The 10 Most Mysterious Pictures From The Moon

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20 thoughts on “The 10 Most Mysterious Pictures From The Moon

  1. I really think that the photographs in the first couple of trips to the moon
    ( manned or unmanned ) especially by different countries show thing's that they filter out today. We have to look to the past to figure out the future.

  2. It’s all in plain view. Perfect portal inside shaped perfectly for flying craft (that we visualize all over the moon and surrounding it). Pipes or perhaps weapon openings. We have quite an active universe.

  3. The Dark State has been deceiving humans all along regarding other civilizations on other planets. I say to hell with 'we cant handle the truth' and rip the fucking band-aid off already. Let's do this!

  4. 6,45 spiegazione, explaination, shpjegim,تفسير,explication,

  5. I hate the way people say men went to the moon. AMERICANS went to the moon. AMERICANS, you filthy backward European pedophiles.

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