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Took an Express Subway train from times square to Chambers [street] which is to stop just before the world trade Center the first thing I saw was the two world trade centers both of them had smoke and fire coming from I just started making my pictures I was photographing the burning building when Emt says oh my gosh. Look at that, and we started seeing people coming down at the building I instinctively picked up my camera and started photographing them following him as they came down Until I photographed what must become known as the falling man It’s a very quiet photograph It’s not like a lot of other violent photographs from other disasters There’s no blood. There’s [no] guts. There’s nobody getting shot, but people react to it in a way that They feel that they can relate to this photograph That they might have been in the same situation, and they might have had to make whatever choice the man in the photograph made You have to be very aware of your surroundings when you’re in a situation like this you [have] to be careful that you don’t become [a] victim journalists don’t run away from falling building We don’t run away from the fire we run to it because it’s our job to record history [I] Didn’t know I [had] that photograph of that man in that position Until I actually saw it on my computer when I got back to [the] office I Called one of our photo editors, and I showed him the picture I said I [this] is it this has got to be the picture this man was like an arrow bisecting the two world trade centers I Woke up the next morning, and I opened up the paper, and there was my photograph of following that It was a very brave thing for them to use that picture it was the only picture that was like that of anybody falling from the building [the] only picture that showed any kind of human interaction [like] that a paper in Allentown Pennsylvania used the picture they put it on their whole back page in the newspaper And then the editor said that it was that important to photograph And he got a lot of mail letters the editor saying he shouldn’t have run this this is not something I want my children to see Tom [Juneau] the author of the esquire article. He’s the one who came up with the name the falling man That was the name of the article And it sort of stuck I’ve never regretted taking that photograph at all. It’s probably one of the only photographs that actually shows someone dying that [day] We have a terrorist attack on our own soil And we still don’t see pictures of our people dying and this is a photograph of someone dying you

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  1. I don’t know why but there is something in the back of my head telling me that i need to know who the ‘falling man’ is

  2. Just seeing those people sticking their heads out the window trying to look for someway to get outta the building while it’s on fire and there’s a ton of smoke behind them is really sad to see 😢😢 Those terrorists are the biggest assholes in history to have ever lived

  3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😣😣😣😣😱😱😱😱😱😡😪😪

  4. Rest in peace ♡♡♡
    Everyone who did die…
    I hope they had the best life…

    Copy and paste this for the people how died…

    You don't have to… but this is really sad…

  5. Imagine being those people, deciding how you’re going to die. 1st, jumping off and knowing you’ll explode when you hit the ground. 2nd, you’ll burn up in the fire. 3rd, you won’t be able to breathe. 4th, die when the towers fall. It’s just horrific. It’s sad. I hope they Rest In Peace. And those who did this, going to hell.

  6. They are correct. This photo is what really drove home the impact of what had happened. It made it personal, and horrific. It’s strange to say but, the attack itself was so gigantic and unimaginable, that it never feels real. It feels like watching a movie. But then you see the suicides and people jumping off of the building and it really shocks you.

  7. I can’t believe it been 18 years already this happened I wish this never happen god bless there soul who die that day 9/11.

  8. I feel like my family member died in one of the buildings or on the planes or somewhere where that happend because I don't know.

    Does anybody feel guilty well I do

    I literally cried watching this because some people jump out of the buildings cause they knew they were going to die….

  9. This destroys me emotionally every time I see it. Some people say it never should have been published, but I think it represents courage and the precise nature of the United States itself; in that this man who was murdered for no reason whatsoever did NOT allow terrorists to dictate how he would live his life or how he would end it.

  10. This shows the courage I would never jump … I would’ve probably just died. LONGLIVE EVERYONE I FEEL BAD FOR THIS MANS FAMILY😢😢

  11. Whenever I think of 9/11, not only do I think of how awful it was, but how many people have endured similar deaths, over the course of time, anywhere.

  12. I wasn't born yet but I would've helped anyone I could find. So sorry to anyone who got hurt or died during this time.

  13. So sad to think that these people had to make the decision that they’d rather jump than suffer being burnt alive 😭 truly sickening

  14. I guess evil exist due to GOD push the devil out of heaven and now he is on earth and we need to learn how to master him since he is knocking at our door and desires to have us.

  15. Remember it was American invasion of Middle East, Unstoppable Support of Israel and killing Palestinians that resulted into 9/11.

    The more hate you put out
    The more hate will be returned to you.

  16. The falling man.Imagine what is going through his head at that right moment when it was suffer or face the fears.He is a good lad.My mothers cousin was in the building to and didn't make it out.For others that lost friends and families.You have my sympathys.


  18. He captured that man's final moments. It can go 50/50 depending on perspectives. However. I agree with this photo. This is what happened. And that is a victim who chose how his life would end. The terrorists cannot take that away. Those acts of terror will not scare us forever. We need to learn to move on. And one of the steps is accepting the fact that this man was a victim.

  19. The terrorists won. they built that boring glass piece of s*** instead of rebuilding the Twin Towers better and stronger and taller as they should have.

  20. Crazy to think that a kid that was born the day right after this (9/12/01) is now 18 years old and can enlist to join the Armed Forces.

  21. Burning to death is worse than falling, burning is basically the same thing as drowning you get to feel the pain and falling you can’t feel except the air

  22. What are we going to do when our generation becomes teachers how are we going to teach the new generation If we weren’t alive when it happened 😔

  23. I wish all the people saw the planes coming and had enough time to vacate the premises of both world trade centers. And no one died. Rest in peace to all whom perished. 😥😥

  24. The most heart breaking thing I’ve ever seen but if I was in his position I’d jump to cry breath close my eyes 💔

  25. The narration of this picture is offensive in itself, there are many things that could have been said . It’s all about our choices. That was a brave man! That building didn’t fall down it was taken down . Along with building #11 . Makes me wonder how great and free we really are ?

  26. And the left news outlets say the planes took aim at the buildings. Doing all they can to rewrite history and blame white Men. Wait until President Trump wins in 2020. That’s when you’ll see this country eat itself out of pure hate.

  27. We said we'd "never forget" . . . but many have forgotten as we now elect the enemy into OUR Congress and import them in as so called "refugees" who will never assimilate and never become Americans . . . . Many have forgotten.

  28. I might just be a kid who plays fortnite and stuff like that and does a whole bunch of bad things but this… the events that happened on this day.. it scared me to what might happen in the future? Whats next?.. I may only be 13 but, we learn these things and realize how cruel this world is. May this man rest in piece.. He is now calm and happy, he must have been frightened so he jumped… I guess it would be better to pass away peacefully then what happened afterwards… RIP Falling man.. and god bless to all the officers that helped others escape!

  29. If it was really a terrorist attack wouldnt the army and americas defences be there wake up it was the president that was in on it also why didnt he still didnt send army

  30. 0:51 from that point its bad, god rest those people stuck up there. I cant imagine how they would have been feeling or thinking

  31. I can't even imagine what some of the 911 tragedy was like as the raw up close images show.. it would of definitely changed me… Viewing it live from inside my safe home was bad enough.. we all need people like you risking your own life to bring those nightmare images to the world. To show just how deep hate can be. Thank you for that. We need to see what is really taking place and to hold those images in our hearts and prayers for the thousands of people who lost their lives that day. So thank you again.
    ❤️ Be safe ❤️

  32. Power doesnt come from bullets and a gun. Power comes from lying. When ppl believe somthing they know in their Heart isnt true youve got them by the balls.

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