The Evil Spirit of Yambuy (1979) movie

M. Gorky Film Studio First Artistic Association Based on a story by G.A. Fedoseyev THE EVIL SPIRIT OF YAMBUY Cinematography by A. GARIBYAN
A. GRISHKO, N. PUCHKOV Production Designer
Olga BEDNOVA Music by Eugeny GEVORGYAN
Sound – Vladimir KIPA 1-8. 118-30. 43-8. 44-0. 6-9. Starring.
Olga ENZAK as Langara
Rodna ESHONOV as Kararbakh Pavel – F. SERGEEV
Tsybyn – V. KRUGLOV Stepan – A. KAVALEROV Ilya – N. KAVACHENOK Dolbachi – N. DMITRIEV
Sulakikan – Z. PIKUNOVA Participating in the film the reindeer breeders
of the Evenk farm “Zolotinka” Written and Directed by
as the expedition’s chiefIn those long-gone years
that followed the war,
Soviet land surveyors
were working at drawing up
the first topographical mapof the inaccessible regions
of Eastern Siberia.
The government considered it
to be an urgent mission.
The absence of an accurate map
was delaying the development
of this very rich area.Having completed our field work
in the Aldan highlands,
our group was returning
to its base.
Only a few surveyors were still
carrying out observations
in the Stanovoy mountain range.Goodbye, rugged country!At last we are escaping
from your grip.
How many times, after wearing out
one more pair of boots,
breathing in the smoke of our campfire,
we’ve dreamed of another kind of heat,
cursing your endless marshlands,
your clouds of mosquitoes,
and the bleak gray
of your faded skies!
– Have you seen the chief?
– He was somewhere around. – He went to the surveyors.
– Why? Has anything happened? – Won’t there be any planes?
– It’s worse than that. What could be worse? We’ll have to wait again. Lyuba, pour me some tea. – Have you seen the chief?
– Over there, by the campfire. – Grigory!
– Wait a minute, will you? Radio message from headquarters.“On Mount Yambuy,surveyor Vladimir Yefimenko has
disappeared without leaving a trace.
Parties searching for him found
It’s the second case
of the disappearance of a surveyor
in the same region. “Only last spring
we lost Seryozha Petrik.“The surveyors are refusing
to finish their work.
What shall we do?”
Signed Plotkin.
He went for firewood.
The fog moved in. – He lost his way.
– Lost his way? It’s impossible to get lost there! Yambuy is like a beacon.
You can see it from everywhere. Got caught in the quicksand, maybe. I think he just
got fed up with work, dropped everything and sneaked off
to town to see the girls. – You should be ashamed!
– It could happen, couldn’t it? No, that’s not Volodya’s style. Pavel! Tomorrow both of us
are going out to Yambuy. What? We’re going back? You heard it. Are you joking? I already asked Svetlana
to meet us at the airport. No, I am not joking.“Second of September, 1949.
To Plotkin at Headquarters.
Leaving for Yambuy to search
for the men who have disappeared.
I order all the units
in that region
to take safety measures
and go on with their work. “
We won’t see him again
till tonight. The number of miles he can cover
in a day is unbelievable. Why shouldn’t he?
His wife isn’t waiting for him. The reindeer are plenty tired now. We need to stop. Listen to that!
A bear! Look at your bear! He doesn’t want to come down.
He’s very afraid. He must have got lost. No, Evenks
never get lost. – Why are you punishing him?
– He ran away. He’s afraid of you.
He never saw Russians before. Is a Russian
all that frightening? He’s very afraid. You got a pointed nose,
like a beak of a bird. Your eyes same as on reindeer.
Where he ever see that kind of people? That’s probably true. Look at that little devil.
He’s right at home on there. They’re herdsmen from the state farm.
Taking reindeer to mountains. – Us follow same trail.
– Come on, let’s go.Meeting those Evenk herdsmen was
really a lucky thing for us.
Being remarkable hunters and trappers,the Evenks have always been regardedthe best guides
in the Siberian taiga.
They could be
a great help to us
in our search.If only we could talk them
into coming with us.
