THE ONE SECRET Lightroom feature EVERY photographer should be using

I have got a handy little Lightroom
tutorial to share with you guys today okay so you’re working with a client
you’ve done the shoot you’ve done your edits to your images now it is time to
do the delivery and share them with the client how do you do that stick them on
a thumb drive I don’t think so burn a few CDs I remember these things make
prints and use a carrier pigeon okay in all seriousness I want to show you how
to do something in Lightroom that surprisingly a lot of people don’t know
about and I’m gonna show you how you can share images with a client or any kind
of collaborative situation online just using Lightroom check this out this is
one of my favorite features in Lightroom for working collaboratively and I’m
gonna start by showing you what it looks like when you’ve got everything set up
then I’ll show you step by step how to do it so right now I’ve got a collection
of images set up in Lightroom and I have mobile syncing turned on and so what
this does is up here you can see this is a little link up here that it generates
and this is a unique link it’s gonna do it through Adobe server and then what it
looks like when you send that link over to the client is this and it basically
builds just a basic web page with thumbnails and images and the client can
you know click on these and it blows them up and you can use the arrow keys
to scroll through here I can use the escape key to go back to thumbnail view
and I’ll show you something that’s really cool in here is if I open an
image you see these little icons on the side here and there’s a little comment
icon and so your client will need to create an account with Adobe but once
they have they can comment and rate images and add favorites and all that
kind of thing and it’s very very cool and it makes working a complete breeze
because you don’t have to build this lightroom does it for you it uploads
everything in the background and all you have to do is set it up once and it’s
quite awesome so the first thing we’re gonna do is create a collection of a
group of images that we have in our library now typically it depends on how
you work I typically already have the collection set up so when I’m doing work
for a client or a project let’s say what I’ll do is I’ll go through and I’ll cull
out images that I don’t want to use that aren’t going to make the final cut and I
make my selects and then I work in a collection of those selects so depending
on how you work you may already have this set up if you don’t we’re going to
make that now so what we’re going to do is go into the library here I have a
group of images selected I’ve selected all these and what I’m going to do is go
down here to the collections pane and what we’re gonna do is add a new one and I’m
going to click on that I’m going to create collection and you’re gonna get a
contextual menu we’re gonna have to give this a name was just called this client project okay before we hit create I want you to
look at the options that are in here and I want to make sure these are checked so
I’ve already selected my images so I want to include the selected photos in
this collection so I don’t have to drag and drop them later and you can also
make new virtual copies if you want to do further editing and don’t want to
change the other copies and then I’m gonna go ahead and click this little box
sync with Lightroom Mobile if you forget to do that there’s another way you can
do it so I’m gonna say create and you’re gonna notice that down here on the
collections pane you can see this little tiny arrows over here and that says it’s
syncing and I’ve got 31 images in this client project here and if you look up
at the top of Lightroom on the top left it’s going to say syncing 31 photos and
so what it’s doing is it’s essentially creating JPEG versions of your RAW files
and it’s uploading them to Adobe’s server so they can sync now there’s a
lot of things you can do with this it’ll sync up with the mobile apps so if you
want to edit these on your phone or your tablet using Lightroom Mobile you can do
that but we’re actually using it for another function which is the web
browser function which you’re gonna see creates a lot of opportunities for
working collaboratively so once you’re done syncing this by default this is all
private so you can’t access through a web browser but we want to change that
because we want to be able to share this and view it in a web browser so up on
the right hand side here you’re going to click this little button that says make
public and what it’s going to do is it’s going to generate the URL and then
once that’s done you’re going to click on that and it will open up your link in
the web browser and this is what you can go ahead and share with your client and
it’s all done now I want to show you something else that’s very cool about
this because behind the scenes the way Lightroom is working on here is it’s
actually not uploading the raw files it’s just making JPEG copies and
uploading those so what’s really cool about this is let’s say you’re working
with a client or you’re doing some kind of collaborative project and a change
needs to be made and so let’s just say for grins I want to make do something’s
really obvious here let’s go to this first image here and I’m going to
develop and let’s say that the client says oh we really love heavy vignettes
can you just you know go to town on that so I’m gonna go down here and we’ll go
ahead and just add the vignette to end all vignettes and you’re going to see that
what happens after this is up on the left-hand side says syncing one photo so
every time you make a change it’s going to
basically upload that information to the web and keep everything updated in
real-time you don’t have to do anything and that’s the magic of this so now when
I go back over to the web browser and I go ahead and refresh you’re going to see
that that first image up on the top now has the heavy vignette so it’s that
quick there are a few options that you have in here that you can use to
customize this even further so check this out if I go to
and I’m logged in and I go ahead and I select the client project that we were
working on and then what’s really cool is if I click on this shared thing here
I have sharing options so what I’m going to do is say click on share settings and
in here I can choose a few more options which is first of all allow downloads
you can turn that on or off right now it’s off I can also show metadata or
show location now what’s really cool about the allow downloads is this is
really great if it’s early on in the process and you haven’t been paid for
the job and you don’t want the client to have feel tempted to start using them
for various things you can have some control over that which is really nice
to have so that is a quick little tutorial on how you can use Lightroom
mobile synching for working with clients and if you found this useful please
leave me a comment let me know if you want to see more of these let me know
until the next one I’ll see you guys then later

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