kind of mental disorder. Just like liquor and cigarette. He gets high on trapping
girls via internet. He has a unique technique. He reads the girl’s profile. Then sends a request. As soon as they accept… he will go quiet. Slow and steady, he reads all their posts
dating back to two years. Which hero’s movie they don’t miss to
watch on the first day first show. Favorite lyrics and favorite song
of their favorite music directors. Which flower’s
fragrance they like. He studies about everything
that interests them. If a girl likes the Mona Lisa painting… he will study the complete history
behind it and post about it. “Whoa! Someone like us!” They will start liking his posts. The repeated likes by
them on his post… shows how deeply he
has studied them. His dad is a retired CMD
in a famous oil company. He lives in a bungalow that was
built from alternate income. Like Aurangzeb, he chased away
his father out of the house. He doesn’t seem to have
any permanent income. But I realized something when
I monitored his account. Every week 0.3 – 0.4 million
gets deposited in his account. Important thing to be noted. In 3 suicide cases… police had doubted him. It had led up to an inquiry… but as there was no
evidence, he was set free. Here is the complete detail. Ok. We shall take it from here. Yeah. Clever and witty, sir. He showed no emotion at all. He did. I cracked it. The details are not
for the government. It’s for personal use. How do you say? Government never
pays up this quick! Hello? Mathi? Why have you called
up at this odd hour? I want to meet you. Its urgent. Where are you? I’m in Madurai, at my husband’s house.
I’ll be back in 3 days. What is it? Fine. – Once you reach…
– You sound dull. What happened? Well, just like that, it started as a friendship. On Facebook? Don’t you know… that I get a kick out of
likes on my Facebook posts. Which is why… I accept all the friend requests
without a second thought. He often tells me that… “All that you blush and talk with the
people you interact in real life…” “is volatile and never stays.” “But this is a computer…” “it records all your
blushes and conversations.” “So be careful.” And so a request that I accepted… has turned my life upside down. And I never expected it Mathi. What exactly happened? You know I love English novels. Selvam hardly knows English. I had posted a photo of my
favorite novel’s cover page. The 5th minute, a beautiful line from
the 19th page, he commented that. “There are moments when I wish I
could roll back the clock…” “and take all the sadness away.” “But then I have a
feeling if I did…” “the joy will be gone as well” I thought “Whoa! Who is this, just like me?” And I liked his comment. That’s where I fell in his trap. I like to enjoy the rain
as I relish my coffee. I had put that up in a post long back. He… posted a photo where he was drinking
his coffee and enjoying the rain. We kept liking each other’s posts. One day, I hope you know the condition
of government quarters. I started to look out for reference
painting to put on the shoddy walls. I posted it on Facebook followed
by an “anybody there?” He sent me references and said
“Look at this” and seeing that… I was awestruck. I wished I had a bigger house
to put up all those pictures. Those pictures were that wonderful. Where do you get all these from? My boyfriend. I love your taste. Really? No one would believe this is
a police inspector’s house. Selvam rarely appreciated
me after our marriage. I had this new-found respect for this fellow
for getting Selvam to appreciate me. Why haven’t you posted
anything today? No mood please. If I don’t see a post
from you everyday… my day just doesn’t brighten up. Uh-oh. Thinking what I should cook for
my husband isn’t a big deal…. but this daily post
is pressurizing me. Please. One post. A small flower, an eggplant, something, anything. Do you have a broomstick in your house? A broom? Yes. Just take out a single stick from it. Place it on the table and click a photo. Just post it. The stick, to the woman… The stick, to the woman… Every time there is dust in the house… I jump in excitement… because you are
about to hold me. Wow. Do you like only black bindis? Have you never tried color bindis? So, once is while I try a
different colored bindi and… post photos. One day, he aligned them all and… captioned it VIBGYOR. That was the first time after marriage
I started enjoying my beauty. Many a day I have done my chores
in kitchen with the laptop on. I will finish cooking and give you a call. Do you know the recipe
for Kerala Kadala curry? Nope. Would you like to try my recipe? Your husband will be awestruck. Seriously? Take a vessel. A bigger one. Curry leaves, some cumin seeds, some cinnamon. The cinnamon is what
gives the Kerala flavor. Super! Come closer and say that. Super! Show me the gravy. How can you smell it through the computer? Isn’t this how offerings
are done to God? The God accepts it, isn’t it? Super. Not because this
is my recipe… but because you made it. Thanks. Super. Did you prepare it? You keep bitching on Facebook right?