Listen, chief, let’s trade. For your one dog
we give you half our dogs. We’ll never be able
to feed all of them. Dogs in the taiga
find food for themselves. That’s fine for them,
but what about us? All right, you get
one fat reindeer too. He’s not worth all that. He’s a mean dog. He bites. Why is he so mean? Which way you going? To Mount Yambuy.
Know the place? – Yambuy?
– Yes. Don’t you know that
Yambuy is a very evil place? Why is that? People disappeared there. Who told you about it? I know myself. Three years ago
one girl got lost there. She was never found again. A man disappeared after that. He was a very good hunter. He went hunting for reindeer
and disappeared. – Did you search well?
– How to search? They left no trace! How could they vanish just like that?
What do you think? My old man told me better not go up, because the very evil spirit Hargi
lives in the mountain. You believe in spirits? There are many things
in the world… Even greatest wise men
cannot know all. Maybe I won’t believe in spirits, if you… …if you say how it is that people disappear
and not leave a trace? We also have lost one of our men. – Russian?
– Yes, Russian. You see?
Very angry spirit. He took many people!
Never enough for the spirit! Sit down. You think we stingy? No, he’s old
and cannot eat too much. If he eats too much,
death will come to him quick. Is he ill? You stupid,
like a little calf. You better understand. If we give enough food to stuff him,
then he’ll get very lazy, and he will die quick. Kararbakh knows better than anyone how to find
good pastures, how to take care of reindeer, where to hunt for animals. Without him, we’ll have plenty
trouble crossing the taiga. Better we lose half our reindeer
than lose Kararbakh. Why does she punish only one
when both are to blame? So he will know that food not drop
in his mouth just like that. Now mother punishes him because he cannot
find his food. After, the taiga will punish him.
It will not pity him. You see,
he don’t have ears. Lost in the taiga, he got hungry.
So he cut own ears off and ate them. And he stayed alive. Would you ever get such an idea? I don’t think so. I can’t figure out what’s
happening out on that mountain. One thing I know: the disappearance
of our men was no accident. What is it, Dolbachi? People say we must not go
to Yambuy alone. You need many men to go with you. So you too believe
Hargi lives there? Hargi never did
any evil to me, but one who took people and left
no trace, is very cunning. Why get wet? – You can’t out-sit the old man.
– I’m waiting to talk to him. You wait for nothing… He’s long, long time deaf. No ears,
so tongue started wandering. What the old man say
only we can understand. Langara, can you explain it to me? The Evenks’ religion has always
been Orthodox. So you and Kararbakh are Christians, and still
you believe in spirits. Who wants
your Christ anyhow? He’s way up out in the sky. He don’t see man’s great troubles. But out in the taiga spirits live, and they know everything!
See everything! Do not go to Yambuy! Hear that? Spirits getting angry!To Plotkin at Headquarters.In addition to Petrik and Yefimenko,in the Yambuy area,
two Evenks also disappeared
just as mysteriously.I request that
Yelizar Bykov
of Tsybin’s crew
be placed at my disposal,
with a guide who knows
the area really well.
All our detachments must
remain where they are.
Thanks for bringing the wood.
We burned our last log yesterday. Last night we had such a storm that
we weren’t sure we’d survive. – I’m not going out in the field.
– We’ve heard that before. – Yelizar, will you go to Yambuy?
– Why not? If Grigory
is asking me to, I will. But there’s one hitch. The only guide left is Ilya. I heard you didn’t get along
too well with him, did you? Yes, it wasn’t a very
pretty story. But since there’re no more guides,
I’ll take Ilya. And I’ll take your place here
and give Stepan a hand. Fine. Any news? Good news from headquarters. Yelizar’s coming out
to meet us. Yesterday the old man
killed a bear. Yes, Kararbakh is
really a great hunter! We’re saying: You think, bear,
we killed you? No. It was other men. Man who killed you has his own
trail. He limps. Go after him, quick!
Or he’ll go very far. Bear must not guess
who killed him. If bear knows, he will chase us
and give us no peace. Now do as we do. What are you waiting here for,
Bruin? Go and catch that limping man! You talk very good.
Like Evenk. Langara, what happened
at yesterday’s hunt? Don’t you see what happened?
Bear scratched up the old man. Your dog helped.
