The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) – Sweet Transvestite Scene (3/5) | Movieclips

I’m glad we caught you at home. Could we use your phone? We’re both in a bit of a hurry. Right! We’ll just say where we are Then go back to the car Please to meet you Dr Frank-n-Further We don’t want to be any worry. Well, you got caught with a flat Well how about that well babies don’t you panic by the light of the night it’ll all seem alright I’ll get you a satanic mechanic I’m just a sweet transvestite From Transexual Transylvania. Why dont’cha stay for the night? night or maybe a bite bite I could show you my favourite obsession I’ve been making a man with blonde hair and a tan and he’s good for relieving my tension I’m just a sweet transvestite From Transexual Transylvania. Hit it! I’m just a sweet transvestite sweet transvestite From Transexual Transylvania So come up to the lab. And see what’s on the slab I see you shiver with antici… … ..pation But maybe the rain is really to blame So I’ll remove the cause But not the symptom

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