Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru Tamil Full Movie

This house that looks like the ones you see
in Paint advertisements is my friend Kumar’s. People call it the ”Titanic House”… They call it that because
this house overflows with love. This is Kumar’s great grandfather.
He had a ‘love marriage’ even in those days. This is Kumar’s grandfather.
He worked hard to entice his grand mom. This is Kumar’s father. He watched many movies and gained
inspiration to entice his mother. While most families pass on worthless
heirlooms to the next generation, This family passes on love. The latest in the line of this romantic
clan are Kumar’s soap opera like sisters. This is Kumar’s older sister. This is Kumar’s bald brother-in-law. Are you ready? What are you doing? lt’s getting late for work. l’m coming. They fell in love while they were
going to attend an interview. Office starts at 9 and it’s already 8.45.
lrresponsible!!! Hurry up! Hurry up! l am coming, don’t get angry! You got me tensed early in the morning. Don’t show your tension at Office. l’ll take care of that. What is the afternoon menu? lt’s Sambhar Rice and Cauliflower Pakodas. l’ll make it and bring it myself. Take care. lt was his sister who got the job
after the interview. He settled down to be the ”stay at home”
son-in-law, taking care of cooking. This is Kumar’s second sister and her husband. They are both lawyers. They fell in love while arguing with each other
in Court and are now happily married. l am making Chappathis,
you’d better come home. This is Kumar’s plump sister. She studies in College. A young girl who is determined to
fall in love with someone soon… Kumar, though from such a lovey-dovey family,
is averse to love and girls. The reason for that… several heart
wrenching incidents in his life… The first one happened when he was a cute,
chubby boy in kindergarten. Take this. You give me one. Hey!! Show me your hand! This was the day
Kumar marked in his Calendar. Ever since that day,
he looked at girls as Villains. An incident where he was trapped because
of ‘love’ happened in his 11th grade. If I said this was Kumar,
wouldn’t you leave right away? He’s not the one. Your ‘mind voice’ is correct.
He is Kumar. What happened, why are you crying? He gave me a love letter. Who? This guy! Kumar, who had taken the blame
for someone else, fell in love while in college. lt was the first time Kumar felt romantic. Girls, who seemed like villains till then,
started looking like heroines. Very confident of winning her over,
Kumar approached her with a love letter. Hurry up, come on, start the Bike. Don’t think. Quick, start the Bike! We need to leave this place right away. Hurry! Fast! Where are we going? Go to Central Station. The train is at 12. With henchmen chasing him, a girl riding pillion
with her hands wrapped around him, He felt like actor Vijay in Gilli… Hurry up! Hurry up! Why are you late? Everyone at home knows about us now. He saved me from them and brought
me here on his Bike. Thank you, brother. Thank you, brother. Brother, be careful… Be careful? Why? Don’t hit me! l don’t know anything!! Bruised by such tragic incidents, we’ll now see how Kumar falls
in love successfully. Brother, can you please drop
me in College. No way, l am getting late! Should l drop you on my Scooter? On this Scooter? l would rather walk! What was that? From now, if someone drops something,
or does anything for that matter, it calls for a Treat. Yes, that’s the new rule in
Office from today. lf we think about work as much as
we think about Treats, we can even outshine Microsoft. What’s up, Kumar?
Are you late to office as usual? The HR person is calling you. What is it, Kumar?
Have you given a request to change your team? We have only girls in our team,
l am the only boy. l don’t get along with girls
ever since childhood. lt’s a problem. l don’t have any such problems.
Even though l am shy, l am ok. Who called you here? lf the Company has a problem,
l’ll be there. Can you please go! l don’t like giving reasons
to avoid work. That’s not it, Man. Look at Mr. George. He joined this place as a regular
Testing Trainee, but, today… He’s an Operations Lead. You can look at him as
your role Model. Don’t you feel confident
just looking at him? Look at him, how handsome he is!!! Hey! Be careful! Doesn’t he look as handsome as the
second Hero in a Selvaraghavan film? Doesn’t he look as handsome as the
second Hero in a Selvaraghavan film? The good news is that our Project’s
Q2 Financial result is excellent! We are planning a big quarterly
bash on the 15th! Everyone must participate. l am getting married on Sunday. l’ve booked a bus thinking
everyone will come. But no one is willing to come. The paupers want a feast when
the prince is starving!! Sunday is the only holiday we have and he has his wedding fixed at
some temple in Chitoor. A wedding in Chitoor
That’s too difficult. That is our Family deity. Come on! People fuss about a death even in
their own homes and build hype on Facebook! And here you are inviting us to
a wedding all the way at Chitoor!! l suggest you don’t go to your own wedding,
atleast you’ll not ruin a girl’s life. lt’s bad enough that you were born and now
you’re getting married all the way there! l’ll gift you a few rupees. Elope with that girl and buy us
some booze to celebrate! Kumar, wait.
l want to speak to you. What’s the problem? l don’t have any problem. Why don’t you fall in love with someone? Sorry, Sir. l am not interested
in such things. Then, how do l trust that you will
stay back in this Company? What if you resign from here
and go elsewhere? What if you resign from here
and go elsewhere? l don’t have such ideas. Make sure you identify a girl to woo. That’s when you’ll grow attached to this Company
and feel motivated to come to office. Do you understand? ls she more beautiful than l am? You’ll see for yourself tomorrow. She set hearts aflutter
even during Training. Many of them proposed to her during Training,
but she didn’t fall for anyone. A new girl!!! l’ll have to brush my teeth tomorrow. Wear new clothes! l have to wash my socks,
it’s just been 3 months, nevertheless! Romance is in the air!! A new girl’s gonna come. Am sure every guy will turn up
as if freebies are being given away. Kumar, can l swipe an extra
5000 this time? Why? l am not going to cook up excuses
like in movies. l am going shopping! l am going to make a style statement! Get lost!! What is he saying? A new girl is joining office tomorrow. He’s trying to develop his personality
and wants money for that. Aren’t you a young guy too? He’s grooming himself at your cost! You’re still the same old self. Are you planning on staying a
Bachelor all your life? What’s wrong with that? l’ll kill you! Our parents will curse us from heaven! Don’t be a disgrace to our family! Why don’t you fall in love with
a girl immediately! No way! Love won’t work for me. Girls are mere problems! That’s just puppy love.
Don’t jump to conclusions based on that. l am sure the right girl for you
is there somewhere. She’ll come in search of you. Will she have a name board in hand? l don’t know how she’ll come, but when she does,
you’ll surely see the symptoms. You may see 1000 girls in a day,
but when you see this girl… lt will feel like a drizzle in
a blast of cool air. You will hear the sound of 1000
violins playing around you. The whole place will seem new with the
sweet smell of fragrant flowers. ln all, it will feel like flying. l keep telling you not to watch
silly movies! You never listen. You blabber too much! Hey!! Stop! Don’t close the Lift door! Don’t close the Lift door! Please come! A light drizzle… A cool breeze… Oh… ls that her…? Like the fragrance of
a million flowers… Soft lightning strikes… Oh… ls that her…? Wings sprout… Scattering like a rainbow… And a thousand violins play … Dewdrops rain on me… l fly… l float… l fly… l float… People standing around me… People standing around me… Disappeared in seconds… lt was only, you, me and us… l could see no one else… Till yesterday l did not
understand… What love truly meant… But from the moment l saw you… lt’s raining love, within…! Why are the guys crowded
over there? A light drizzle… Excuse me, is this pencil yours? No! l spoke to her!! You’re going to be working in his team. Not just me,
everyone in this office knows. lt looks like you’re very famous. l fly… l float… l fly… Congratulations, you have twins. l float… What is it, singing a duet? l even had children. l am getting married in Chitoor on Sunday. l’ve even arranged a bus. Will you come? Sure, we’re going to work in
the same office. How can l not come? l’ll surely come. Thank you so much. Why are you thanking me? l’ll come. These phone calls keep bothering us. What happened? Sanjana is coming for the wedding!! Hey, wait! l am coming. Hey! Wait. Take me too!! l’ll come even if you have the
wedding in Singapore. l am coming too!!! Hey! Write my name as well! Kumar, you can leave after you eat. No, it’s late. Your brother-in-law has made
Masala Dosa for you. Don’t you have your bike? l’ve given the bike for service.
l’ll take an Auto. Why should you taken an Auto.
You have my Scooter. l am going towards the Market.
Just get on to this. We’ll get there fast, won’t we? lt has to give me a 2 Kilometer mileage.
lt’s giving me just 1.5. l need to send it for Service. Give the money. l am getting late, let’s go. Come!! Sorry, Sir. l don’t have the lnsurance,
RC Book or License. What’s this? lt doesn’t even
have the number plate! If I have a number plate,
they file a case easily. You have to pay a fine of Rs. 5000. Sir, please wait. l need to go urgently.