We thank him. You give us Zagria, eh? If you won’t
trade him for dogs, then take our three
strongest reindeer. Take them.
Nobody else will give you that. No, without Zagria,
we can’t find our men. But if you will go with us and help,
I will give you Zagria. Who ever would have thought big top
of your head is so stupid? Have you gone crazy? Even the worst man don’t dare
to go and see evil spirit. Thank you, Langara,
for everything. May you never have any
trouble on your path, and may our paths cross again. A lot better for us
if we never met. Now we will always be wondering if you come back alive or disappear
without leaving a trace. There, you see?
Mount Yambuy! Grigory! Hang on to reindeer! Hang on to reindeer,
he’ll take you to shore. The guide from Tsybin is coming. Why is he alone? Sorry, chief,
but I lost the man. – What do you mean, lost?
– Him lost. Who was with you? Yelizar.
But I not know his last name. – Yelizar Bykov?
– Yes, him. He went to Yambuy
and not come back. – How many days ago did he disappear?
– Two days already. Did you look for him? Did you search for him?! Maybe you know
what happened? Dolbachi, you ask him! Maybe he’ll tell you
what happened? Have to go to his camping place.
There we talk and find out. Where is the camp
where Yelizar stayed last? Tell me! Otherside swamps. Let’s go there. – Me not go out there.
– Why not? What do you mean, not go? Take reindeer! Take bag!
Take everything! Ilya not go to Yambuy! You’d better think twice, we’re two
against one. Go ahead, Dolbachi. I’ll take
Ilya’s bag. Yelizar could never
have got lost here. And the weather was good. – Look!
– I see him. Contact headquarters and find out
all you can about him. I’m going to the mountain. Maybe I can find
some trace of Yelizar. How can you go there alone? – We’ll both go up there tomorrow.
– What if Yelizar has his leg broken? Dolbachi! Let the reindeer rest a while, and go back to Tsybin. I see myself that we must bring
others to look for Yelizar. When did Yelizar
leave the camp? In the morning or in the evening? Maybe he was going hunting? Maybe you heard
something? Shooting?
A cry? Why don’t you answer? He go to Yambuy,
and he not come back. That’s what you keep saying. Pavel! Tell Plotkin
to send us a plane. We’ve got to take a look around. Yelizar! Pull, Zagria! It’s all right. Yelizar! Damn it!
I stepped right into a bear trap! Zagria! We’re in big trouble! Don’t men scare you?
Or have you lost your sense of smell? Or maybe you’re a wanderer? You should be looking for a den
to go hibernate in, but you didn’t get fat enough,
so now you’re wandering around ready to pounce on anything that
comes along? Pull it out! Go ahead, pull the log out. Then we can talk
business. Well, from what I can see you mean business,
no mistake about that. Zagria! Where’s Yelizar? Where is Yelizar? No, you’re going
to talk! You’re going to tell me everything! What have you done
with Yelizar? What have you done
with Yelizar? Answer me! – Stop it, Pavel!
– Leave me alone! Get hold of yourself! Here. Radio message.
Read it. – According to unconfirmed reports…
– What is there to confirm? Last spring, technician Yelizar Bykov
and a guide, Ilya, set out for one of the peaks
of the Dzhugdzhur Range. They had to cross a river,
building a pontoon. The wood was carried
on the men’s backs over a swamp. When the pontoon
was nearly finished, Ilya made the animals
wade across. Bykov became furious.
He struck the guide. Remember that you and I will go
out in the taiga again,- the guide supposedly said to Bykov. Ever since then, they have
never teamed up again. – Is that right?
– Water go down, I took them across. – Ilya never touch Yelizar.
– Then where is he? Don’t know. Hello, board! Testing. One, two, three, four, five, four, three, two, one. How am I coming in? How am I coming in? Over? Visibility good. Not a sign
of anyone around. Roger. Hello? Circle around for another
half hour, so that Yelizar will have time
to light a fire. Over and out. If Yelizar had broken a leg
and were lying somewhere, he would have fired a shot. Yelizar always
carried his rifle. Somebody was here recently. Look at the ashes of the fire. A cigarette butt. Here’s another one. – But Yelizar didn’t smoke!