Got the recipe from it. Long live Mark Zuckerberg. He spoke like a decent friend. I told him to come home so that
I could introduce my husband. How does your house look? It’s a small house. Probably if he was an SP, they
would have given a bigger house. This is my house. It is really a big house
you got there. Now, show me your house. Oh my god. Paintings that I suggested;
you’ve placed them really well. Nice, no? Is that the bathroom? It’s very small. But the biggest government
quarters available. Come on. Your bathroom is empty. What could be done? It can be filled with
beautiful things. How? Wait. Sir, parcel. We didn’t order anything. Ma’am the booking
address is yours. The bill has been already paid. What is it? Tuberose room spray. Just a minute. Show that. Mom, it was me who ordered it. I totally forgot about it. Tuberose room spray? Where did you get it from? Suspense. Hello. Do not open it. Take it to the bathroom and… then open the cover, switch on the
button and place it on the stand. It’ll spray. We don’t have to fill up the
spaces around us with objects… we can fill it up with our
favorite fragrance too. We can fill it up with memories. We can fill it up with
our favorite people. Insect, mother-in-law. Mother-in-law? When I felt his
presence in bathroom… it shook me a lot. You must have blocked him right away. I did. That’s where the problem started. Hello? Hi Agalma. I’ll slap you! Stop addressing me
like I’m your wife. There is a famous saying that gifting
a kerchief breaks up a friendship. So does a room freshener? Hello! Why did you block me? I don’t like you. You can’t block me
so easily, Agalma. Hang up you cheap thief! Cheap thief? Then guess I must steal and eat.
Isn’t it? Login to Facebook and
accept my request again! Or else what? Check your Whatsapp message. I am going to post this. Your husband surely knows that
kiss from you was not for him. Then whom was it for? I accepted your request. Not enough. What else do you need? I want you. Are you a fool? Your husband is a police officer! Just
tell him and he will bust him up. Instead you are crying
about it to me? Trusting that he is a good
friend, I have shared a lot of personal things
that happened between me and Selvam. He has recorded everything. He threatens to leak
them one by one. I won’t be alive the minute my
husband finds out about it. Shall I try talking to your husband? No. No. Please. Please don’t tell this to him. The rest of my life will
also turn into a hell. After that, everytime
I use the mobile… he won’t look at
me the same way. Already, I’m unable to look
into his eyes and talk. I thought of approaching the cyber
crime without his knowledge. But even by chance… if they find out I’m a
police officer’s wife… then that’s it. They will spread it all
over on their wireless. The whole quarters will say that I too
have a part in letting him come so close. Instead of embarrassing my husband
like this I would rather die. Forget it. Let’s try putting an end to this
without your husband’s knowledge. Just 3 days, try to manage him until then. I will be back. Does Thiruvalluvar Koil Street,
Nungambakkam, come under your limits? Yes boss, what can I do for you? Just command and I shall execute it. He sets out exactly at 9:30 with his
laptop. As if he were going to office. 9:45 he arrives at the metro station. He catches the 10
am metro train… and gets down at K K Nagar. One by one, the girls he picks
up meets him at the coffee shop. He will spend time with
them until he gets bored. If it works out, he will go back with her. Hello sir. Hello. I know you. Aren’t you a student of
Loyola College 2002 batch? Yes. Your wedding took place at
Thirupuramkundram, right? I have seen your wedding photos. I am a Facebook friend
of your wife’s. I am not that active on Facebook. Where to? Is your office this way? No. No. I’m meeting someone at the
coffee shop in K K Nagar. Ok sir, bye. Comes here with the
intention of molesting! Press charges against him, sir! Sir, what are you doing here? All of you disperse. I said disperse. Disperse! I know him well. Don’t spoil his life by
pressing charges against him. Just give him a warning
and let him go. Hello Agalma? What do you want? I thought I’ll take
my time and meet you. But now I changed my mind. I want to meet you at once. I’m not what you think. Please stop it. I give you 24 hours. Come meet me, all alone. How much can you
arrange immediately? Greetings sir. You have changed a lot! After all those thrashing
from you, isn’t it obvious? That’s the value of
your thrashings. – Sir, sir.