Please take this and let us go. Fine, go ahead! lt’s getting late. Start the Scooter. Hurry! Go!! lt was working fine.
lt stopped all of a sudden. Does this work even now? Nornally, it doesn’t go past a kilometer.
lt went beyond that today. Trust me. l should blame myself for
getting onto this! Take this. Stop. Where’s the bus? They were waiting for you
all this while. lt just left. Silly brother-in-law! l could have hitched a ride with a Garbage
truck instead of your bike! l am sure they’ll be stuck in some procession.
We can catch up. Give it one more chance. Fine, let’s go!
l don’t have a choice. The Bus is waiting there. Didn’t l tell you l’ll catch up
with them at the Signal? Hey! Stop the Bus. Don’t miss the Bus!
All the best! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop the Bus. ls she the embodiment of beauty? She makes Beauty beautiful… And with her glance, l lost myself beautifully… ls she the embodiment of beauty? She makes beauty, beautiful… And with her glance, l lost myself beautifully… Who are you, my sweetheart? Your smile kills me… ln a second l slip… My heart moves to rhythmic music… ls she the embodiment of beauty? Yesterday wasn’t like this… The trouble started just today. The reason is you… l asked my friend to move away… l spoke to myself… You have done something to me! Oh, Sanjana… Oh, Sanjana… My heart is filled with music… As l drown in your eyes! ls she the embodiment of beauty? ls she the embodiment of beauty? With absolutely no needs… With no ambition… l wandered thinking l was strong… Oh, Angel, then l saw you… And saw your tea leaf
shaped eyes… Now l realize how wrong l was… Oh, Sanjana… Oh, Sanjana… My heart is filled with music… As l drown in your eyes… ls she the embodiment of beauty? Thank you very much for coming
to the wedding. Why is he merely thanking us?
What about the Treat? lt was a traditional wedding. We go to see the deity because
the wedding was in a Temple. Yes. Ladies, l’ll drop you. Are you in love with Sanjana? Ok, l’ll find another babe. Shall we leave? Yes, George. You are dropping four of us home. Does this happen regularly or rarely? Really tired…Never again! Nothing… Hey, Maya, listen to me. What happened, Maya? That rascal cheated me! Who… Ashok? That was last month. Who’s this? A boy called Rajesh. We were in love for a month
and now he says it won’t work out. lf you change boyfriends the way you
change hair styles, that’s not love. Look at Satish and me. lt’s been 4 years.
No problems, no hassles! l have a feeling it could
be your fault. Love requires both of
you to be genuine. Don’t give me advice.
Are you in love? Do you plan to fall in love? We are like grains of rice.
We’d be strong initially. But once we fall in love,
we become soft and they’ll grind us to paste and
just eat us up. They are frauds, all of them!! Even if your alarm doesn’t go off,
l’ll wake you up at 4.30. The alarm is set on my phone,
your brother-in-law’s and even on the kid’s toy phone. You will surely tell her about your
love tomorrow, won’t you? That is why l an going to wake up
at 4.30 and get ready. Sanjana, aren’t you going
to the Hostel? Sanjana, aren’t you going
to the Hostel? Come… Let me drop you
in my red Ferrari. lf you go to the gym for just
1 day and look good, do you think she’ll
fall for you? How can you expect a sapling to
bloom overnight? You will understand this only if
you are in my position. Why did she join our office? l was fine till then. Now, l can’t go to office and if l do,
l feel jealous! l am thinking of quitting work. These days it’s easier to kill someone. Falling in love is more difficult. What do we do? l’ll snatch her bag and run away.
You can nab me and become a Hero. For how long are you going to come up
with these ancient ideas? l have a super idea for you to be
successful in love. Have you heard of Mokia? Ya, the phone! That’s a phone.
But, l am talking about a person. His job is to get people together.
That’s why he is called Mokia. Have you heard of Sangu Pandi from
the neighboring street? Who? The bad looking guy who eloped
with that beautiful girl next door? See, you’re reminded of him only
at the mention of a beautiful babe! Mokia was the one who gave him a game
plan to entice that beautiful angel. lf you seek his help,
you can entice any girl! You’re really lucky to have
such a brothers-in-law. Keep quiet. He will charge a hefty fee.
lt’ll be expensive. But, if you bargain with him,
he’ll send you away. You hardly come out of the kitchen,
how do you have all these details? That’s not important. Our brother-in-law
has to be successful in love, that’s important. Token 1, you can go inside. Token 3, go in. Token 6, go in. Token 9, you can go in. Give me Rs.10,000. l didn’t bring that much money. Why? Did it not fit in your bag? Give me your Credit card. What are you looking at? Many have run away saying they’re
going to withdraw money from the ATM. That’s why l have this.
Give me the card. Can l ask you something
if you don’t mind? Ask me. Why do you need this Rs.10,000? l have to pay my monthly installment! This is my Fee! You’re taking a fee without
finding out the problem. You have to tell me what
your problem is. There’s a girl in office… Stop! Tell me about yourself.
Where do you work? ln the lT lndustry… The ones who are seen dozing in cabs
on the way to work… those guys? Yes. Now, tell me about your girl.
How is she? She looks as bright as a Mirror! Then get her fixed in the Bathroom.
You can brush your teeth looking at her. When l ask you how she is,
you have to tell me about her character. Aren’t you from lT? l’ll tell you in a way you understand. You can categorize girls into 5 types…
Apple, Linux, Microsoft, Google and Open Source. How? You tell me about her,
l’ll tell you which category she falls under. She’s very beautiful, intelligent and
talks to everyone, but not too much. Even if boys are drooling after her,
she handles it casually and doesn’t acknowledge it. Yes. She talks very humbly. Of course! Then, your babe is an ”Apple”… Yes, she is very fair,
she looks beautiful. l am not talking about a fruit.
lt’s the computer l am talking about. They have a unique set of applications.
lt’s complicated. Very tough. You shouldn’t say that. l only said it’s difficult, not impossible. Let’s check your level. You’re standing alone at a Bus stand. lt’s raining. The breeze is chill. A gorgeous girl walks down in the rain. She asks you for a lift. What will you say to her? l would say ”Sorry” l don’t have a bike.
Please don’t get upset. Ok. Now you have a Bike. Now you have a Bike. You’re smoking a cigarette
sitting on that Bike. l don’t smoke.
l don’t have that habit. All right, you’re drinking
milk shake!! Ok? The same girl now comes on a Bike… She says she’ll give you a ride,
and asks you to come along. Kumar, l’ll drop you. Come. What will you say then? l have my Bike, you carry on. You don’t seen to understand
what l am saying. l’ll tell you clearly.
This is the last Test. The same girl takes you to a corner seat of an
empty Theatre and is watching a movie with you. What will you do then? ls there no one around? Just the two of us? Yes. l will go close to her and… l’ll tell her the movie is boring
and that l’ll take a nap… and to wake me up after
it’s over. Rascal! Don’t you get what l am saying? Even the Theatre staff will wake
you up after the movie. You can even get an MLA seat. But, do you know how difficult
it is to get a corner seat in a Theatre? l misjudged you. lt will cost you
a lot more, not just Rs.10,000. Give me your Credit card. l’ll start your training from tomorrow. You gotta work with
fire in your belly, Kumar!!! You look like Kamal Haasan
in Vishwaroopan! How do l go to work
in these clothes? Like they said back then,
you can’t teach an old dog a new trick!! l didn’t give you a makeover
to send you to office! Come! Are you relaxed? This is Level 1. l will count from 1-3. Select any girl from here before that. What are you saying? What about that girl in
the black dress? The girl who is wobbling like
a broken chair, that one? Not bad. l’ll count fron 1 to 3 again. Why? Training! You have to go and talk
to her before that. Wait. Talk to her!!! You have to speak to me
for a minute! Please! l’ll kill you if you ever
come back!! Very good, you’ve passed Level 1. l only got slapped. Whoever the girl is and wherever
you propose to her, At worst, you’ll be slapped and
humiliated a little. Most men pretend to be good because
they’re scared of this. But after this experience, you will no longer feel shy or
hesitant approaching any girl. Spot a girl, talk to her and
get her phone number. How can l approach an unknown girl
and ask her for her number? How can l approach an unknown girl
and ask her for her number? lf you need coconuts,
you need to climb the coconut tree. Do you need it or not? l do. Look at these tests as opportunities
to strike goals and keep moving forward. Do you understand?
lt’s simple. lt’s easy to preach, but
difficult to practice. What did you say? Nothing! lt’s ok, tell me. lt’s easy to preach, but
difficult to practice. l’ll take this as a challenge. Do you see those3 girls seated there?
l’ll get their numbers in 30 seconds. Do you want to see it? Hello. Tell me, buddy. What? A free top-up? And that too for Rs. 99…? What are you saying?
l won’t tell anyone. Your working with Vodafone
is good for me. Tell me the number. Fine, thank you, buddy! Excuse me,
are these your numbers? Why have you given me
missed calls? Well… the free top up… l just have to mention a ‘free top up’
and you will come rushing. Bringing people together, separating
them and solving problems in love. These are the services l offer. Looking at you, l assume you have
a lot of problems in love. When you’re free,
come and meet me. l will give you a free top up for
your phone by evening. ls that all l’ll get? Looks like you’ll want me to buy
you clothes for Diwali. Looks like you’ll want me to buy
you clothes for Diwali. A ‘top up’ is all l can
give you. How was that? lf l want to, l can even get Ileana to
come to lkkatuthangal. Do you understand? Now, it’s your turn. Pick a girl of your
choice and get her number. What about that girl? You’re being over ambitious. Fine!
