Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook Mobile (Android)

Hello internet people, let me show you how to add temporary profile pic on Facebook android Alright so go to your profile and on the profile just tap on your image you see there’s edit and select profile picture and once you’ve selected the image you want in the left corner.. You’ll see you can make a “temporary”. Select that here you’ll see default options but in this case I’ll take a custom. I’ll select december 7th, let’s say 3 30 p.m. and hit ok. Now when you go to your profile and refresh the page you’ll see that there’s a small 23 hours on top of your image. It just means that it’s going to be live for 23 hours and after that changes back to whatever you had before Isn’t that convenient? I hope this video was useful hit the like button if he helped you out and here’s Arnold saying something random

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