Its official.
I’m jobless. [Party horn sound] Ten years ago I started making Youtube videos for a Hong Kong based retail of air soft guns
called RedWolf airsoft. I didn’t appear in the videos.
I just shot the videos. Oh oh what company is this?
I can’t tell. I mean could you put enough
branding on that video? So that was my first video. I wasn’t in the video. I’m not blonde as you might have figured out. Airsoft Surgeon I must add that he’s not real surgeon. So if you see this guy near a heart attack, don’t call him. You’d be dead. As really there I found my passion for making videos it’s just i didn’t have a passion for airsoft guns. But then seven years ago DigitalRev happened. What actually happened was, I applied for roll of editor. Blanked the interview, went to the interview. Told them my interest was actually in making videos and that the future is not about overly commercial content. It is about creating unique, entertaining content.
And for some reason it worked. You see life is all about taking opportunities. Getting your foot in the door. But sometimes it’s about jamming your bloody foot
in the door and creating opportunities for yourself. But anyway, those early videos…
They were challenging,
they were fun, they were exciting. It was mainly me shooting myself,
editing them myself, everything myself. Just me and myself… …and I. Anyway fast forward today. The last video I shot for DigitalRev TV
was a Canon 5D Mark 4 review. Which I went Hong Kong to shoot part of.
It was a holiday. And it was great filming with the guys.
And especially my bro from another mo, Lok. Good times Lok Hey The decision was just made yesterday. There were no fights.
No fistycuffs over cold cuts of meat. In fact I like a bit of prosciutto. But I wish DR well. I mean they gave me a platform
for me to perform, to create stuff. And now carry on creating stuff.
Albeit without me, with their current team. And I’ll carry on creating stuff by myself.
And I’d like to thank DR for giving me that chance. And everyone, everybody that I worked with:
it has been a pleasure! Anyways… Seven years on and things aren’t different.
And I’ve got a new challenge ahead. And I’ve got a desire to make it work. To create.
To do fun things. Just like ten years ago.
Just like seven years ago. I start from scratch. From the beginning.
But this time with a new channel. This channel. But making living out of it? Funding?
None existing at the minute. Will I have to do things for money? Yes. Within reason.
We’ll see. Anyway, let’s focus
on getting the content out first. I am to get one feature out every week.
Maybe some bite size content. In between that would love to do
some tech videos. Would love to know you know your thoughts also.
After all it’s all about the community. For me photography is not just the act
of taking the photo. It’s about the lead-up,
the preparation, the journey… The fun and enjoyment of all.
The photo is just the end result. Today I’m on the first step of a new journey
and I’m gonna share that fun goodness with you.

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52 thoughts on “THE END

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Kai ,,,,I had the opportunity to meet the owners of DigitalRev,,,,,,MAN! ( what a mindfuck), why did you even stay that long with them?, glad you left .

  2. I have learned so much thank you. Please check out California royalty. Tigerbelly Bobby lee. Downey California

  3. 2:37 you could whore yourself out to a thousand chicks for 50 bucks a piece. Or thousand fat chicks for 200 bucks a piece. What? don't look at me like that fat chicks need love too, but they gotta pay!

  4. I watched top gear for clarkson and drtv for this rude sarcastic bastard photographer lol. Wish u goodluck kai

  5. DigitalRev isn’t the same without you. That’s why I haven’t been watching it. I enjoy watching your crazy humor and one you don’t sugarcoat nothing you tell it how it is. And I appreciate that. So good luck in your new journey I am looking forward to watching everything you put out. And you and Lok made a great team. But the guy that’s helping you now is extremely funny too and I enjoy him.

  6. Your videos, more specifically, you, have entertained and inspired me. Keep doing you, and all that you do best. I’ll be watching.

  7. Unsubscribed from from DRTV and subscribed to you. You made reviews real to me and I made all my decisions based off of what you experienced with the camera gear. Good luck on the new venture, sir!

  8. dude I just noticed you are not with DR anymore… we all appreciate your talent and we will keep an eye on your new content. ALL THE BEST AND KEEP ROOOOCKIN!

  9. Fantastic to get to know you mate been watching for 7 years now and still love the content and bonkers humour,, plus learning at the same time mate,,,, an inspiration to all, thanks Bob,

  10. This is one of the most genuine videos I’ve seen you do. Good luck on your new chapter, and I look forward to seeing what the future entails.

  11. Unsubscribe digital rev .. subscribed this channel.. this is the reason I was getting all those boring videos all these days.. love ur ideas n fun .. never felt bored watching ur tech reviews .. keep it up

  12. Goodbye, thanks for the laughs. You made photography even more exiting with the challenges ect. Good times.

  13. Shows how much attention I pay… I really wish you had called and let me know you started a new channel…. or that Google had remembered that I had been watching your face on my devices over an extended period of time and prompted me. After all the searches I had done on cameras, drones and general video tech they finally showed me this channel… and then you shared Lok's channel of which I'm now subscribed.

  14. Man I love your videos. No mater what day it is watching your videos always puts a smile on my face. You successfully, and uniquely merge seriousness and comedy together. Keep up the good work man. I'm currently about to get into photography and your content was has been great help both from this channel and the previous one. Thanks!

  15. Well, look at something, I have seen your videos for a long time, I do not comment much because I consider that what you say in cameras, lenses and tips is of great value, I look at others of yours that are already old and I have learned from them in video, but I can't believe you're leaving, I don't understand, I would advise you to think better, you have a lot of followers, you just have to look at the amount of people watching your videos, think about it. Honestly, if it's a platform issue, then make one, that you are the main one of everything…..

  16. i watched DigitalRev and u are the reason so idk what happen u not in there videos anymore so i search on youtube " guy from digital rev tv " and it's worked hahahah

  17. I lost track of you 2 years ago and I can't find you anywhere. I am glad I have found you again, still love your videos as ever <3

  18. I watch a lot of your video last 2012-13 then I stopped when I quit photography. Now im back ans searched for you, you content is really my stuff. I love all of them including the new ones.

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