Go and get her number. How did you get her number even
without talking to her? She works in my office. Her name is Kavi Priya. Given a choice, you’ll give me
numbers of everyone known to you. Don’t try these lazy tricks with me. Getting numbers from an unknown girl
is what counts as Training. Do you understand? Do you see that girl dressed
in orange? Talk to her and get her number. Did you see my phone? A white Nokia… No. Where could it be? The phone costs Rs. 40,000. The cost doesn’t matter.
l have a lot of Contact numbers in it. lf you don’t mind, can you give
me a call from your phone? lt’ll be easy to look for it. Thanks. Tell me the number. lt’s ringing. Sorry. lt’s been in my pocket
and l forgot about it. l’ll save your number. l shouldn’t
wonder who it is when you call me. That’s ok.
l’ll ask you that over the phone. Thanks a lot. Here is the number. Let’s go! l got the number after a lot of difficulty.
Can’t you atleast say ”Very good”? You haven’t won the World Cup
for me to praise you. You merely got a number. You have a lot to learn. Call that number and ask that girl to
come to where l tell you. Will she come? Boys may stop going to
liquor shops. But, girls can’t stop themselves
from visiting a Coffee shop. She’s here just as
you predicted. What should l do now? Go and start the Engine. l will give you instructions
on operating the gear and clutch. lf you manage to get my number, does it mean
you can call me anytime and ask to meet up? Did you think l’ll fall for that?
l came here to give you a piece of my mind. What do you want? She’s boiling over with anger. Use mittens to take her off the stove
and she’ll cool down. Start off the way l told you. l don’t know how to start. l’ll send some priests along.
Will you start after a prayer? l’ll send some priests along.
Will you start after a prayer? Send her that ‘love’ message. Tell me. What do you want? Whatever l wanted to say to you,
l’ve sent as an SMS. Please take a look. What is this, you’ve sent a
message saying ”l love you”… lf you don’t like it,
just send it back. Even if you get an inch,
you should grab a mile. You shouldn’t miss the chance. Tell her someone is calling her. Excuse me, someone is calling you. Me? Now…? Just kiss her on her cheeks. There’s no one there. Look there,
someone’s calling you. Boss, l am shaking! If I get there, l’ll whack you.
Kiss her!! My god!! What a slap! How do l run my business
at this rate? Very good, you’ve passed. From now, even if you get hit
with any pair of slippers, you won’t be embarrassed. You’re ready to fall in love. Get into action and take the
world by storm!! You gotta work with fire in
your belly, Kumar!!! Kumar, you’ve been called by HR. You’re glowing today. Everyone’s got a glow inside them. Just that it costs money for the
world to see it. Did you call me,
Ms. Rekha Mohan? You’ve taken leave without prior information.
Any problem…? Oh, my god! Your eyes… l’ve never noticed. lf you have a sexy gray tinge like this,
that means your genes have a European influence. Really…? Your eyes enhance your beauty. How did l not notice this all along? l am really sorry about taking leave
without notification. l’ll see you Someone broke a cup.
See who it is? Today’s Treat is confirmed.
Find the person. This is nothing. Just some fitness…. Power Yoga, some stretching… Even if you get an inch,
you should grab a mile. You shouldn’t miss
the chance. When you smile,
your dimples are stunning. She was born chubby… She grew up chubby… What would l ever do if
l get you fully? She has an endearing laugh… Oh… She is hot… What would l ever do if
l get you easy? My sweet dimples… l will eat! The color of my heart… l will grab! You are a honey-bee… Embrace me….Kiss me…
Take a piece of me… You are the Queen of Cool… Eat me up slowly, fully,
embrace me… You are meant for me… l am meant for you… This is clear madness… ls it your figure? ls it your glamour? You are a five foot wonder! You are meant to hug me…
How ever you please! He slowly gave me flowers and gave
me his hand to hold… And ruined my poor heart… You are like pickle… You won’t agree to anything,
you are confused… She will look into your eyes… And punish you with few kisses
on your cheeks… Oh, Wow! Are you mine? My heart is in a twist Oh, My God! Your calculation is going amiss! Oh, lady! Bat your eyelids… They are like fish… They pour out honey… They are sparkling crackers… She was born chubby… She grew up chubby… What would l ever do if
l get you fully? My sweet dimples… l will eat! The color of my heart… l will grab! ls everyone ready? Yes!! Why don’t you join them too? lsn’t there anything better to do? Let him be. You throw it. Let him be. You throw it. We’ll see who is better! My husband is an expert at this. You’re an amateur. Watch this. Don’t give up.
You’ve got to win. My husband picks the pieces so stylishly!! Do you do anything as
impressive as this? What is so impressive about this? Why are you always looking for
something on the ground? Don’t you ever look up
while walking? Not that.
Who is this, Kumar? This is Sanjana. Sanjana, this is my family. Sanjana’s earrings look beautiful. lsn’t this what you wanted? You asked for it.
Click a photograph. One minute. Come here.
– l’m coming. l don’t pose for a picture
without him. Your Dupatta looks nice.
Click a picture. Everything she’s wearing
looks nice. Let’s all click a picture together. Kumar, come here. Why don’t you come here? Come here, why are you standing there? Move in. l need to be in the picture too. Hey, attractive eyes! l’ll get an important call asking me to
pay up my credit card bill. Please tell them l am not here. What is she staring at so irritably? When the cat’s away,
the mice will play. He’s caught her fancy
in the 3 days you’ve been away. Let’s see who wins… either you or him. There’s a small problem. Who’s the boy? How did you crack it? You need to place your hand and
push it… you can crack it. Not that, how did you know
it was a man who crossed my path? Your face reveals it all. How’s the boy? He looks handsome. Give me your Card. Give me your Card. Rs. 20,000? Why didn’t you tell me that a more
handsome boy is a part of this competition? We are in a dangerous zone.
We have to use a special formula to break this. You have to spread rumors in office saying
the two of them are seeing each other. Are you kidding? Even if they take it to the next level after this,
you can move them apart easily. But if they become good friends and hang
out together, they’ll be unstoppable. This seems wrong to me. Should l think through the night and
come up with a new idea? No, the idea you gave me
seems good. l’ll follow that. Good! Make sure whatever l told you
spreads like wild fire across office. Did you hear that? What is it? l believe George is
seeing Sanjana? l believe George is
seeing Sanjana? Wow!! The muscle man seems
to have a soft side. lt’s a secret. Let this be between us. l won’t disclose a secret.
lt’s a promise. l believe George is seeing Sanjana…
l got a message. Already? He should be working in
All lndia Radio! Whatever! Our plan is successful! lt’s just been a few days and
she has George smitten already. Many of us tried hard to get George,
but you walked away with him so easily. You go ahead, l’ll bring our man. He’s the guy. Give me Rs. 1000. Answer the phone. Keep the tray at that table. Do you think l would have
spread rumors about us? No way! Not that. lt would be good if we don’t hang out together
or talk to each other for sometime. Why don’t we make this
rumor come true? l like you a lot, Sanjana. What about you? l need some time to think. The operation is successful,
but looks like the patient is dead. Where’s Mokia? He’s out of town. He has gone to Munbai
to give love tips to Salman Khan. He’ll take 2 days to come back. What do l do now? Tell me, girls. lf he’s a nice guy like my Satish,
just say ”yes”. What’s his name? George. How’s he? He’s the smartest guy in office. lt won’t work out, reject him. ldiot, keep quiet. Sanjana,
you go ahead with him. You’ll have beautiful babies. Not just you, several other girls will
have his babies. ls that all right? However beautiful girls are,
even if she is Aishwarya Rai, once she falls for a guy, They’ll stay put like frogs in the well. But good looking men are
not like that. Don’t judge all men based on the
ones you’ve met. My guy Satish looks like Salman Khan,
but in these 4 years, he hasn’t even glanced at
anyone else. Good looking men will always be in demand.