– He never did. The newspaper’s in the Evenk
language. It had to be Ilya. A hell of a steep slope!
Did you hear that rock going down? If a man is pushed over… Grigory,
come over here. From a rifle. Adapted to be used
with a Berdan rifle. Ilya had cartridges like that. So the cigarette butts are his too. Naturally. They both climbed up here, then Ilya killed Yelizar and threw his body down. He knew what he was doing. Down there the body would be buried
under the landslide. Just try to find it. Then why did Ilya make us
come all the way out here? He was sure we’d never
find the body. The murderer! We’ll get back to the camp,
and I’m going to strangle him. He’ll confess, I’ll see to it!The firewood is to the north,
about a mile and a half.
The water at the foot of the mountain.
Just follow the notches.
Let’s go to the water.
We’ll make some tea there. A grouse… What the hell is that? One of our mess tins! You don’t just leave these
lying around. Look, can you read this letter? – Letter “S”.
– Yes. “P”. Sergey Petrik’s, that’s whose it is. Why on top of a tree? Look at these tracks… …those are animal tracks. But where is that bird? Or is it the evil spirit Hargi
who’s playing tricks on us? – Look over there!
– Down, Zagria! Over the pine trees. See that dark spot there? It’s moving. It’s that bear, the one
who almost ate me yesterday. – Recognize him?
– You bet I do. He’s huge. Doesn’t take him very
long to destroy a bear trap. Now you’ll be able
to settle accounts with him. Can I take a look? You’re right. Better do it right away
than meet him sometime again. He smells something. Too bad,
now he’s going to run away. He’s not interested in us.
He’s hunting. Go to that rock up there.
You’ll sure not miss him from there. Meanwhile you go down the hill. If the bear smells me before I fire,
he will go toward you. Don’t let him scare you.
You’d better take Zagria. So we meet again! Good work, Pavel. To kill a wandering bear is not easy. It was not only my work. It’s the one who kills the animal
who should be immortalized. So we’re going to take your picture. Smile! That damned Ilya, he guessed it was
the bear and ran for it. And he took all the reindeer except the one that was lame. We’ll never find him now. There’s another avalanche. Yelizar will be completely covered.If Yelizar’s body is here,
as Pavel thinks,
Zagria will sniff him out.But what happened
to the others?
Yefimenko may have come across
a bear that hadn’t hibernated.
Those are the most
ferocious kind.
One bullet might decide
whether or not you stay alive.
But Petrik disappeared in the spring.There’re no hungry bears in the spring.
They starve to death before that.
He may have gotten in a quicksand,or lost his way.Anything might have happened.We’re so vulnerable
here in the taiga,
we’re not prepared
for the dangers here.
As for the Evenks,
it’s their home.
Why do all misfortunes
happen on this mountain?
Some climb! Anything new? There are no footprints. I guess we dreamed up
the whole thing. Here, I got a partridge. – What did you find?
– Found the reindeer. They were near the ford
on the river. You don’t seem to be happy about it? Everything is so confused. I just don’t know what to think. What I find strange is that the search party looking for
Petrik in the spring, never noticed the mess tin
on the tree. Search, Zagria, search! Today we’ve got
to cover the whole track. Get away! Size ten. Do you know who of our men
wears a size ten boot? Yelizar! Who was that torn to pieces? It couldn’t have been Petrik,
he has blond hair. So it’s Yefimenko. Size ten. The footprint is the same. Yefimenko was going down the path
to fetch water. How did the boot wind up here? It looks like he was dragged. Yes, it looks like it. Bear tracks! But the bear was walking
in the other direction. Look how deep the heels of the bear’s
back paws go. He dragged Yefimenko backwards,
I suppose. – But how he got him?
– The bear must’ve found the body. Then he did what he’d do with any
other prey. He dragged it to one side and
covered it with twigs and branches. Bears like to eat meat
that’s slightly aged. Yefimenko was killed here,
on the track. But for what reason? What valuables was he carrying? – Documents?
– Not so fast. He may have
wounded the bear. The barrel is clean. So he never even fired. So it wasn’t the bear. Perhaps there are
escaped prisoners here? – Why didn’t they take the rifle?
