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welcome today we’re doing kind of a
YouTube update I’m almost at 10,000 subscribers you know and that feels
pretty good to be honest the only reason I wanted to reach 10k subscribers is
because when you reach 10k you can do the short video of stories instead of
just a community post and yeah I think I think I’m pretty happy with like
reaching 10k after that I’m not really gonna be like subscribe and all that
stuff like even on my YouTube you know on the bottom I have the little things
like like this video or subscribe or comment I think I’m gonna tone those
down because I don’t really want to become one of those spammy youtubers and
that’s what this chat that’s what this video is going to be about like I want
to be I want to grow my channel without being like the other youtubers you know
like you know no YouTube releases this playbook that
tells you how to be a better creator and how to grow your channel and they give
you this list of things you should do to be a better channel but I think the more
channels start doing these things the more you just become a youtuber and I
want people to watch my channel to know that I don’t consider myself a youtuber
alright I consider myself photographer and I want to grow my channel my way and
I don’t want to do it doing all these things that like a lot of us actually
hate like you know YouTube actually promotes kind of clickbait thumbnails
and click bait titles they do promote it tells you in the in the little playbook
but I don’t want to do any of that I’ve talked about this before also like the
YouTube algorithm actually promotes really really long videos which is why
many youtubers like just have a bunch of BS for like 5 minutes and then a few
seconds of information and a lot of people hate that but that’s actually the
best way to grow I really noticed that my longer videos tend to get more
promoting more but like I don’t want to do that like I I’m aiming for keeping
most of my videos under 5 minutes whenever I can this video might be a
little bit longer but it’s just an update that’s that’s alright I guess
every now and then when the video calls for there but no unnecessarily long
stuff that’s another thing I’m not gonna make my videos unnecessarily long if
you’ve been watching my videos for a while you know I don’t I
don’t really like too much B-roll like a little B-roll here and there is fine but
like I don’t want to watch you making coffee or that kind of stuff so yeah I’m
gonna make my videos like higher quality but no one necessarily no unnecessary
b-roll and yeah I also don’t want to complain so much like every now and then
I go on a rant and for some reason my ranting video is perform better than all
the other videos that I put so much work into you know I don’t understand it and
whenever I do make a rant I’m afraid people are going to unsubscribe but
anyways I don’t want to make I don’t want to complain basically about YouTube
I don’t think it’s that good I just want to focus on doing my own thing you know
so there’s that I do want to make more coal out to people
Nicole glass I’m looking at you hopefully we’ll do something together
Sasse photo sasse photo actually I’m not sure how to say your name but I am
looking forward to working with you and I don’t know how to say your name but Spyros Heniadis a really cool guy a nice channel I want to do something with you
also so there’s a few people reached out to me and there’s a few people there few
more people who reached out to me for collaborations and I’m down but most of
them don’t even have a video up on YouTube or anything and how like 10
subscribers or something but I I think there should be like a threshold like at
least a hundred subscribers just to know that you’re dedicated to
growing your channel and then we can do something I don’t think 100 is uh too
much like I think that’s pretty easy to reach you know a hundred subscribers so
if you got like a hundred subscribers or then yeah we can do something together
just let me know listicles I don’t like doing listicles
I really really hate top five tips videos and you see them every other day
pretty much every other video is either gear reviews or a listicle like top 5
Photography Tips top 5 night tips top 5 tips I don’t know how many top tip
videos you can do you know but there are some channels out there that do nothing
but that and of course we’re not gonna do any gear reviews on this channel
maybe would vintage lenses because I own them
and they’re pretty cheap I’m talking like $8 but yeah I also went through and
removed pretty much any affiliate links to camera gear I used to use I only only
put the affiliate links to stuff that I do I believe in like the whole er simply
to filter Adobe Lightroom I know some people don’t like that but you know I
never advertise my affiliate links I just have them there in case people are
interested and yeah regarding gear I went ahead and blacked out all my
cameras no no advertising for you camera companies I don’t care who you are and
another reason I did it is because I want people to focus more on photography
itself like this is a photography channel this is not a gear review
channel you know what I mean and I found like most most big photography
channels are not actually about photography at all they’re just about
the latest and greatest cameras and I don’t want my channel to ever be like
that if I ever start talking or becoming like one of those big youtubers just let
me know slap me in the face with reality and
we’ll stop that right away because we know we gotta try to keep true to
ourselves but yeah that’s that’s what’s coming up basically I’m gonna stop
putting the little like or commenting down below I don’t really like it that
much to be off and I think if people like my video they’re going to like it
anyways maybe I’ll sit at the end no unnecessary long intro it’s not that
I’ve ever actually even done that no listicles no gear reviews no hey don’t
forget to smash that like button really not a fan of that never gonna join the
doctor Squarespace star side you know actually I don’t know what a lot of
people use Squarespace like building your own website is actually not even
that hard to do all you gotta do is find like our web provider like there’s a
whole bunch of them out there like GoDaddy iPage Bluehost I don’t know
there’s so many out there but when you join one of these web providers they
actually have like in website plugins like for me I use
WordPress and it just helps I just like customization you know it’s really easy
click button and you can customize your website however you want could not
promoting them or anything the saying you don’t need to use Squarespace to
have a website it’s actually cheaper too but anyways that’s it for channel
updates oh one more thing a few months ago I made this video that I was going
to be giving these cameras out to different students around the city of
Seoul most of these students have never shot a camera or ever even seen one of
these and I just told him to go crazy take a picture of whatever you like and
then when you finish return them to me and I’m going to make a video about your
pictures so the first student gave me this camera yesterday so this is one
that lives near my area and she’s actually in high school so I’m curious
to see what pictures she took another student is going to give me a camera
this week and there’s a there’s at least a few more others that I gave cameras to
that they’re going to take a little bit longer but that’s the kind of videos I
want to do you know like pure photography stuff anyways I know this
video is a little long but this one’s just for the fans you know it’s not
really a tutorial or anything is just like a channel update so yeah thank you
for anything I hope we make some good content on this channel and yeah call me
the anti algorithm YouTube no not even that call me the entire algorithm
photographer cuz we don’t like that youtuber word around here anyways see
you around you