That’s because girls are horrible. They won’t worry even if the guy is married.
They’ll keep pursuing him. But, even if the girl is a hot babe,
once she becones an ”Aunty” her market is down. Oh, yes! Actors Rajni and Kamal
sing and dance even today. But, what about Sripriya or Sridevi? That’s why l suggest we find some
average looking guy and settle down. Reject George. Else, you’ll always worry about when some girl
is going to snatch him away from you. Love doesn’t have warranty
or guarantee periods. lf we are fine, everyone around us
will also be fine. Don’t listen to this stupid girl
and miss out on him. Not a chance!
That George won’t suit you. He will. Oh, my god!! l am confused already,
why are you confusing me further? l have to save Sanjana from
this villain. What do l do! Mokia is not in town. Sanjana, he is a very bad guy! That’s terrible! A friend in need
is a friend in deed. This isn’t good either. Sanjana, listen to what
l am saying. He’s… Sanjana, life… Not good. Sanjana… l was ten years old. Sanjana, l don’t see how else l can tell
you what l am feeling. He’s a very bad guy.
He’ll ruin your life Please listen to me. We’ve arranged for the quarterly
bash this Sunday. lt has to be grander than
the last one. We need everyone’s
co-operation for that. The dress code is black and black. Where’s Sanjana? She’s on the Terrace.
She has a phone lnterview. People are saying you are
in love with George. Don’t mistake me. He looks like an inner-wear model. Please stop. You can see him in a movie. He is fine to be in
an advertisement. He won’t be the best guy to
run a family with. lf you want a husband with a warranty,
you should marry an ordinary guy like me. No one will snatch us away. We’ll stay with you forever,
as loyal as a puppy. That’s because you’re beautiful,
you’re educated, and you are charming. l’ll feel bad if something
happens to you. Why should you feel bad? When l was in my 12th Class,
there was a girl called Kayalvizhi… l was sincerely in love with her
but never told her. But, she was madly in love with a
handsome guy called Abhishek. He finally married some other
girl and left her. Kayalvizhi is now some
Mill owner’s second wife. lt hurts. Don’t worry!
l will not be anyone’s second wife. l went overboard because of my
concern for you… Make way… Work it out! Will this be fine? 100 percent! What’s this?
People take his autograph. But, he’s taking yours. That wasn’t an autograph.
That was an idea. All the heros in Kollywood
take ideas from me. Arya takes ideas that account to
a bill of 6 lakhs a month. You’re the smallest account l have. Why did you want to meet me? l was not in town for just 1 day
and you’ve run a rampage already. You said you can’t be pulled apart
if you become friends. That was true, but now,
you can’t become lovers all your life. All your life you’ll have to do odd jobs
for her and be her errand boy. Oh, my god! What do l do now? You’ll ask me as though you
don’t know it yourself. You’ve spoken to her twice so far and
the 2nd time has been an overdose. Right…? Yes. Don’t worry. You’ve paid your fees.
l’ll take care of it. Thank you very much. You spoke about some party,
what was that? The quarterly bash… lsn’t that the one where you guys drink
until the milkman arrives at dawn? Yes. You should wear one of your best outfits
and go there with a Rose. Why a Rose? To clean your ears with its stem!
Silly question! To declare your love! Propose to her. Propose… Already? When do you want to propose?
When you’re 50 or 55? lf it were someone else,
by now he’d be married, have kids and come here for ideas
to impress his sister-in-law. You’re dead slow. Go, be brave and propose to her. What if she says ”No”? l’ll gain.
l can swipe the card again. Oh! God!! Go. All the Best! Are you ready? All the best! Give it to her! Wow! He’s so handsome! l would like to thank someone
at this moment. Thanks to that kind soul who spread rumors
linking Sanjana and me… My hands are hurting.
Hurry up and jump. My hands are hurting.
Hurry up and jump. lf l upload a live video of you
committing suicide, l can add a lot more friends
on Facebook. l’ll jump. Nonsense! People who think about it
for 22 minutes will not commit suicide. Get down. Don’t have a crowd
gathered as yet. Had there been a crowd,
l would’ve jumped. You’re not performing monkey tricks
for crowds to gather. l am choosing between life and death and
you’re making a comedy out ofit. lf l didn’t have a sense of humor, l’d have committed suicide
a long while ago, Said a great man… Do you know who that was? Dhoni? Hey! Power Star…? l’ll whack you with my slippers! Fine, you tell me. Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi Father of the Nation. l have an idea to see if you
still stand a chance with that girl. ls that so? Thank you.
What should l do? You’ll ask as if you don’t
know yourself. lf she responds coldly when
he greets her… lf she is serious when he’s trying
his best to make her laugh… Congrats. For what? He was on his knees giving you
flowers and you accepted it. Oh! That. Why are you sad? No, l am happy. lf she looks sad when she says she is happy,
then you have another chance. This White Queen is your babe… This White King, that guy… The Black King is you. l am quite fair…
can l be the White King? Now, the White King… Which Raja (King) am l,
the Black or White? You’re Yuvan Shankar Raja!!!! Shut up and listen to what
l am saying!!! You’re irritating me.
You are the Black King. The White King, happy that his proposal
is accepted, goes close to the Queen… Should l follow him? Don’t keep thinking of following
someone, try and lead. That’s when you’ll
come up in life. No one is going to give you
better advice, can you listen? Now, this Black King has
to turn Villain. Do l have to turn Villain?? There’s no big difference between
a Hero and a Villain. lf you’re up to mischief after
the wedding, you’re the Hero. lf you do it before the wedding,
you become the Villain. Can you explain it in a way
l’ll understand? l’ll tell you clearly,
listen to me. The Queen is confused wondering if she
fell in love with the White King in haste. Their love is almost like a kite
fluttering in mid air. Using this chance, if the Black King sweeps in
with a deal, the White King will be gone. What should l do now,
tell me? l am not going to tell you. lt’s time for me to get down
to action myself. What are you looking at? Can’t you recognize me? l am your school friend Priya. Yes. How long it’s been since
l saw you. You’ve maintained a fit physique. You look just like Salman Khan. Who is this…? Your sister? No, a Friend. Fine, l think you’re busy.
Call me later. We’ll meet up. l couldn’t recognize her,
but she did instantly. Wow!! What a fit body!! Do you like it? You look like a male air hostess! l’ll transfer this picture
on to my phone. Each time l see this, l’ll be motivated
to build a body like yours. No problem,
take it through Blue tooth. l’ll take it right now. Don’t be arrogant because
you got George. You’re just a passing cloud.
Remember that. Sanjana’s phone… Don’t swipe more than Rs. 5000.
lt’s the month end. 3 people have been selected for
our Australia project. Your name is first on the list. lt’s just that l will miss you
if you go. Hey, Sanju, why don’t you meet
my parents before you go? l am talking to you,
but you’re searching for something instead. l can’t find my phone. lt will be around somewhere. Look for it properly. Can’t you find it? Try calling from my phone. Figure6… What happened? Nothing… Hello l am the Security Guard speaking.
Did you leave your phone behind? The phone is in the Security Booth,
please come and take it. We’ve done everything as per plan.
l will get Sanjana, won’t l? l once wanted to eat Nagoor Biriyani,
hence bought it and got onto a Bus. l was drunk and hence fell asleep. When l woke up, l realized
we were in Ulundhurpettai. Since it was time for morning Tea,
l threw it out. A hungry dog loitering around
there ate the Biriyani. What is the life lesson you learnt
from my experience? You tell me. lf a dog at Ulundhurpettai is meant to
get the Biriyani from Nagoor, No one can change it. ln the same way, if that girl was meant
to be for you, no one can change it. That’s ok. l get worried only
when l think of George. Anyone can give it a shot,
but not everyone will get it. Don’t worry,
that girl is yours for sure. Don’t think she’ll sleep a wink
after the bomb l’ve hurled. Say ”No” to George! You can see him in a movie… You’ll have to always worry about
who will snatch him away. Many of us tried for George. But once we fall in love, they’ll make
a batter of us and eat us up. He is not the best guy to run
a family with. You’re just a passing cloud.