– That could be used as evidence. They don’t want to give
themselves away. They killed a witness
and took his documents. – What?
– Damn it! I’ve got a feeling someone’s
looking at me all the time. Let’s get out of here. We’ll see what to do when our men
get here. Take that teakettle off. It’s rattling all over the taiga. Where did you look for Yefimenko?
He was killed not far from the trail. We didn’t look for him
on the slope. No one dreamt he’d been killed. We thought he’d got lost
in the swamp. Who could have killed him? Looks like there’s someone hiding
out on the hill. And Yelizar? Is he dead too? Probably. We haven’t found his body yet. Ilya, come over here. You were right to come back. All people come here, me come too. Yesterday on the hill we found your
cartridge-case and cigarette butt. You were there, weren’t you? – Me not go on Yambuy.
– Who was it then? Yelizar. – Yelizar didn’t smoke!
– Quiet, Pavel. He take from me tobacco
to keep away mosquitoes. I give him the cartridge-case too. To whistle for birds,
so to make them come. He’s lying! Me not hurt Yelizar! Ilya not hurt him!
Understand?! And the hell of it is!
He may be telling the truth. Halt! Who’s there? Who’s there? Why are you shouting like a madman? You’d do better to brew some tea.
It’s been a long trip. Where’s the chief? Grigory! I’ve got bad news.
Bear has devoured your men. A man-eater? A man-eating bear? Yes, herdsmen said there’s a man-eating bear in Yambuy. Are you sure they were not wrong? This is the first time anyone has
heard of a man-eating bear. There was not before
and now there is. Kararbakh wouldn’t have
taken the reindeer if he not believe that bear ate the men. The old man was afraid the bear
would eat you too. Now wait a second… That bear
went for me too. – I thought he was just very hungry.
– No, he wasn’t just hungry. This is a very evil beast.
This bear eat men. So he chase you too? Yes, but he didn’t catch me. Pavel and I, we finished him off
yesterday. Fantastic,
who’d have thought it possible?“To Plotkin at Headquarters.It turns out that in the area of
a man-eating bear
has been on a rampage.
Yesterday the bear was killed
by Pavel Sergeyev. “
Look, let’s leave out that bit. All right, delete it. Though, why don’t we leave it in?
It’ll make Svetlana happy. Okay, keep it. Chief! We need to hide Kararbakh. What do you mean? To fool Hargi. Kararbakh wants himself to see
the bear you killed. He’s not sure that it’s the man-
eating bear. No, I couldn’t
make a mistake like that. It was my twenty-first bear. And no two huge bears like that
ever live in the same place. No man knows
about everything. What you have to do
is what the old man says. All right, I’ll take him
to the dead bear. But first he must help us
find Yelizar. What clothes will he be needing? Any clothes, so that
he looks like Russian. – What are the plans for today?
– We keep on surveying. It’ll be snowing soon. Will two of you cope? Yes, I’ll go to the point
with Stepan. – Give the rifles to the guys.
– All right. Let’s go! Can’t blame the bear for everything. The bear is a coward. There’re probably all kinds of
monsters living in the swamps. You won’t stand a chance and that’ll be the end of you. I’m not the one they want. I’ve run around the taiga so much,
I smell of tobacco. No beast would ever
come near me. They’ll make a meal of you.
A cook smells of cooking oil. They’ll eat you up
before you know it. Let me go!
You may drop me! Nope, nothing doing. Poor visibility.
We’ll have to wait till evening. Waiting is not working. Stepan! Stepan! What has happened? Where’s Tsybin? Stepan, can you
hear me? Where is Tsybin? What is going on? Where is Tsybin?
Stepan, you hear me? Can you hear me?