– Have a seat. What is the matter, sir? It’s tough these days to finish off
a criminal by faking an encounter. Things like human rights
commission etc… So, that is why I had taken your help
to finish off the major ones. A cyber criminal, Come on sir, you want me
to murder someone for you? Life is very precious. Sir, it’s because you
spared my life back then… I am talking to you today. Every issue can be sorted out by
sitting down and talking. Try talking to him once. See you sir. Hello. Earlier, we used to chase
rogues on the streets. And now… internet rogues. Like you. Go to your house and
give it a good read. You may get killed any moment. I’m letting off the hook just because I don’t
want my wife to know that I know about this. So, get lost! Sir, you could have done this
negotiation before manhandling me. Sir, you know something? Before getting close to a woman… I thoroughly check her surroundings. I even study to what extent
the men in her house would go. Sir, when your wife posted… “A single star on shoulders…” “is better shining than
million stars on the sky” Sir, I thought you were
an honest officer. Sir, but the look that you gave me
when you made others manhandled me… that’s when I understood sir! That’s not the look of an honest man. I hacked your computer
that very night! I was shocked! Thousands of files! Voices and secrets of so many people. Sir, then after spending a good
time on your computer… you turn out to be
a cheeky thief! And… the money that you got, and the amount you handed
over to your Benami… why would someone keep a record
of this on their computer? Then about that H TV… you just nailed it, sir! Sir, if I leak that alone… your life will be ruined. So sir, what you
are gonna do is… I won’t obey you hereafter. You must obey me! You gave me a shock at
the railway station… but guess the shock I gave you
was even more sweet. Isn’t it? You didn’t give me a shock. Instead you are caught. If I send an SMS stating that you
hacked the department’s computer… then only your corpse
will return from here. When the secrets are caught, a person talks like
a braveheart. but the heart pleads for mercy. I can hear you pleading inside. It’s not new to you. You would have
threatened many of them. Now, your wife also doesn’t know
that you are here to meet me. You are locked from both the sides. Starting today, we both are friends. Like gangsters. Your guts and my brain, together… we can earn billions using the
secrets you have with you. Let’s share all happiness
and sorrow equally. Or else what? There is another easy way. What is it? Agal. Police! Sit down. Everytime I saw him with a different
girl, I knew this was on the cards. Delete the CCTV footage. To which court, boss? For what? So that you can
apply bail and drag the case? You are going straight to hell! Hello? Sir… How many times have I asked
you not to call me ‘Sir’? I’m an SI… how else do I address my senior? Call me fondly, call me a dumbo, or call me dear. Do you think I’ll mind? How about I call you
“my little darling”? This is just a sample audio
of the data I hacked. Sent by my pre-programmed computer. If I don’t lock it with a
password within 3 hours… then all the audio files in that
will be pumped to the media. Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! You stop! All the cyber crime
stories are fake. Government is using
Balki’s computer skills… to hack sensitive secrets. To blackmail him… they sought out our help. But… the scar on his nose… remains a mystery. The police who was once a friend… has turned foe. He must have crossed his limits. Who among the two will win? The good guy will win and
the bad guy will lose. What if both of them are bad guys? What’s up Agalma? I want to meet you, Agalma. Why so silent?
MAZE HDReleaseThis is your last warning. He says he wants to
meet me right away. Can you come to K K Nagar
coffee shop immediately? It will take 20 minutes.
Is that fine? That’s fine. Just come. Let’s make a final attempt. Let me go plead to him in person. He will empathize with me. But… I am afraid to go all by myself. You come with me. Wait in the rickshaw outside. If I don’t come out within 5 minutes
then scream and alert everyone. How about taking your brother along? What if he blabbers it while
boozing with my husband? He says he wants to
meet me right away. Can you come to K K Nagar
coffee shop immediately? Uh-oh! My husband’s calling. Don’t answer it. What if you babble everything in tension? Why are you switching it off? A lamp that has stepped into
my house to enlighten it, welcome. One more time you call me Agal or lamp… I’ll slap you! I am not here to beg. I am a policeman’s wife! I am here to warn you
for the final time. I haven’t told my
husband anything yet. If I just utter a word
about this to him… he will drag you away
and bust you up. It will take days for you
to stand up and walk again. I am afraid of the police, Agalma. Especially your husband
scares the jeepers out of me. It was you who told me that only the
cops in movies are bravehearts… in real life the cops
are nothing but timid. He will be scared of the media. He is afraid of the anonymous
neighbor who could expose him. He checks with five of his friends
before making a decision… because he can’t make
a decision of his own. And now, out of the blue, how
will the police become so brave? Don’t you near me! If you lay a finger on me… Didn’t you call me a cheap thief? Let me have some cheap
thrills for just once. Please. I shall keep it a secret. Please. Please. Pleading doesn’t suit
a policeman’s wife. Let go of me! Let go of me! Mathi! Agal! – Mathi!