Remember that. Figure 6… They are frauds, all of them!! What’s up, Sanju,
why did you call me all of a sudden? This is not working out, George. What? The two of us…
l don’t know how to say it. l shouldn’t have agreed
when you proposed to me. l got carried away when you proposed to me so
dramatically in front of so many people. That’s the biggest mistake l made.
l get it now. l am really not in love with you. You’re too fast, Sanjana. Even with impressing me and now. Should l drop you? No, it’s fine.
l need to shop. My friend will come.
l’ll go back with her. Sanjana, why are you walking alone? l just came for a walk. l just came for a walk. Should l drop you? lt’s fine. l’ll go by myself. Have George and you
broken up? He has changed his status to ”Single”
on Facebook. That’s why. Already!? Kumar,
will you drop me? Kumar,
will you drop me? What you said earlier was correct. What did l say? That you’ll get a warranty only if
we fall in love with guys like you. l just don’t know what
l should say… After l saw you,
l am not me anymore… l do not understand,
Whom l can ask about this… If I try talking to you,
l am rendered speechless. There is no world around me… l have no consciousness anymore… And how this happened… l just don’t know… There is no night in the sky… l still exist, it’s Ok… Should l say more…? l am unable to … l just don’t know
what l should say… After l saw you,
l am not me anymore… l was watching you… And as l walked on the sidewalk, the road seemed to float… l kept thinking of you… And as l put down my signature,
it became poetry… l would like to become
a doll you could cuddle softly on your lap, and be with you when
you are alone… l want to live like a flower-pot
in your tiny hands… And be beside you forever and ever… Your beautiful cheeks are like
a touch-screen computer… And your eyes are the love, God’s mischief… Your lips are like two lined poetry… You mean the world to me… When you walk a little ahead of me… l can smell your fragrance… Please speak a few words to me… And l can sense your breath… You are the green grass… You are the dewdrop… And if l think of it,
there is no woman like you! You are daylight at night… You are the sunlight in rain… And in my assessment… There is no poetry like you! There is no world around me… l have no consciousness anymore… And how this happened,
l just don’t know… There is no night in the sky… l still exist, it’s OK… Should l say more…? l am unable to … l just don’t know what l should say… After l saw you,
l am not me anymore… Wretched Man!!
l was in a romantic mood. Why did you have to run
into my Bike to die? Someone ran into him.
Let’s take him to the Hospital. Oh, my God! What happened, Dad? Dad!? Nothing to worry about.
The x ray has been taken. How did you get hurt? Some rogue riding the bike
rashly ran into me. Thankfully, this young man
brought me to the Hospital. Thank you very much,
Kumar. Do you know him from before? Yes, Dad. He works in my Office. That’s good. You’ve come to Chennai
all of a sudden. l came for some work at Court. l thought l’ll surprise you
with a visit. But, you had to visit
me instead. l’ll get going. Are you kidding?
You’d better rest. That’s not necessary.
The Doctor has said l can be discharged. Why should l stay here
unnecessarily? How are you going back? The train is at 4.30.
The tickets have been booked. Should l drop you
at the Station? Why bother you. This is no trouble.
l’ll drop you. Why thank me…? Why thank me…? Can l just…? Rangaswamy in Bombay keeps
enquiring about you. lf you’re ok, we can go ahead with wedding
arrangements for their son and you. Please dad,
don’t be in a hurry. l am going to drop my babe’s dad,
that’s my Father-in-law, at the Station. What should l do? When lce Cream or Sweets fall onto your plate,
you should lap it up without a thought. Tell me clearly. Attacking your Father-in-law is the most important
condition for the success of this operation. What time is the train? The Train is at 4.30, from Egmore. Don’t change a word of
what l am saying Follow it to the T.
l’ll take care of everything else. Sir, water. Sir, water. Thanks. You can leave if you want to? lt’s fine, l’ll stay. Has the KanyaKumari Express gone? lt’s late by 10 minutes. Sir, l need to speak to you
about something important. Sir, l need to speak to you
about something important. Tell me. Sir, l need to fall in love with your daughter.
l need your permission for that. Sir, l need to fall in love with your daughter.
l need your permission for that. What are you saying, son? l’ve not breathed a word about
my love to Sanjana. lt’s a big hassle to get her involved
and then seek permission from elders. That’s why l thought l will
speak to you first. Fabulous!
That’s a great approach. l was talking about him. My eldest sister
is a Gazetted Officer; the second one is a Lawyer. the second one is a Lawyer. An Educated family… l can send you my Horoscope
through Courier. You can check about me. l have a good reputation.
l haven’t even spoken to a girl. lt’s a respected family.
He’s been brought up well. l am surprised to see a boy
like him in these times. You continue your conversation.
l won’t disturb you. You are saying
all kinds of things. Definitely, Sir! That is why l am talking
to you instead of talking to Sanjana. You cannot find another
boy like this. lf l had a daughter
l would get her married to him. lf l had a daughter
l would get her married to him. Sir, don’t you have manners? Look… he’s getting angry. A person who
gets angry will also have a good heart. The train’s here. His anger is justified.
He seems like a nice guy. Sir, you’re leaving without
saying anything. lf you ask me all of a sudden,
what can l say? You seem like a nice guy. Seem?? No way!!
He’s made of Gold. Let him be.
You tell me. You send in your details to me.
l’ll try talking to Sanjana. Your talking can wait.
Arrive at a quick decision. Don’t miss your train
talking to us. lt’s fine if l miss the train.
You don’t miss the boy. Don’t let him go. He’s a nice guy. See you. Sir, don’t forget.
l’ll wait for you to have a chat. Fine! Hello! Mokia sent me.
Give me Rs. 1500. Going by the Dad’s personality, l am not sure
his daughter will be very impressive. Be careful with
spending your money. And put in a good word for me with Mokia,
that’s when he will pay me well. Kumar, make way. Sanjana will work in
Kumar’s team from today. You’re my God!!
Thanks! Which brand of foreign liquor
do you want? Tell me. What’s the matter? You managed to get Sanjana into
my department somehow… l didn’t bring her in.
She volunteered to join your team. By crossing endless hurdles, and
hatching several conspiracies… And ensuring that the beautiful and
innocent Sanjana falls for his plans… Kumar has become an inspiration
and point of reference for several useless youngsters. And for this he is given
the Achiever’s award for 2013. You said you’ll give me
some foreign liquor? l have to toil but you’ll get
the foreign liquor? What nonsense are you talking!! What did you tell my Dad, Kumar? He was talking
only about you. We were talking about general things like
lndian politics, economics, spirituality… We were talking about general things like
lndian politics, economics, spirituality… Should l drop you home? lt’s ok.
l’ll take the office bus. You found another guy already? Yes, if you’re smart enough,
you find another guy as well! You drop me back. Why does Harini talk to
me so irritably? Just as much as all men will
get bugged with George, all the girls will
get bugged with you. What did George do? We’re leading real lives. lf you find a guy who looks like
Gemini Ganesan with a great physique, won’t one be bugged? Kumar, can you drop me off
at the Temple on the way? Why should l drop you?
l’ll come along. Bless me. That’s enough. Get up. l didn’t think you will
come to my wedding. You didn’t give me an lnvite. That’s fine.
l didn’t come to give you a gift. l came to collect my
consultation fee that is due. Give me the money. I have wooed her and am
married to her now. Why should l
give you any money? Just attend the wedding,
eat and get going. Else, l’ll tell my father-in-law
that you’re causing a commotion. Uncle… Yes, Son-in-law… – Nothing. lf l complain to him,
he’ll beat you up. ls that all right? This lady who is standing
next to you as your wife… Another guy approached me
asking to woo her. l sent him off because
l took an advance from you. l’ll have to re-open his file. ls that all right? Uncle… Yes, Son-in-law…
– Nothing Don’t try to scare me
with this guy. You make a great pair. My little sister sleeps like a flower… With the hope that her brother
will take care of her… She dreams beautiful dreams that melt away… The brother moves ahead
in his imaginary chariot… You!!! You go ahead.
l’ll join you. Where are you? At the Temple. With whom? With my lover lt’s only thanks to your help,
my love is bearing fruit. There maybe several gods
at this temple, but you’re the one who
reclaimed my love for me, you are my only God. l can’t believe this!!! Did she say it…? Can’t be! Nothing like that will happen. Nor should it happen. Hey, Popeye face!
Are you in love with her? How did you know? l can see you
nibbling your fingers!! Satish, give me some idea to woo her. l need to give you an idea?
Don’t l have anything else to do? Don’t say that.
l’ll give you money. Please. l can make money if l
give ideas for love. Drop this paper on her path. lf she bends to pick it up,
it’ll be easy to make her fall for you. There’s nothing in this.
What’s the point in giving this? What if you’ve written something
in this and she gets you caught. Safety is first.
Just do as you are told. Don’t cry. l am telling you.
