The iPhone Enlarger – Does It Suck?

Welcome back to the most popular series! sucK..K in which i take a look at usually an unusual prod…duct usually an unusual. It’s true though, the way I said it. I take a look at something weird generally, in the tech world in the tech realm, today is no exception except for my… expectations… Am I speaking English today? What I mean to say is that at least with this one this product i’m pretty sure I know how it’s going to work, kind of confused about whether or not it’s useful but I suppose that’s the entire purpose of this video in this series and possibly this website this just showed up here and it was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper which is always a benefit, a benefit? it’s a go-to method to make sure that you end up on the show all right so people take note, if you’re gonna send things to the address little bit of wrapping paper goes a long way I think it might have had something to do with the name of this thing as well it’s called Jack Up which on its own deserves a video a product called Jack Up with the most famous Jack in the world yeah that’s right I said it get all jackery beans it really prefers to be referred to as beans not Jack so let me know in the comments “Hi beans!” What exactly is a Jack Up? it is a smartphone screen magnifier “raise and enlarge your smartphone screen” whoa! It magnifies the screen 7.8 inches “enlarge your smartphone screen”. Now you’re laughing right now thinking what kind of senior citizen is this for but i’m thinking like people watch a lot of video on their phones then got to put it on the nightstand beside the bed now you get three times bigger screen. “Orient your smartphone in portrait or landscape position” and its case friendly which is good. The moment of truth is it any good? ooh ooh Whoa, that is immediately super strange it looks like those… I’m gonna hold it up there for you guys whoa am I magnified right now? I am. [Laughing] Oh I was just having fun with magnifiers now Jack? That’s a huge magnifier though eeh? do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do; okay, there’s two for some reason two oh okay so this kind of rests like that. I guess holds the phone in place? So you can line it up, now this is kind of weird but it seems like you have to be at the same level i’m going to show it to Jack you’re probably too high up as well can you pick up that magnification like where would you have it so you were oh I guess if you’re like you’re on the couch and this is on the coffee.. on the coffee table the videos bigger but like if you are close enough to this thing it’s like a big image it’s kind of like turning your phone into an iPad Mini or something like that now keep in mind this is a 7 plus that i’m using and I’m noticing that it kinda is getting cut off on the sides so I’m wondering if in… in a sense the six or seven might actually require less of a lean yeah it kind of does of course because it’s a smaller device but it will work with either. I don’t know me it does what it says is going to do let’s let’s put it that way I don’t think that’s official. I don’t think that’s an official way to do it but that kind of works too and then a desktop height you can see it better. (laughing) This is like.. this is like the strangest way to turn your old iphone into a new one. It’s time to magnify your life it’s like the infomercial small phone screen got you down(?) have I got the solution for you for three easy payments of three dollars and thirty-three cents! I don’t know why but there’s something compelling about I mean I just like that it’s simple and it does what it says is going to do an image looks reasonable. Granted if you’re going to go through all this trouble, why not just like chuck it up on your TV screen? Maybe you gotta manage reading like giant stop documents with small text I don’t know maybe your vision is just garbage to meet all the magnification you can get this is one of the weirder items does it suck there’s no way I can say it sucks because it does what it says is gonna do. I don’t know something tells me if you see a use for this you probably have already figured out why. But if I come over to your house and this is what you’re doing like a friday night, you invite me over and this is what you’re doing i’m gonna look at you little bit sideways. Listen somebody’s gotta be the trailblazer no gadget prejudice out here whatever gets the job done for you that gets the job done for me.

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37 thoughts on “The iPhone Enlarger – Does It Suck?

  1. Half way through before he actually reviews the stupid thing. I hate the vloggers that think they are so funny. Shut up about promoting your website and just review. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!

  2. May have 13 million followers, but only a little over 7 thousand views of this video. You are not interesting! Too self-absorbed!

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