– Open the door. Agal! Let go of me. Agal! Hello? Where are you? I’m heading home
after my shopping. Hello? Hello? The signal seems to be weak. Shall I call you
after reaching home? Ok. Whoa! Welcome sir. Welcome.
What brings you here? Please come. Have a seat. Have a seat. Greetings. He is my best friend and
so I had to oblige. You guys ratted me out. I am a nothing now.
What can I do? Oh! I was the one who
assigned him that post. Crazy fellow but
he will obey me. Consider it done. Sir, I have been wanting to ask you
this for a long time now. Go ahead. Wasn’t it you, who stole
that 100 million? What are you talking about? The money because of which
I lost my post. That one. No. No. You were fired from your post for having business
links with the opposite party’s minister. The police will never account for the bribe
they take nor will they speak the truth. Sir. An ex-minister claims that we took the
100 million that was stuffed in his car. – Did you come across something like that?
– I shall inquire, sir. Do not call me.
Wait for my call. Even if its an emergency. Ok ji. Some may bring up my name
while talking to you. You have never met anyone
named Selvam in your life. That’s it. Ji, why don’t you introduce
your wife or her brother to me? No need. More than them… I trust you. The traffic is stranded for a 10 km
stretch for the past 30 minutes. Only if it extends to 20 kms,
it will reflect how strong we are. Let’s stay clear off the
the road and discuss. You stay clear of this
and be a mute spectator? Listen, I plead you. Please. – No, we can’t move.
– No way. – What will you do?
– Charge! Hey! Sir. Why did you wield the
stick like a braveheart? The deceased belongs
to a strong community. Sir. If you could cancel my suspension… Give me 1 million. I shall write the
report in your favor. Sir, I am very honest. So, aren’t we honest? Sir, I can’t afford that much. Usually, on an average, an inspector… earns 10 per year… i.e., 10 million. Yet you can’t spare 1 million? Sir, stop acting. Are you asking me a loan just to
show off that you are honest? You say you are honest. How
will you return my money? Remember I told you
I know a Marawadi, it’s him. Helping out struggling officers is
what his business is all about. Do you want me to
sign any document? And what? use that
paper to wipe face? Trust is the base
of our business. Not just you… we also work on the basis of trust. So, I hope there won’t be
any pickup this month. In the department, greed
is what gets one caught. One who makes enough
and calms down… will escape. Put everything on hold for 6 months. Ok ji. Get down in the next stop. Hello? Do you need any loan, madam? It’s the same loan guy. No mom, this is my friend. You thought I’ll forget you if
you don’t login to Facebook? Once my husband returns today, I will plead
guilty to him and confess everything. I can’t take your
torture anymore. Please do it. If you find it tough… shall I do it for you? I used to torture you
to post always. For a change… I have posted something. Check your personal message and… let me know if you like it. Let me also forward it to your husband. He will love it. When I froze one
frame in that video… it appears like we both
are having a good time. Agalma… I am not your villain. I am your fan! I beg you… please leave me. Please! I spoke to her on Whatsapp app. Oh! Have you bugged
the entire house? If you call one more time… I will just lose my job. But you will lose your life! Laugh because it’s
just for laughs, boss. I am a better choice
for your wife, than you. You guys were in a
relationship for 4 years… and are married for a year now. Do you even know what
your wife likes? Do you know the name of
her 7th grade teacher? Do you know which song she
prefers when its raining? Do you know which is her all-time
favorite restaurant in Chennai? Do you know which ice cream parlor
she would like to go at midnight, and which ice cream
flavor she likes? Do you have a childhood photo of hers where she
is riding a bicycle in a pair of boxers? I have it. Because… I have spent time
and read her well. And all you did was
eat and sleep! When you don’t even have
this much concern… then why should you
even be a husband? Just give her up and get lost! Wait boss. Wait. Wait. Only street dogs…. sniff for food to
fill their stomach. But an owner
doesn’t need all that. You are like the dog! I am a human being! Won’t you grant me one last
wish before finishing me off? Tell me and I shall grant it. Let me watch a video before dying. This ain’t the 1st show… it’s the 92nd show. Don’t shoot me out
of nervousness. Your wife will then
have no face to show. Swiss Bank is not
just for money. They also have the
facility to save data. I have saved it there. I must be alive every month
to renew the account. And if that deadline misses… it will be automatically uploaded to
almost 0.3 million illegal websites. She says that she will die if
you find out about this. Imagine what if the whole
world will see it? Your profession is your strength. My strength… is keypads. I put a camera in your bathroom and it can’t
differentiate the elders and the others. I watched all that crap! You, your dad, your mom… Laugh because it’s
just for laughs, boss. I’m ready to die. Is your family ready to die out
of embarrassment and shame? The freedom of sharing your
sorrow with your husband; how did I fail to give you that? How did you fail to take it up yourself? You won’t speak. So, let me speak. First, break the myth that the
whole world will badmouth you. Who is your world? Not the 7.4 billion who
live in this world. When your name is called out and ones who says “Hey!