My dad won’t say anything. Aren’t you coming to School? My dad got to know
about our love. l don’t know what to do,
give me an idea. Take this and give
me an idea. Just elope with this girl. Oh! My god!! Tell me the reason for beating me
and then beat me! Because your son spoilt my son’s mind
with useless ideas, he has now run away
with some girl. Why are you beating me
for that? lt hurts. lf you had brought him up well,
why would he have such wretched thoughts? There’s no place for you in this
house anymore! Get lost!! Are you even acting
like a young boy? Dad… l can give ideas for love
and make pot loads of money. lt’s a business idea no one
has thought of before. lt needs no investment. We can become an Ambani in 5 years. One can die instead.
l’ll put an end to this. lf you ever cross this line,
l’ll break your bones! Get lost!!! Why are you standing here? Go away.
ls your affection soaring? Get in. Mother… How are you?
Why have you become so thin? Do you eat all your meals at a Hotel? l eat just one meal there. What about the 2 other meals? l ask for a Take away
and then eat it at home. Hey! ls that even important? Why didn’t you tell me about
my sister coming to Chennai? lt’s thanks to him. Forget that. lt’s so long since l saw you. lt seems just like yesterday to me. Look at the line that was drawn
several years back. lt looks new irrespective of whether we paint
the house during festivals, Your Father ensures this line
is touched up every week, That’s not the reason.
He uses that as an excuse Look at that. He’s drawn the line
10 feet away from the Entrance. The Rogue!! Let’s go in. lf you dare cross that line,
l’ll chop your legs off. Dad’s here. l knew it when l saw it
missing the mark. Shameless guy! You have no respect
or shame. l have it in abundance. lf you have so much of it,
pack some for me, l’ll take it while going back. Do you know why l am here? Don’t say a word. l’ve been humiliated enough
because of you. Do you know how much the
Police beat me that day? When l see you, even l feel like beating you,
won’t the Policemen want to? What did you say? He hasn’t changed, not even a bit. We could have had a donkey
instead of having him for a son! lf you wanted to
give birth to a donkey, you should have married one
instead of a woman. What do you want now? l don’t want anything
from you Mr. Kunjithapadhan. Your daughter is hanging out with
a guy called Kumar. Check on that. You don’t qualify even
to utter Kumar’s name. He is a very good boy. Won’t this man ever understand?
Tell him he is a big fraud. A drunkard will think
everyone else is wobbling. A fraud like you will think
everyone else is also a fraud. Our family is indeed lucky
to find a boy like Kumar. lf my daughter says
she likes him, l will blindly give my consent
for this wedding. l am going to kill him. Stop this!! He doesn’t listen to
whatever l say. Try and understand, Dad. Don’t call me ”Dad”! Should l abuse you instead? You can do
whatever you want. l will kill you if you go to Chennai
and see my daughter. Come in!! Get lost, Kunjithapadhan!!! You said l could call you
anything l wanted! Go in!! Go in, Kunjithapadhan!!! Don’t see us ever again! l got them together.
Won’t l know to separate them? l’ll put an end to this myself. Not great! How is this Top? This is better. lf they brought her up well at home,
why would she be like this? lf they brought her up well at home,
why would she be like this? Most girls try and get gifts like iPhones
and gold chains from their boyfriends! This one is looking at clothes! l have to blame it on the way
she’s brought up. Hi, Mokia! Hi! l believe you called for me. Can you do me a small favour? Why do you say such things? You gave my 2 useless brothers ideas
to fall in love and got them married. Our family is obliged to you. l am paying for that sin now. Don’t say such things. That’s my 3rd brother,
if you give him some ideas for love, he will get settled as well. Him?? What does my brother lack? All he lacks is a trunk.
He can well be an elephant! Fine! Come to the point,
what do you want us to do? l’ll tell you. Do you see that guy there? Who? Do you see that guy there in a
yellow shirt, talking to a girl…? Yes… You have to do something so that he
never talks to that girl ever again. What is this, you bring
lovers together. Why are you asking us
to separate them? l’ve opened a new branch
for separating lovers, so that the girls’ brothers
can be happy. What should we do? Go there and make a scene in front of that girl
saying he has something going with your sister. ls it enough if we make a scene? ls it enough if we make a scene? Not enough! lf possible,
just gobble him like an Anaconda! l don’t know what you will do. He should never go near
that girl ever again! Do something like that.
l’ll hide behind a pillar till then. There’s no pillar here. There it is! Why are you pulling my leg?
l need to go there and make a scene! Are you going to?
Go ahead! Wow! l can see
Container Trucks go past. You were hanging out with my sister all along
and now you’ve found a new girl! How dare you! lf l whack you on this ear,
you’ll go deaf on the other! Do you want to see it! lf l punch you hard,
your insides will come flying out! lf l push you down
and pounce on you, you’ll go flat like a rubber ball
under a road roller. Did you hear that? What is our boss saying? He’s saying this is not enough. That’s all? Why are you looking there? Do you think you are
some Casanova? How many girls
will you cheat? Annakili!! The boy l was talking
about has gone. This poor guy looks like some innocent
balloon seller and you’re beating him up. What’s this, Boss? You said
he was wearing a yellow shirt. l was talking about stripes,
he’s wearing checks… Couldn’t you find
something else to wear? You’ve come here
just to confuse us! lt’s not him, then? Sorry, Boss. There’s been a mix up. lt’s ok. Are you their Boss? They keep saying ”Boss”
a dozen times, why do you still have a doubt? Boys! Guards!! Oh! My God!! Guns!! Are you rounding up
a Military Colonel? Who are you? Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba
or Sleeper Cells…? They look like people
who work in stone cells. Do they look like
Sleeper Cells to you? We’re small time guys.
Don’t grill us like actor Vijay in Thupaki. Whatever you threatened to do to me,
you will do that to him! Else l’ll get you shot. You said if you slap me on one ear,
l won’t be able to hear with the other!! Show me! Annakili, don’t hit me.
l won’t be able to take it. You threatened to stamp a
person to the ground. Come on! Do it. You like everything, don’t you? What’s the problem? l don’t know. Let’s go. You escaped this time.
But you’ll get caught the next time. ls this the first time, Brother? ls this the first time, Brother? Yes, ”Red Light”!
How did you know? He’s come to this place, but he’s
feeling as shy as a newly wed. Feel free, Brother!! We have girls from Tamil Nadu,
Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and other states. l am not planning to make him contest
elections for this state wide classification. Choose the best in this lot
and send one across. Choose the best in this lot
and send one across. Saroja, take him.
You’ll be right for a beginner. This seems wrong to me.
l don’t want to, Boss. No, listen to what l am saying. You can even lose a fight in a battle ground,
but you cannot lose in the bedroom. This is the main reason why many
married couples separate. This is the main reason why many
married couples separate. Only if you win this one can l
consider you as fully trained. This is included in the package. Nevertheless… Are you going to heed the advice
of your Master or not? Even if you ask me to jump
into a well, l will. This seems a good idea,
will use it if l need to. l am scared.
Will you come along? This is not a tour for me
to come along. You have to go alone
for such things. Go! Fear will turn into success.
Come back victorious. Aren’t you going to be
by yourself till he’s back? Why don’t you go to
another room? l can give you a discount
if you want. Do you want to pass off substandard stuff
to me in the name of a discount! Looks like you might even
offer festival discounts! Get lost! l know! You’re going to
the opposite building. lt’s a waste! Old stock!
My brother is the agent there. Oh! God! Your family is ruining
several others! Take your hands off me. Maya, answer Sanjana’s phone. ls it Sanjana? She’s having a bath. Who are you? That is not important.
Listen carefully to what l am saying. A guy on a scooter ran over
Sanjana’s dad’s leg. He had a bike accident
just last week. For the good man that he is,
he can even get hit by a bus or train soon. That’s not important. l’ve admitted him in
the Hospital. Come immediately to the address
l am giving you. Oh! My god! What happened? Hello, Police Station? Make a cup of Tea that
one can drink. Sister!! What? Sister? l didn’t want to hurt my Teacher
by disobeying him. That’s why l came in. That’s why l came in. If I go out immediately,
he’ll know. l’ll sit here for half an hour
and then leave. A boy like you in these times!!! Pack 1 bun for Anna Nagar and
2 butter biscuits for Keelkattalai… Why do you buy biscuits from here
and send it to Anna Nagar. Don’t they have tea shops there? This is the pick up point for our Business.
”Butter biscuit” is a code word. Why do all of you in this business,
wear a Dhoti…? ls this a uniform? There’s a reason. You’ll understand
when the time is right. Block the vehicle!!! Why are you going inside
instead of running out? Why are you going inside
instead of running out? l can switch off the electricity
only if l go in. Turning off Electricity
is our sign. That’s when our girls can run out through the
back door along with the customers. What? They’ll escape? Hey! Wait. Hurry up!
