The First 4K 60fps Action Camera? — YI 4K+ Action Camera Review and Footage

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  1. I bought this camera and finally received it 2 days ago. I really like it…until I started recording. Now the video is great but the audio has a ton of white noise in the background. No matter if I use it with an external rode mic or without I continue to get the same very loud white noise. Does anyone have this issue or does anyone know how to fix it? I don't want to return it but think I am going to have to.

  2. Hey I am really interested in this action cam. Would you still recommend it ? Also when do you think a new version of this will come out ? Next year ?

  3. Users of this camera, can anyone suggest-if it works with Windows phone 10? There is a app, but does it work with the new cameras? Or could someone try to start using your camera phone operating system Windows phone 10? And even whether to take that as your opinion after the experience of exploitation?

  4. What kind of external microphone will you recommend me for the YI 4K+ to record out doors(recording museum, parks, city streets, paredes, etc) recording so I don't have to do voice-over?
    Thank you keep up the good work 💪🏽

  5. Great review, I just wondered if you had any tips on how you get the camera to connect to the app on a one plus 5 phone? Have updated the firmware and it connects fine to my iPhone 5s but just haven't managed to have any joy with my one plus 5… either with the Yi action app or the yi pro app.

  6. Hi , Can I use the USB-C charging cable that came with the 4k+ camera to transfer data like pictures and videos ? If not what cable you recommend to use for this purpose ? please send me link/s. Thanks

  7. I like the kit of the Yi 4k but I'm not able to use an external mic.  Should I wait for possibly a new Yi to come out and get this Yi 4k+ at a lower price or do you not think there will be another one coming out soon and I have to get the accessories separate? Thank you!

  8. Hi Sean, help me out and what's your opinion? If I need camera for vlogging both outdoor and indoor without extreme condition, is it ok just with yi camera or better with mirrorless? The vlogs are latter for my youtube. Thanks alot!!

  9. As much as I love this camera, it seems to suffer from a lot of lens glare. Still not stopping me from copping one of these bad boys for $200. Still can't justify the $500 price tag of the gopro 6 for its less than minuscule advantages over the Yi 4K+.

  10. Cool review and an overall good product but I womder how it fares when it comes to artifacting? For example, I see some pretty visible aliasing on the wooden sidewalk floor in the park shot at 7:45. Any tips on how to prep the camera to reduce (or avoid) this?

  11. Please answer my questionn
    I have just buy a yi 4k+ camera, i using sd card class 10 16Gb, but when i record video, my video divided into multiple clips when I recording. Every clips about 1 minute or less.
    So, how can record video with video length 1hour or better.
    Thany you so much

  12. Have they released the update? Can you live stream yet, you mention that the 4K+ is 30FPS, is it not 60 FPS?

  13. A Hero 5 is not waterproof because you have to use an external mic which means taking the door off. The built in mic is rubbish.

  14. Does anybody know – I am not sure if the Yi 4K Plus (that uses a type C Connector) would be good enough to add a Rode Mic Pole kit. Has anybody used that set up with an action camera? What would be the quality because the chord (Around 20 Feet) would be attached to the end of a Yi Type C Connector. Would result in good video. Or should I get a different Camera for that. ((Vlogging I'd be doing))

  15. Nice review… 😁😁😁
    Quick question, is the yi 4k plus, is still a good investment for 2018? To upscale my video footage for my channel? Coz right now i am only using my vivo v3 phone. Looking for upgrade that not so expensive.

  16. I’m looking for an action cam to use in a helicopter. Been thinking about the gopro 5 or 6 but now I’m tempted with this.

    Are any good suction cup mounts available for it?


  17. I have a problem. My computer can not play video 4K 60FPS by YI 4K+ Action Camera fluently at all. Video format is MP4.
    I7 4770 + 8GB + GTX770(4GB)
    Do I need to edit it by using some software or it is simply my computer is not powerful enough….

  18. THe reviews i have see for the Yi 4K+ say that it's weakness is shooting into the sun or light source because it has trouble maintaining contrast and color saturation in that situation. Almost every single footage sample you showed was exactly shooting into the sun!!!