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20 thoughts on “The Anti-Algorithm – Photography Channel Updates

  1. ✅ Websites

    Practice Files:



  2. As much as I hate Squarespace ads I must admit I had a site there for two years and it was the best looking and easiest to set up/use website I had. However, it's super expensive, more than double the service I use now, and paying without a credit card was nearly impossible, I had to set up one of those Wirecard accounts only for this site and of course completely forgot my login and all when my annual payment was due. Too expensive and too much hassle for a hobbyist with a low income.

  3. The primary reason why I subscribed to your channel is because you are a "real" guy who doesn't play into the typical YouTube popularity contest. It's refreshing. I am happy that you have been able to "be yourself" and still have a growing channel. It's encouraging.

  4. Tbh I like longer videos compared to short ones lol
    Now I don't mean that I like if they have 1 min of information in a 7 min video but u know like vlogs and stuff is perfect over 10 min

  5. It's cool that you're trying to do things in an untraditional manner. And yes, hope to do something together! No list-style videos I guess. 😉

  6. I don't really know: as far as you talk gear to explain people hot to get the most out of it (especially if it's yours and not borrowed), it's fine to me. I'm bored when, like in these days, a couple of well known camera companies release their new stuff and every you tube rand his/her mother have a review about it telling how good it is or haw bad compared with their other brand they usually push…
    Even for "non gearhead" people, the technical aspect of Photography is essential to get good results, so talking about Photography is also talking about "HOW to get that image.
    About advertising, try virally promoting "Roundspace" as Camera conspiracy was doing a while ago 😉

  7. Looks like I'm comment bombing you today. Just want to add that I appreciate your authenticity and dedication to your values and what you're trying to offer.

  8. Congratulations on getting close to 10K. It takes a lot of creativity and patience to gain subscribers. Keep the videos coming.

  9. I applaud your honesty. I’m also having a bit of an issue with the algorithm and YouTube support isn’t of much help. My channel is mostly about photography but I have a few RV videos as well. The algorithm now thinks my channel is about RV’s and only promotes to that audience. Frustrating.

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