The Testing Camera

FableVision presents “The Testing Camera” by Peter H Reynolds Daisy’s excitement to be in art class was
about to be turned upside down On the board there was a notice that read, “Art Class canceled, Testing Day” Daisy gulped, she could feel her heart beat faster Daisy stood in line waiting for her turn in the testing room. Some kids seemed happy to be in this line,
some were studying their notes furiously some seemed oblivious, some bored But Daisy, she felt dizzy and a bit sea sick. Daisy’s turn was near. She blinked as flashes
of light pulsed from the room every few seconds Even the happiest of students left the room
dazed and bewildered And now it was Daisy’s turn She entered the room and faced an enormous
camera Daisy’s heart beat so loudly that she could
not even hear her brain think She winced as the blinding light flashed as
the testing camera snapped her Daisy left the room happy to be done with
it, happy it was over. Weeks later the testing camera report came
back. Daisy showed her father. “Is this me?”
she asked him He paused then smiled then he pulled out his wallet and showed her
a photo on his drivers license “Who is that?” Daisy asked Her father smiled “Exactly” Daisy smiled too “All I know is this Daisy, your dancing makes me smile, your art delights me, your words dazzle me, your ideas surprise me, your kindness inspires me That is the you I know and yet try as I might, I’m only beginning to see a glimpse of the you that you are becoming. how wonderful when someone else sees our potential before we do and even more wonderful to see it for ourselves -Peter H Reynolds

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16 thoughts on “The Testing Camera

  1. I LOVE this — a thought-provoking take on standardized testing and the importance of reaching and supporting ALL learners. Thank you for creating this Peter, John, & FableVision Studios team.

  2. LOVE THIS!!  When we started the year, I decided to keep track of tests and quizzes.  By the end of OCT., my second graders had taken 50 tests.  Something's wrong and needs to be fixed and it's not with the LITTLE people in education.

  3. Are the filthy libs trying to take testing away now or something? Does it promote to much competition and bad feelings in the classroom? LOL

  4. Oops

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