I know her.” Friends. People whom we come
across even once. Count them and it will add
up to a maximum of 2000 people. Apart from them, for the rest … we are just a one-day news. It’s for those 2000
individuals… people commit suicide like setting
themselves ablaze or take sleeping pills. If in future, a video of yours
becomes a viral scandal… then just think that
I am your world. It’s been 10 minutes since
I opened the door and… why are you still standing out? Dad’s inside the bathroom. Dad! Please come out quickly. Wait. I’m coming. Out. Now! What happened? Technology is killing me! Why don’t you just
quit this job? What happened, dear? Headache? Shall I give you a pill? It’s nothing. Find out and give him
some medicine dear. I have something to tell you. So do I. You tell first. No. You first. No. No! Ladies first. Now, you tell. Well, IG advised me today
to have kids. He said “when you look at your kid,
all work tension will disappear.” Hey! What are you doing? Why are you falling at my feet? For turning this
man into a father. After a long time, my heart
is filled with happiness. A cloud of happiness
is taking over us. Oh my dear! Without
your knowledge… and without my consent… nice and slow, it is showering
us with a divine gift. Oh my dear heart,
tell me what do I do? I wish I could shower
more love upon you. I would like to be the eyelids guarding your
eyes and the feather that could run your head. I would love to sing lullabies to you as
you slowly and steadily enter motherhood. Our kid is your lucky charm. See,
you bought your own new car. There is something my heart
yearns to tell you. But even the words are stopping
me from saying it out. Pleasure on one hand and
agony on the other. Oh my dear heart, what
kind of a game is this? I know he has many girlfriends. But Selvam’s wife being
one among them… is a real shocker. Don’t talk rubbish. Being Facebook friend doesn’t mean girlfriend.
You are head into wrong direction. You drop this case and I
shall monitor it from here. Ok sir. These numbers must be
removed from your network. – Ok.
– This is a gift from the IG. – Thank you, sir.
– This is not his money. We have a separate
fund for this. So don’t call up the
IG and thank him. Oh! Sure. Sure. It might irk him. Ok. Ok, sir. Tell me if you need any important
number to be cloned and I shall do it. Whenever he makes a call,
your phone will also ring. You can hear everything live. Sir. I don’t know how
to tell you this. A friend sent me an audio clip
that he received in his group. It sounds exactly
like madam’s voice. Do you want to talk or not? Lets talk. Speak! So, where is he? Why? So that I can schedule
how long we can talk. Speak until dawn. 3 of them arrived from
Delhi to meet him. Hey. Hi sir. I have cleaned it completely. No expert will be able
to retrieve anything. Awesome. Fine… Can you take an off tomorrow? That would be tough. Do you want to meet
actress Nayanthara? Sir! Do you really
know Diana Mariam? Who’s that? That’s Nayanthara’s real name. I share my birthday with her. 18th November! I am an ardent fan of her’s. Hi. Balki sir? I am Anu. Your
Facebook follower. Your post about Yoga yesterday… that was really awesome. All the cameras are switched off.
Don’t worry. How is that so many girls
like all your posts? Thankfully he didn’t connect
the camera to the UPS. I dream about you
every now and then. Really? Sir, I have hacked
his login password. One sec. It’s true that he has saved
data in the Swiss Bank. The size of the file is humongous. The deletion could
take up to 40 hours. Sir, its prompting for a password. Agal. Agal. Agalma. Agalvilakku. Who is she? His lover? Excuse me. Bill please. Excuse me! Won’t you buy
me a cappuccino at least? I don’t like girls
who approach me. Keep trying. Sir, he is indeed a witty thief. He has built a wall around it. It’s hard to break in. Sir, he left. I couldn’t
hold him further. How about trying a
random password? It will get locked up. “1987….” Balki… Balki1987 No! No! Wait! I am unable to
decode the password. Do something before he arrives. Its locked. Sir, everything is in place. He might be here any moment. Hey. Come on! Come. Quick. Come. Let’s get out. Come on. Make it fast. How dare you break in
when no one’s home? Hello? Agalma? I’ll be at your place in half an hour. I’m already on my way. My in-laws…I’m not home. I called you on your land line. – It’s hot outside.