  19. THIS CAMERA IS BETTER INDOORS ( not outdoors- it gives washed out look when shooting in day light or high light). On a positive note Yi has less grainy effect in high iso use, pretty smooth effect, much smoother in high iso than go pro hero 6. There is NO vivid saturation as in go pro, so the color is colder and less contrasty, and washed out. Yi also slows down your comp much more ( 5xmore) than go pro hero 6 ( go pro is ok even with a laptop of any kind even not so powerful). Since Yi has a little washed out look it will produce much colder skin tone look compared with go pro hero 6 ( go pro skin and exposure is looking juicy).. If you shoot action indoors or at low light or artificial light situations it is a wonderful camera. Good sharpness indoors. Although if you shoot outside in daylight or shooting nature then go pro hero 6 is a WAYYYYYYYYY better idea.

  20. Great Post.Liked and subbed.Camera being delivered today by Amazon.
    Can you advise on a uv filter please.One that really works in Bright sunlight.
    If so are there any side effects (Blurred Edges Chomatic aberration etc)
    Any links to where I can buy it would be appreciated.
    Once again thxs for your input.
    Best wishes.

  21. The only thing that interested me was battery life and he just said it was good facepalm. Tell us numbers!

  22. I have also tested the Yi 4K+, and I also noticed that its biggest glaring weakness is sound quality. The audio is practically unusable, even when using the external mic adapter and connecting a quality external mic. The sound is tinny and noisy. The ironic thing is that its much cheaper non-4K sibling, the Yi Lite, has very good usable audio (records bass!) from its internal mic. This issue was addressed to Yi over a year ago, but there has been no response, thus far. Sound quality is very important when using these cameras for vlogging and travel.

  23. Is that really just an indicator light on the front that will effect the video at night or does it double as a flash for pictures? Can it be turned off in the settings? Great video.

  24. accelerometer= measuring how fast you are accelerating/going up in speed. one of my concerns is the flimsy usb cover, I saw a another review mentioning it coming undone often, so for my use it would be a big concern getting it full of mud.

  25. Plz Suggest i wana buy this for music video, my idea is to shoot in 4k and to remove the fish eye/ lens distortion in premier pro editing. Will it be good enough like other dslr camera

  26. What are your settings because my yi 4k+ seems to have some blurring in the background roughly in the 10-20 yards at 4k60fps and it is not nice at all. Edit December 8th, 2018, the camera had a defect and has been replaced since. Everything is perfect now.

  27. is there any way of easily removing the usb c cover??
    I find i need to use a knife since my nails arent able to lift it

  28. hello … can you turn on the wifi without touching the screen ?, What I want is that when turning on the camera also turns on the wifi, is that possible? Thank you

  29. I just picked one up on a crazy lightning deal from amazon. I was looking to replace my SJCam 5000 and looking at some initial comparisons of just the view finder, I can see that this will be a pretty good improvement and audio on the SJcam was trash. So I can do a little more with this one in the car and on the go. Stoked.

    That 2.7 wide view setting is clutch. Ill have to play around with that.

  30. Should I buy 4K or 4K+? I dont even have a 4K TV. If 1080p is sufficient then what is worth? There is $100 difference. I need something for casual trips/vacation.

  31. Ordered one from aliexepress today. Got the camera, selfie stick, 3extra batteries , headstrap, waterproof case. For everything I paid 248 Eur

  32. I just need a camera like the playsport zx5 from kodak, but all can i find are paper cameras that only record in 3rd persona, i need a camera were i can see what i am recording and i can put in my pocket and climb mountains, GoPro is not what i need because not show what i see like a cameraman.

  33. Horseback riding, I wanted a helmet cam. I bought a Yi 4k + because of your video. I just posted my first horseback riding video at full 4k @60fps!

  34. Does anyone know an sd micro card that works in this camera ??? All I get is only 5 secs of recording then SLOW CARD and stops ,, piece of crap

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