Round them up! What are you going to do? Turn on the Main switch. My people will get caught if
you turn it on. My boy will escape otherwise Listen to me. Let it go. They might escape in the dark,
light a matchstick if you have one. Damn! Damn! What is it? l haven’t seen such a horrible
sight in all these years. Why don’t you throw them inside
the jail instead of turning off lt is two men hugging each other. We shouldn’t differentiate between
men and women while on duty. Light it. Where are they? Hello! ls it Sun TV, Raj TV? Hello, is it CNN, lBN, Thanthi TV? Sir, we have a live coverage today,
please do come. Relief! l’ve informed
all the channels. You’re inviting TV channels
as if it’s a Movie Function. Will you even have a Press Meet? These are business tactics. People in this kind of business
cannot advertise directly. When we get caught in situations like this,
we have to turn it into a marketing campaign. That’s when everyone will get to know
that this business exists here. This is a business tactic! Don’t raise your voice,
the Police are around. l am not new to being beaten by Police.
Do you want to see my body? Do you have a body? Look at this! Cover it! The ant may just
drag you away for food. You are here!! Are you calling Puthiya Thalai Murai
because they got left out? At this rate, you may even
make me a business partner! The guy who is hiding behind
the cupboard there… The guy who is hiding behind
the cupboard there… If I call him now, his phone will ring
and the Police will catch him. That’s why. The call’s going through but
why can’t l hear the ring. My girls put the customer’s phone on
silent mode so that no time is wasted. They are such professionals. You’re in a shameless profession
and you even want to market this?! Move away!! Why are you trembling so much
at the sight of Policemen? l am not trembling, that’s
my phone vibrating in my pocket. Oh, my!!
My boss has called. Get up!! Excuse me, Sir. l haven’t come here
for anything hanky panky! l am from a decent family.
l am a Master. l have 50 students. Why did you come here? Search the entire place! Send everyone. Sir, if you want to know
the reasons for me being here, you should lift
that yellow saree. How dare you tell a Policeman
to lift the green saree! l am talking about
yellow not green!! Give me a Dhoti if
you have one. Give me a Dhoti if
you have one. You asked me why l wear a Dhoti.
Do you realize its value now? We wear a Dhoti only to hide our faces
in such embarrassing situations. lt doesn’t matter even if
people see your old face! Hey, Stop! What happened, Vidya? What happened? Tell me! What happened? That’s my Satish! ls this your Satish? ls this the Satish you were
in love with for all these years? You said he was as good looking
as Salman Khan! You said he was as good looking
as Salman Khan! When l was in love,
he seemed like Salman Khan to me. But his actions are that
of Santhanan’s … Be glad you escaped. He’s been
a Fraud ever since he was a kid. Do you know him from before? You don’t have to
know him personally. You can tell from his face.
He’s a Fraud. You can tell from his face.
He’s a Fraud. Don’t jump to conclusions
before knowing why he went there. Mokia could have gone into
this house even on other work? Don’t pacify me. What other work
will one have in that house? You’re right. But, how do you know that
he is also called Mokia? That’s right… l saw that on the evening Flash news. What, Flash news? They are going to
rip this apart on the News. My reputation has
gone for a toss! What did l not do for him? Why does he do such things? All men are frauds. Frauds!! Vidya!! Your friend is very upset. She will be. She was madly in love
with him for more than 4 years. How would it feel seeing him
in this state? You won’t do this to me,
will you, Kumar? How will l do this to you?
Never! Hey, Sanjana! Come. l am coming. You won’t do this to me,
will you, Kumar? Hey!! She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has said ‘yes’ to love… You have worked with fire in
your belly, Kumar… You have confessed your
love by yourself… You have worked with fire in
your belly, Kumar… You have confessed your
love by yourself… Abracadabra… Abracadabra… She has come to cast a spell… Yes, she has said it… She has whispered her
love in his ears… She has touched his cheeks… She has nothing to hide… She has let go of her shyness… And scorched him with a kiss… She said it in a jiffy… And pushed me into a pot of honey… She enchanted me instantly… And stuck beside me… She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has given him a tiny kiss,
just now… She saunters without a care… Oh, she has kissed him now… She seems very confident… She is trapped… A round moon, a full moon… A churned moon… A bent moon which turns
this way and that, To eat Gold… l had shut out my love in
my tiny eyes… But l have now given my heart
on a platter to you… Oh, God! This world has not seen this
kind of beauty… No one has seen such beauty, ever! She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has given him a tiny kiss,
just now… She saunters without a care… Oh, she has kissed him now… She seems very confident… She is trapped… Has she settled down? Has she blossomed
inch by inch? ls she sweet? ls she the one who came and threw
love’s flower into your ear? She is a statue made from a
silver mountaim… When you stand close to her,
she’ll shimmer like mercury… Rascal… You cajole me with your words… And make me comply beautifully… And are taking me into the unknown… She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has said ‘yes’ to love… She has given him a tiny kiss,
just now… She saunters without a care… Oh, she has kissed him now… She seems very confident… She is trapped… Brother-in-law… You go ahead, l’ll come. We got a bail easily because
my Brother-in-law is a lawyer. Even though you got caught because of me,
you never gave me away. l am really impressed
with that sacrifice. Sacrifice… and Me? How was the treatment inside? l am not getting out of Apollo hospital,
for you to be checking on me. Because that short Policeman couldn’t
reach me to hit me, he bit me!! l am a shy guy,
but our love is divine. Brother!!! Oh, my god!!
Your brother has seen us!! Pay up and run!! l am going to kill you! Wait. Hey! l am your best friend. l will kill you.
Don’t run. Don’t chase me then. Traitor! You won’t find a better groom
for your sister. Wait. Don’t chase me like l am
the terrorist in Thupaki. Wait. Damn! He got away!
lf only l got hold of him!!! Why on earth did you fall
in love with that guy? One day he asked me to call his number
as his phone was missing. Was the phone in his pocket? Yes. Did he send you a message saying
”l love you”? Yes. What will happen
if our family gets to know? Everyone knows. Actually, even before he told me,
he very decently told our sister about it. Was there an old man
next to him? Yes! Did he say you won’t find
another guy if you miss this one? Yes! For sure! lt is our
Bombay Ganesan. He took a week’s leave to go out of town,
but has started a branch by himself. Did you see that, Boss? Did you see that, Boss? He was hanging out with me, and used the
ideas you gave me to entice my sister! As a brother, l can’t merely
standby and watch these things. l am not from a lowly family. l have good blood running
in my veins… No man with an ounce of dignity and
respect will watch this quietly. l’ll have to hang my head in
shame if people know l am responsible for my
sister’s love story. lf he used my ideas to
entice my sister, it is as good as me setting
up my sister for him. l won’t let this love story
unfold any further. lf l do, that would mean l was not born
to one set of parents. Cone on! Don’t cry. She hasn’t done anything different from
what people in our family have done. Why are you kicking up such a fuss?
– That’s right. What are you blabbering? He has planned this
whole thing. He has planned this
whole thing. She trusted him
like an idiot. You can entice a girl
with someone else’s idea. That is fair. lf someone does that to your sister,
is that unfair? Which idiot gave you the idea of going to
a coaching class to fall in love? Do you think women are objects to use a
formula on them to make them fall for you? How bad she’d feel if after
the wedding she comes to know, That each thing you did was merely
a ploy to impress her. Will you go to him and ask him
for ideas for the ”First night”? What are you blabbering? Why are you shouting at us? lf you trap women the way they trap
wild animals in a forest, is that called love? Tell Sanjana the truth,
and apologize to her first. lf she forgives you and takes you back
even after knowing all that you’ve done, you can lead a peaceful life. you can lead a peaceful life. What are you going to do, Boss? ls it going to be business or affection? Rita, if l lose my business,
l can even sell peanuts on the Beach. But, if people know l’m responsible
for my sister’s love affair, l won’t be able to face
the world. l started the game and
l’ll play foul and finish it. The rumor that George and me have
something going between us… That was our idea… Saving my name as ”Figure 6”
on the phone… That was our idea… Setting up someone at the Railway station
to impress my father… That was our idea… Running over my dad and getting him
admitted in the hospital… That was… That was not our plan.
That was really an accident. Hey!!
What are you doing here? l told you about him.
He is that rogue!! He was the one who took my phone number,
kissed me in public and got hit by me. l rehearsed it with her
in order to entice you. What? A rehearsal with me?