Why don’t you answer? Where is Tsybin? The bear! Where’s Tsybin? Over there. Tsybin! It’s good you didn’t
get scared, redhead! It was some monster,
not a bear. I grabbed hold of the pyramid,
but it was slippery. And there it was,
that bear. He caught hold of my leg
and began to tug away. If it hadn’t been for Zagria,
he would’ve gotten me. You’re alive! He could’ve eaten me. You should…
have spat in his face. I did spit, that’s why he had
nothing more to do with you. A pretty nice job we’ve got here… The way he suddenly pounced on us,
I knew right away he was a man-eater. I bet you set a world record
for the high hurdles! I admit I did my best. And you said
the man-eater had been killed. It looks like it was some other bear
we killed. I’m very sorry about that. Maybe
they’re all man-eaters here? That’s right. How quickly that taciturn
old man began to dominate me. I’m following him,
entrusting him with my fate. How true is an old proverb: It’s a mother that gives a man life, but it’s life that makes him a man. Hargi… Our boys would head down this
track to fetch water. The empty mess-tins would make a noise, The man-eater was attracted by
the sound and hid ready to pounce. That must be what Kararbakh
is trying to tell me. Zagria! You scared me, you devil! I am… staying here… to watch over… Yelizar. I’m staying right here, and you go! We’ve found Yelizar’s body. I’m staying with it.
Fedoseyev. To the camp! Understand? It’s just a sable. Don’t fall asleep! Don’t fall asleep! Sleep and you’re dead! Don’t fall asleep! Don’t fall asleep! To think I was saving this for Yelizar.
He won’t need it now. Here’s to him. I’m afraid we won’t
finish the observations. If you don’t,
you’ll have to finish it in the snow. They won’t forgive us
if we don’t get the map ready. Let’s go up the mountain
with the entire expedition. The bear would not
dare to attack. Are you sure? We aren’t the only ones in the taiga. We can’t leave the man-eater
on the loose. – What do you suggest we do then?
– I’ll try to find him. – May I go with you?
– No. The bear will get scared
when he sees two people together. Two people won’t be able to kill him. And another thing…
you must take a mess-tin. All right. The bear grab people right here.
Remember that. But how does he know that? Ask him. You like owl in day.
You have eyes, but you’re blind. You must read his tracks. The bear’s left paw is all crooked.
He not able to run fast. He only attack when people not look. – So you’ve decided to go?
– Yes. Why risk your neck? Why not call in hunters
and get the beast tracked down? Because we don’t have the time. The frosts will be with us
any day now. The bear will go into the taiga to
hibernate and we won’t find him. And when the spring comes, there will be more victims. So it’s either
do it now… or… There’s no other choice. In any case, I’m the only one
responsible. – What’s that solution?
– Leave him alone. He knows what he’s doing. His father was
a good healer. He learned a lot from him. Now you listen to what I’m going
to tell you. We Evenks never abandon
someone in trouble. It’s better to accept
the anger of the spirits. The old man will go with you. He’ll find that bear for you. But he won’t fire the shot. Hargi knows
the sound of his gun. When the bear see him,
he’ll think other animal wants to take his prey,
and then he attack you even quicker. Now remember, if Kararbakh
helps you, then Zagria will go to me. You said that yourself. Very well.
I’ll agree to that. Zagria. Zagria. Good dog. Good dog…Why am I doing this?What’s the point
of this “duel”, anyway?
This marshland is the bear’s
natural habitat.
I’m just an intruder here.It’s not even a fair fight.But if you once let fear take
hold of you and step back,
you will never be able
to face danger again.
Never!It worked out just great! Where’s Zagria? Zagria! Zagria! Easy. We’ll take care of you. Is he gone? If he gets away to the marshes,
we’ll never catch him.“September 23, 1949.
To Plotkin at Headquarters.
Tsybin has begun observations
at Yambuy Point.
All the field workwhich is needed
to draw up the map
will be completed
this year. “
Farewell, Plateau, we are leaving.
But not all of us.
Some of our surveyor comrades
will sleep forever
in the Selitkan, beneath
the Saga and Yambuy mountains,
on your still-unnamed hills.We sacrificed them to Nature
for the right
to disturb its calm,to penetrate its depths
and to measure its unknown land.
Others will soon
be arriving here –
geologists, botanists,prospectors and road-builders.Goodbye.They’ll have our mapand our experience to help them.Perhaps
we’ll meet again sometime. – Goodbye, Langara.
– Goodbye. Your mother will be happy. Although you traveled so far, you still haven’t forgotten
your native roots. We have Zagria now
to remember you by. I’m sorry to lose you, old friend. Goodbye, Zagria. The End

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