– Indeed. Sir? Sir? I understand I won’t be meeting
Nayanthara but don’t leave me stranded. You broke into my house right? Now I am going to your house. Don’t you drive in a rush. Because if you meet with
an accident and die… then I’ll have to take
care of her permanently. Drive carefully. I shall wait until you arrive. Just come! Who are you? Agal’s friend. Her college friend? Facebook friend. He is a computer engineer, mom. He got an opportunity to join Microsoft but
he refused and stayed back in Chennai. Have you met Selvam? No mom, we have been friends only
for the past 6 months. I myself am meeting
him for the first time. Don’t you appreciate me
for decorating the house? It’s all because of his
tips I get on Facebook. Remember, you loved the Kerala
Kadala curry the other day… it was his recipe. Oh. What’s your name? Balakrishnan. a.k.a. Balki. Did you offer him something? I forgot. You guys talk. Why did you rush here? Oh god! Please! Told you… if you die then I’ll have to
take care of her permanently. Right from the carpet to the
drapes are all of my taste. You couldn’t even change
a single thing out of it. And you can’t. It’s like I’m already a
part of this family. Correct. Give it to me. I’ll
make and bring it. Ok mom. The tips about the new book that
you had posted was really nice. He is very much interested
in English literature. Oh! Please. Please! Leave. Whoa! What an acting?! Hello? Ok. The more you delay… the more it will upset me. Correct. I’ll call you back. The tea is ready, dear. Let me go get it. Both of you are matching
neck to neck in acting. Yes. Isn’t this the organic
tea that I referred you? Yes. Oh. Nice tea. I have a feeling that Selvam and Agal
are not spending enough time together. He has changed a lot since his
assignment of tapping calls. Do you really need this? You have a permanent
solution for this. Are only men allowed to
have more than one spouse? Why don’t we change the trend? Laugh because it’s
just for laughs, boss. Yeah. Try playing more pranks to get back
at me and this is what will happen. Please go home safe. Get ready. Didn’t you
wanna go to the hospital? I asked for permission at work. I feel very tired. Shall we go tomorrow? Darling, I listened to it. It’s indeed your voice. I convinced everyone that
it’s not your voice. Be alert when you
are on calls, dear. Auto. Sorry. Ok. How dare you stare at me? I didn’t. You did! Stop it! Stop! Why are
you thrashing him? – Leave.
– Get lost. Sir, please get up. What is it? Did you have a
spat with your husband? No. Ok, then give me some
money for liquor. Let me booze with my
brother-in-law and ask him. Would you please leave? Your face tells me that… you have some serious problem. I want to know it. Tell me. Just give me his photo. This issue can be solved
in just 50,000 bucks. It won’t even come out.
There are experts to do it. How dare you… purchase a SIM in my wife’s name? Complete conversation of both IGs. Here to do the duty of a policeman… but lives the life
of a businessman. They are trapped! I won’t rest until I get
both of them fired. Hello? I sold the bike and paid them. I have arranged
men to finish him off at the station. These men aren’t from Madras. They will finish the job and leave
to Tirunelveli in the next bus. Rest assured all your troubles
will be solved by today evening. I have thrashed you enough. Set him ablaze. You baldie! If you have some guts… can you make a call to
your wife from my phone? Can you tell her that you
are setting me on fire? She was the one who wanted
me to set you ablaze. Wondering that there is a politician
inside this police officer? If you don’t play politics then you can’t
survive anywhere with such powers. How many phones do you have? Go ahead. Attend it. Mangaiamma? What should I do with him? Set him on fire. He leaked what I spoke to him
in person and insulted my love. Burn him alive. Sir. Just a minute. How cruel, isn’t it? If someone shows up here with the
help of cell tower reception… the records will show
my wife was here. There will be no trace of you. Sir, was it you? We got information from control room
about some activities here. Of late, can’t even come for
real estate deals in groups. Leave guys. What are you doing here? There’s the metro station. Stop. I am inspector Selvam’s friend. Call up Selvam and thank him. Ok sir. Thanks a lot. First hero to ever
save a villain. Laugh because it’s
just for laugh, boss. Clever! You almost pushed me
to death and then you save me. Sparing my life was your mistake. You took the matchstick… and now I will light it up. Calm down dear sister. Everything will be
over in 3 minutes. I’ll call you once it’s done. We saw the guy. There is exactly 6 minutes
for the train to arrive. Is it done? What are you talking about? Well, my brother said he was
going to sell his bike. But why? He won’t obey us anyway. Let me call you back. Hello? Anbu… what happened? Almost. Any time now. Hold on. Wait. Dear sister… Murdering is not as
easy as I thought. When I imagined you and your husband