Did you think of me as a lab rat? l will kill you. What do you think
of yourself? How many girls have you
cheated like this? lf l spot you ever again! Send him out! Listen to what l am saying… Don’t utter another word. l trusted you,
but you cheated me. Don’t ever see me again. Sanjana, listen to me. Please. Sanjana, listen to me. Please. Open the door. l am going to kill him. Don’t run. Listen to me. l didn’t know it was you when
l gave those ideas. l swear l didn’t know. You did it unknowingly!! Sister!! l want to tear you to pieces!
l am that angry. Let me go!! Even killing you is a sin. You’re trying to set your
sister up with a guy, are you worthy of
being a brother? Don’t see me ever! What are you doing? Sanjana rejected me.
l am going to commit suicide. He’s doing what
l came to do. l know you’ve come to cut the rope with that
knife and save me from committing suicide. My grandpa has said you shouldn’t
disturb a guy who’s sleeping. Nor should you disturb a guy
who’s about to hang himself… You continue. Boss, can you do me a
favour on your way out? Should l push your tongue back in place
after you’ve hung yourself? No, Boss. Break this bottle and go. l bought this foreign liquor for Rs. 25,000
to treat you if my love met with success. Now that there is no Sanjana,
what good is this bottle? Break this right in front of my eyes. lt’s only your love that was
a failure, not your liver. Why should you break this?
lnstead of throwing it away like this, we can throw it
after drinking it. l am all churned up. That’s how you will feel
if you drink it raw. l am all churned up when l think
she didn’t understand me. l am all churned up when l think
she didn’t understand me. Girls are like liquor,
quite raw. We have to add a dash of love
and dilute them. Like some liquors, only after mixing it
will we know that it doesn’t suit us. People who drink to pass time will throw up
that liquor and move on to the next one. l mean he will go after
another girl. But someone like you who’s truly in love will break the bottle
if the liquor doesn’t suit him. l mean suicide. Now, tell me what
you’re going to do. Why did you break the bottle? You asked me to
break the bottle! l should blame myself for hinting things.
l should have told you directly. Why are you feeling so bad?
We have another bottle? We do? Will you for sure commit suicide
after drinking this? You won’t change
your mind, will you? l’d rather die instead of
living without Sanjana. Do you love my sister
that much? l love her to death! ls Sanjana your sister…? ls Sanjana your sister…? l took your advice and enticed her
without even knowing she was your sister. There can be no one
worse than me… l gave you ideas to entice my own sister.
l am the worse one. Give me that. lt’s quite late,
can you please wake up. Good Morning. Drink some Coffee. She’s referring to me
as ‘in-law’! Kumar told us about everything They say drinking hurts the family but for
the first time it has mended the family. Here’s the towel.
l am Kumar’s 2nd sister. Are you looking at our house? We’d painted the house green
according to Vasthu rules, but Kumar told us
Sanjana likes yellow. We changed it to yellow. What are you looking at? What are you looking at? My daughter seems fonder
of Sanjana than of me. An l right? The child is vomiting,
is she unwell? We are vegetarians, but as Sanjana is
non-vegetarian, we are getting trained… Did we do anything wrong? You have tears in your eyes. You like our house don’t you? This is not a house.
This is Director Vikraman’s movie… Hey, Baldy!! How’s he here? Do you know him already? He came to me for an idea
to entice a babe. Even then l knew you’ll
land up as a cook. Did it work out with her? Oh! God! His wife is the ‘babe’
l was referring to! Don’t give me any advice,
Maya, please. l am not going to give you advice.
Can l tell you the truth? All of us are looking for a ”Mr. Perfect”,
but there is no such person in reality. They are Frauds! All of them! Let’s go. The whole city is abuzz because of
”Sorry” hoardings all over town. Let’s find out from the very man
who has put up all this. Look at that! l cheated the only person
l should have been most true to. Wherever she sees me,
she’ll only be angry. Yet, l have to apologize to her. That’s why l’ve put up hoardings
in places that’ll catch her eye. l will not give up until she sees these hoardings
and forgives me and takes me back. Your guy is spreading your fame. He’s embarrassing me. What are you doing
here, Kumar? l am putting up hoardings
for Sanjana to see. lf you have to see her,
you have to go to Australia. What are you saying, Sir? She has asked for a posting there
and has left to Australia. Rush to the airport, else you will
never be able to see her. My God! Don’t go away in haste
because you’re angry. Are you trying to black mail
me emotionally? Forgive me, Sanjana. l have to know someone
to forgive them. l don’t even know who you are,
why should l forgive you? You’re not worthy of even
saying my name. Don’t even stand in front of me.
l am getting angry. lf l see you again,
l will you hit with these slippers. Hurry up. Sign this. Why are you late? There was a traffic jam. lt’s getting late,
shall we leave? Take this. We’ll see you in the evening. There’s no hurry.
You can even come in the morning. Even if it’s the hospital, you shouldn’t
hang out alone before the wedding. We’ll see you. Leave early. Dad called. He wanted to know when
you’re getting discharged. He wants to speak to you. About what? He wants you to come with your family
to seek my hand in marriage. What’s the hurry to get married? Can l speak to him for the last time
and send him off. This is the last time,
if l see you with him again, l’ll kill you. lt looks like your love has
fallen in place, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law? Yes, l was kind of touched when you were
ready to give up your life for my sister. l was totally touched by the love
your family has for my sister. But, l’ll be in trouble
if we stay in touch. lt’s best you move away…. Can l say something
before that? Tell me… Do you know why Sanjana
got back to you again? She felt bad for me after the accident
and took me back because of sympathy. That was not an accident, Mr. Kumar. Forgive me, Sanjana. lt’s the first time you’re getting
into action. All the best, Boss. You’re the first one to wish someone
for having an accident. Nevertheless,
l appreciate your loyalty. Boss, he’s leaving.
Start the vehicle. Rita, timing is more important
than driving. Watch this. You can’t fool today’s
girls light heartedly. You have to fool them seriously. That is why l didn’t even
tell you about the plan. You ran into me
with your car on purpose? Yes. Boss, even if you didn’t hit me,
l would have had an accident that day. Sanjana, forgive me. Be careful, don’t hit him for real. Even if we hit him,
that won’t be a problem. He was the one
who planned it. Don’t kill him.
He’s our brother-in-law. Nevertheless, the job
is more important. He has left. Start. Who’s that? Someone else
got him before us. lt’s the training
l got from the Boss. You have worked with fire in
your belly, Kumar… You’ve passed. They’re Frauds, all of them!! Even if they speak sweetly… And look at us sentimentally… Or even if they cutely show empathy… Or without fail say ‘hello’ daily… And send us poems on SMS… Or beg us saying they love us truly… They are all… Frauds… All boys are frauds! Handsome frauds! Clever Frauds! Complete Frauds! He will buy you
whatever you ask for… He will take good care of you… lf you go to the beach,
he will buy you things to eat… And if it’s your birthday,
he’ll even become the candle… lf you shout at him rudely
and knock him on the head… He will react timidly… lf you ask him to get lost
when he lies incessantly… He’ll say ‘please’ and beg sweetly… Whatever he says… Whatever he does… All boys are Frauds! Handsome frauds! Clever frauds! Complete frauds! Even if he begs and cajoles… Calling you his darling, his soul… Saying he cannot exist without you… They are Frauds! Oh, my darling… Oh, my soul…
my soul… my soul… Even if they speak sweetly… And look at us sentinentally… Or even if they cutely show empathy… Or without fail say ‘hello’ daily… And send us poems on SMS… Or beg us saying they love us truly… They are all… Frauds… They are all… Frauds… Handsome frauds! Clever frauds! Complete frauds!

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100 thoughts on “Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru Tamil Full Movie

  1. Santhanam sir hero va Panna ayiram Peru varuvaanga. Aana comedy is a serious business nu ungalukku therium. Please return back as comedian sir. U will go heights. Makkal ungala hero va paaka virumbala. Reality purinjukonga sir 🙏

  2. I miss santhanam comedy. I hope he will comeback as a comedian and not as a hero. Nowadays comedian like yogi babu, Rj balaji, sathish, soori or Kalakkapovathu yaaru dheena are not funny

  3. நான் இன்றுதான் இத்திரைப்படம் பார்த்தேன் பொழுதுபோக்கான திரைப்படம் பார்க்க கூடிய திரைப்படம் குடும்பத்தினருடன் பார்க்கலாம்

  4. Santhanam always the best comedian😘..
    Even im malaysian malay .. i really really love wht ever movie tht he is act..

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    وأحـب أقــولــكــم بــمــعــلــومــة مـفـيـدة🤩 أنـي حـصـلـت عـلـى وصــفــة رهــيــبــة مـن الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي بـيـيـتـواصـلـو مــعــاه كــثــيــر مـن الـنـاس
    وبــصــدق جــربــتــو كـم أسـبـوع وصــار لــي قــضــيــب رهــيــب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجــة😍
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