The Filmmaking Course at FX School: Cinematography Pro Module

Now it does this by teaching you how to operate various types of cameras ranging from Sony and Panasonic to the Red. You learn how to handle different formats like S Log, Raw and so on so forth, how to colour-correct your film, how to shoot under different conditions with various gears and accessories, how to colour-correct your film – all the skills that you need in the real world when you move out. It’s a straight jump to more professional, more advanced cameras that are in some ways the industrial standards today. So for introduction we start our students on the Red Scarlet and we have a range of other cameras like the A7S Mark II. A lot of emphasis is on exposure and exposure and exposure, and understanding Log Exposure as opposed to HD Gamma Exposure, understanding hyper gammas. So it’s a far more advanced and a far more evolved course. We give the students a lot more freedom in choosing their assignments. Their projects are completed with other students who are also studying advanced direction or editing. At the end of cinematography pro, a student is able to work with almost any other well-established, advanced industrial camera. All that a student would need is fifteen minutes with the camera, even a camera that a student has never seen before and will be able to understand the basic principles of its working and will be able to shoot effectively with it. This understanding of advanced camera techniques such as filming on log and hyper gammas will enable a student to work on any genre with any advanced camera as well as find work quite easily in the industry.

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