getting arrested by the police… and I let him go. Did anyone record it? I don’t know. But… please… as soon as your husband arrives
home, tell him everything. If I tell him now… then I’ll have to tell
everything from the scratch. If he finds out that so
much has happened… What happened? Why is the TV running on mute… and why are you quiet? I have to tell you something. Remote? Where is the remote? The audio clippings of the conversation
among the Tamizh Nadu police officers… has been leaked; it
has shocked everyone. Listen, Sathish… It’s ok to fear the chief… but it’s the wife’s torture
that is unbearable. So, do you know what
my boss did yesterday? He asked me how
many of us were present. I said 7 of us. He asked us to go in mufti. He wanted us to collect
6 packages from the harbor. When I asked him what package. His wife runs a garment business. Like porters we
carried the garments. Even the rag-picking profession
is turning into corporate… I wonder when our department
will function like that. Hello, you recruited men for police and… then they are made to
cook, wash clothes and do chores… instead why don’t they
hire a cook or gardener? In which TV? I’m an SI… how else do I address my senior? Call me fondly, call me a dumbo, call me ‘dear’ – Where are you Selvam?
– Sir? Sir? IG is totally upset. Sir, I promise I
didn’t leak this. Come here immediately. Nothing like that. I’ll take care of it. What is it? What happened? All these audio files… were in my custody. Ok sir. Ok. Alright sir. Sir… Sir, I… I couldn’t have insulted them
this bad even if I wanted to. They have no other
option than resigning. Well done my boy. Sir… all the higher
officials must be… furious at me. It’ll slowly subside. You could have shot me instead. Listen, do not mistake me. We are batch mates. We have shared our food. I know your family
and you know mine. I know sister. I know how much this
would hurt her. I’m investigating. I’ll find out the culprit. I have deputed him. Watch me inquire him
right in front of you. Answer me. Sir? – It was you right?
– Sir? Answer me! Wasn’t it you? Let him go. He is innocent. What do you want? This right? My resignation. Got scared? I was
just faking it. No one can harm you
until I’m here. Well done. You are a hero! Well done. Sir, the situation has
blown out of proportion. Department has
split up into two. What can we do about it? We must sacrifice a
random scapegoat. Sir, IG has asked you to refrain
from entering here. Who are they? If all these secrets are exposed… then people will lose their
trust upon the system. Hatred will spread as no
one would trust people. The secrets of what’s
inside a person… must remain a mystery
and that’s a blessing. Let all these secrets,
die a secret. What’s up boss? Laugh because it’s
just for laugh, boss. If there is such a tremor for
leaking just 2 audio clips… imagine what will happen
if I leak everything? You will be sent to
prison for 25 years. There is only one
way out of this. Go to your house… and meet your wife. Hand her a divorce notice
and send me a copy. Everything’s over. The whole quarters is looking
at us like we are thieves. What did you do? They tore up the sofa
and have made a mess. Did you pick up any car
on anyone’s orders? Yes sir. I had picked up a red
colored car from the beach. No evidence of him having any
money was found at his home. We have asked a complete list
from the service provider. He will definitely
get caught in that Sir, I wanted to be honest
until my last breath. And so was he. But seems like of late he has
got hands on a lot of money. Check if you had approved
all these numbers. Ok. I will check
and find it out. He said you gifted it. He paid me 0.4 million
and Apple phones. I also cloned a number for him. How can you betray me like this? Sir, like teacher, like student. You used your post to… threaten many of them… and earned a lot. Those
details are in it. Secret conversations. It’s all in those pen drives. Sir, just so that you don’t claim
that this voice is not yours, here is the voice test certificate. Proved using the recording where you addressed the new
officers, explaining them how clean police should be. I had approved all the numbers. Also, it’s time to reform the
police department. Prepare a note. Sir, you will grow as high as DG. So wherever you go… please take me along with you. Not for my welfare… but for yours. Shouldn’t I keep your
secrets a secret? Sir, I need a gift for all these. 7 days off. A permission to go abroad. Listen, open up and tell
everything to him on this trip. I told you to give her
a divorce notice… instead you set off
on a honeymoon? Hello? Who was it? Crime branch. If you don’t return back… I’ll have to come there. Who was it? IG. All the problems are solved. Phew! It is to ask you
something… I brought you here. Shall I resign my job? Then how do we earn
our bread and butter? Remember, I told you that I did a small
favor for a mighty businessman? He is going to start a
vast business here. He is going to buy 10
