The importance of print in a digital photographic world

Nulab has been in existence for 35 years I’m a professional photographer I got into printing my own work back when I started my business back in the 70’s I continued printing and Nulab started as a professional lab Our customer base predominantly are professional photographers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some of the products that we create at Nulab are photographic prints, we make albums, our range of Nuovo albums, we print acrylics, we print canvas and of course we print ChromaLuxe panels.

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In today’s digital world it’s very very important to print. Most people don’t understand that digital files actually are not permanent and my saying has always been if it’s not printed it’s not real. We find that a lot of the new generation photographers are only providing digital files and digital files actually are not permanent. So the client, in my opinion, will not get much to show for it in the future. In fact we are probably living in the most widely photographed generation of all time, who in 20 years will probably have very little to show for it because none of it will be printed. Nulab brought in the ChromaLuxe range of products in addition to our regular products probably just about a year ago. Because our customer base are professional photographers we found that studios who photograph families sell artwork, and with very modern homes and modern apartments the ChromaLuxe panels specifically look beautiful. They’re very high in gloss and very thin. ChromaLuxe panels are very unusual because they’re very thin, easy to mount onto a wall and you can have obviously multiple surfaces from high gloss to matte and they look beautiful as part of decorating someone’s home. We use a Geo Knight 25SP press to produce the even heat and even pressure for the ChromaLuxe product to make sure it looks beautiful. Many of the new generation photographers don’t sell any consumable products or any printed products. So giving them options that they can show to their clients will enable us to print more product and ChromaLuxe is another product that can be printed to hang on a wall. The challenge of educating the consumer is physically showing them. They need to touch it and feel it. It’s very difficult to describe the differences on a website, it all looks the same. So the way Nulab has done it forever is, we run workshops and trade presentations for photographers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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We’ll invite people to attend, we will show them what the product looks like, we will explain to them how to make it, we’ll teach them how to sell it. But they need to touch it and feel it.

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