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Hi kids, and welcome to Storytime. [MUSIC] Today, we’re gonna be reading a picture
book called The Bad Seed by Jory John, with illustrations by Pete Oswald. [MUSIC]>>I’m a baaaaaad seed, a bad seed. Yeah, it’s true. The other seeds, they look at me and
they say that seed is so bad. When they think I’m not listening,
they mumble, there goes the baaaad seed. But I can hear them. I have good hearing for a seed. How bad am I? You really wanna know? Well, I never put things
back where they belong. I am late to everything. I tell long,
long jokes with no punch lines. I never wash my hands or my feet. I Iie about pointless stuff. I cut in line every time. I stare at everybody. I glare at everybody. I finish everybody’s sentences and
I never listen. And I do lots of other bad things, too. Know why? ‘Cause I’m a baaaad seed, a bad seed. I just can’t help it. Sure, I wasn’t always this bad. I was born a humble seed on a simple
sunflower in an unremarkable field. I had a big family, seeds everywhere. We found ways of having fun. We were close, but
then the petals dropped. And our flower drooped. It’s kind of a blur. I remember a bag. Everything went dark. And then, then a giant! I thought I was a goner,
I thought I was done for. I screamed and I hollered ahhh! But I was spit out at
the last possible second. I flew through the air and I landed
under the bleachers with a huge thud. When I woke up, it was dark outside. A wad of gum had softened my fall. I felt okay, but
something had changed in me. I’d become a different seed entirely. I’d become a baaaad seed. A baaaad seed. That’s right. I stopped smiling. I kept to myself. I drifted. I was friend to nobody and
bad to everybody. I was lost on purpose. I lived inside a soda can. And I didn’t care, it suited me. Until recently, I’ve made a big decision. I’ve decided I don’t wanna
be a bad seed anymore. I’m ready to be happy. It’s hard to be good,
when you’re so used to being bad. But I’m trying. I’m taking it one day at a time. Sure, I still forget to listen,
and I still show up late. And I still talk during movies, and
I do all kinds of other bad stuff. But I also say thank you,
and I say please. And I smile, and
I hold doors open for people. Not always, but sometimes,
and even though I still feel bad sometimes, I also feel kind of good,
sort of a mix. All I can do is keep trying and
keep thinking, maybe I’m not such a bad seed after all.>>Hey, look there goes that bad seed.>>Actually he’s not all that bad anymore.>>I heard that.>>This was The Bad Seed. Thanks for watching. See you next time for more Storytime.

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