The Harrowing: Tales of the Black Mist | Cinematic – League of Legends

Many are the grim tales told of the Shadow Isles, and the Black Mist that shrouds them… And while all good folk shun this cursed land, sometimes its darkness comes… FOR YOU. The Black Mist ebbs and flows like the tide, yet now and then, on a night much like tonight, it reaches far across the sea… Searching… Seeking… Killing… This time is known as… THE HARROWING. During the Harrowing, the spirits of the Shadow Isles go forth within the Black Mist. Preying on the living, feeding the darkness. There’s no coming back once you’re claimed by the Harrowing. You’re cursed, condemned to haunt the Black Mist forevermore… Well, what were you expecting?! There ain’t no happy endings when the Harrowing comes for you. Right on cue… Prepare yourselves, friends. The Harrowing is here.

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100 thoughts on “The Harrowing: Tales of the Black Mist | Cinematic – League of Legends

  1. la Cinématic est super bon et j'adore l'idée du marionette mais . . .À la base, je n'aurais pas penser que ce thème présenterais l'event de l'halloween.
    Je pensais qu'il s'agissait de l'introduction d'un new Champion qui serait du genre: The Main controler of Puppets ou bien the player of theatre!!!

  2. I still wish they'd make a champ based on that marinette guy, I think it'd be an interesting addition to the game

  3. first the pewdiepie's video from 9 years ago, now the league of legends cinematic, youtube miss the good old times

  4. coming back to watch this is that the voodoo shaman tabu u guys scraped when u first made this game cause if it is thats a cool easter egg i never noticed

  5. the Harrowing was a realy good event for Season 4. sinve then i hope that riot will do another Harrowing Event to Halloween. The shadow isles could use some more Storys. Or even a new Chamoion. The last one was Kalista in 2014.

  6. I think Netflix has a lot to learn on how to make cinematic films when you compare 99% of their product to any league of legends cinematic

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