such floating resorts. He wants me to
take care of it. How about we settle down here? Agal… one life is all we have. A house in a huge island. A posh car. A pollution-free place. Don’t you want such a life? A salary of 15 million per year. In Indian currency. So you brought me
here for a trial? If you like it… then that businessman
will invest here. First and foremost,
my wife must like it. I like it. Remember, I too wanted
to tell you something. Hey, just a moment. Let me make a call to the IG. You are testing my patience. If you don’t return in the
next available flight… all the videos will be leaked. Please don’t do
anything like that. She is the girl I love. If I hand her a divorce
out of the blue… she will die out of shock. I’ll tell her that I wanna
live a luxurious life… and that won’t suit her. Then ask her to
mutually separate. That’s why I brought her here. You don’t sound convincing. I hate the fact that you are enjoying
over there even after my warnings. Book me a ticket. I wan’t to watch you both tremble
in fear at the sight of me. Wow! What a view?! Is this where we are going
to live the rest of our lives? Yes. That businessman is going
to buy this house for us. Excuse me. Your bag. Oh! Thank you. I shall go to the
resort and check out. We shall head to the
airport once I’m back. Ok? Bye. Don’t worry. It will take 4 hours for him to return. I have calculated everything. Time and nature are in my favor. Let go of me! Let go of me! This is not a desire that
started a day or two ago. A desire that I had developed after peeking
into your bathroom time and again. This is happening
in a foreign soil. So return back as a new woman. No one will find out about what
happened between us here. Over. It was a blunder. Instead of stopping and seeing
you off at the doorstep itself… I allowed you into my bedroom via
Facebook. It was a blunder to do so. It was wrong to trust you
with my personal details. Please forgive me. You think I took a 7-hour flight
to come here and forgive you? People like him should die! He must not die doctor. He must live like a corpse. Patients in America who are affected
with posttraumatic stress disorder… especially the ones affected
by horror experiences, in order to induce temporary
memory loss in them… they are given a medicine. If that medication is given regularly, then
the person will go into a vegetable state. Doctor will say only a little. Mix this medicine with alcohol and
all the memory will be erased off. He will be nothing
but a living corpse. You told me to mix
Alopathy and Ayurvedam. There are few herbs that
even makes the animals high. Let’s mix that powder too. Manish, Wait sir. I am getting
to my system. The way you broke into my
house using technology… I used emotion and broke into your
house taking your dad’s help. I underwent an open
heart surgery. During my final days… I want be by your side,
hug you and sleep. I was worried if he
would get dejected. I showed him all his files. He fixed a camera in this… and watched everything. He doesn’t deserve to live. Finish him off. Can you do something… and ensure at least he just stays alive. Balki, during my final days… I wish to live with you. Please don’t leave me. Get inside, you burden! Open up his eyes and
scan the iris properly. If you give him this
tablet continuously… it will relax his mind slowly. It will loosen up his nerves. You will get him
back as a small kid. Sir, select all files. Delete. Now run that Undelete
software I gave you. Ok. Sir, now no one can recover
it no matter what. The moment a criminal
feels powerful, they start becoming weak. I made him believe
that he won… and in that excitement, I
expected him to fly down here. It happened as per the plan. He left. He can faint anytime. He said he will faint… but also said that he was
heading to the resort. I never expected he would trick him
and come straight to the house. I rushed back. Through the window, I saw
him fall unconscious. You head home as
soon as we land. I shall go meet that
businessman… and confirm our plans
to settle down here. Then I shall go to the office, meet
IG and hand over my resignation. Ok. Ba..Balki… Get up. Get up. Sorry, did you spill
all over your dress? Sorry dear. He is like a 3 year old. The memories don’t
stay in his brain. All his memory has been erased. Even if he has to get up… he needs my help. Sorry. Its ok. Not every guest who visits us… stay in our memory. I acted as if I forgot him. Agal was quiet too. But I could see
she was relieved. At times, some secrets must stay a secret… so that peace prevails. You wanted to tell something.
What was that? Let’s settle down here as soon as possible.
What do you say? (Chennai) I wonder what was the hurry. He asked us to
collect everything and hand it over to him. We handed over everything
to him last night. But then he passed away this morning. Oh, you cheeky thief… You, cheeky thief! Ji, this is your car but
then not yours. Ji, this is your money
but then not yours.

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