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  1. wonderfully perspicacious perspectivism.
    refreshingly meta-textualistic anti-occultism.
    benevolently. rapturously. original.

    cheers. 😉

  2. Uh, oh…Here comes the "uhhhh…..I don't get it" crowd. I really wish people wouldn't be so intellectually lazy. These pictures are as interesting as their subject matter.

  3. Excellent!

    Seeing is NOT always believing.

    Most cops are below average in intelligence. By necessity. This is because a person of higher intelligence won't usually allow themselves to be manipulated into conspiring to convict the innocent. These are the acts of the stupid and the frightened.

  4. Artists/activists are great at raising awareness…but a scattershot approach like that first project, hitting all those issues…not too effective methinks. And not a single suggestion on how to improve anything, just lots of awareness raising….already forgotten. :

    An attractive female can't do anything without "she's hot" comments…I don't know why women don't fight back similarly…take the guys down a peg by objectifying back. Break a social norm! That would be something to see.

  5. she puts alot of thought into the photographs she takes, especially about the story she wants to tell, which is the key to good journalism.

    i enjoyed this immensely.

  6. Capital punishment is not punishment. How is ending a life considered punishment? does that life learn anything after its been snuffed out? Isn't reformation the objective of punishment? Or have we become so desensitised that we just want to do away with our offenders and never see them? If we were to have been disciplined in such a way as children there wont be very many of us left to attain adulthood would there?

  7. See the double standard of legal access in America? How many of you can afford 60 G's to get the verdict tilted in your favor?

    Perry Mason, where are you!

  8. Rather frightening you can be convicted from the testimony of an 11 year old girl, but an 11 year old killer will never serve a sentence. Ironic…

    So they are an adult when they finger a person but not when they kill a person? What's wrong with this picture?

  9. No. What a loser you are. What? Does an intelligent woman threaten you? You probably couldn't understand half of what she said right?

  10. Are you implying that a person can only learn to tell the truth when he/she reaches adulthood? The difference is accountability.

  11. Reading the autobiographies of many great authors like ian flemming, jack keruac, or robert heinlein one will often see reference to selling a story to playboy. Many of a non lurid nature.

  12. Yup, cops are scumbags. Manipulate evidence just to get a conviction. Who cares if its actually the guy who did it or just some innocent? If we get a conviction we did out job. Just one more cell filled.

  13. No implication at all, it's a fact: children often cannot tell the difference between reality and dreams, and we take their tesitmony in a court of law? So you are implying that a person can give testimony without accountability?

    I don't think a child should be treated as an adult if they kill someone, nor do I think they should be taken as an adult in a court of law.

  14. It really depends on the child. While I wouldn't let an 11 yr old drive, I would take his/her word. I know many children that are more honest than adults.

    Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable regardless of the age of the person testifying. You can't blame the age of the child.

  15. Eyewitness testimony, regardless of age, is unreliable. You never remember things the way they happened ESPECIALLY in a stressful situation because adrenaline distorts your memory. Just because you saw it doesn't mean it happened.

  16. I know many children that will lie through their teeth and claim they are telling the absolute truth.

    I know many adults that are more honest than children.

  17. Which proves that honesty is a function of character and not age. There are liars of every age. You cannot blame the lie on the age of the liar.

  18. i like her… she is pretty cool.. and smart.. i hope i never get in jail like those people… fuck that must be the worst thing…

  19. The saying is "a picture is worth a thousand words" but the pictures don't have any power if you have to explain them all.

  20. Wiki: "Like all forms of U.S. public diplomacy, the station is forbidden from broadcasting within the U.S. itself under the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act concerning the broadcast of propaganda."

    WTF!?!?!?!? That's not right….

  21. @Alacritous It's all about the message. Her messages consist of the interaction between the pictures and their accompanying texts. Whether the pictures would or should convey all the meaning by themselves is utterly beside the point.
    By the way, I think that the saying you quote is a bit naive (like most folk sayings, anyway).

  22. Regarding the wrongfully convicted, there are now so many more cases of this due to the present sex offenr laws. I worked in child protective services for years& as a therapist have seen examples of too many situations where an angry teen lies to get back at her father/stepfather.There are terrible miscarriages of justice in the legal system but few care about this. So it continues to hurt so many. The sex offender laws must change ! They hurt men who are not dangerous, esp. to children.

  23. i dont get it why is she going from a boy's corpse to a room full with marijuana to a submarine to some other stuff

  24. I transcribed some key quotes:

    Photography threatens fantasy. They didn’t want to let my camera in because it confronts constructed realities, myths, and beliefs and provides what appears to be evidence of a truth, but there are multiple truths attached to every image, depending on the creator’s intention, the viewer, and the context in which it is presented.

  25. I wanted to see the center with my own eyes, but what I came away with is a photograph, and its just another place to observe and the understanding that there are no absolute, all-knowing insiders, and the outsider can never really reach the core.

  26. A big part of the work that is absent in this context is text. So I create these two poles. Every image is accompanied with a very detailed, factual text. What I ‘m most interested in is the invisible space between a text and its accompanying image and how the image is transformed by the text and the text by the image. So at best the image is meant to float away into abstraction, and multiple truths, and fantasy. And then the text functions as this cruel anchor that nails it to the ground.

  27. @TheBigCollapse Sure…if some kids are raped by some paedophile and there are only kids to testify the paedophile should go free. The weight of the kids testimony might be accepted as lighter than that of an adult…but ignoring kids' testimony because they might also believe dreams seems a little extreme. Adults are prone to hallucinations in adverse conditions…should they also be excluded from courts of law?

  28. So a fucked up kid who plans to kill his mother, and does it, is still treated as " a confused child"? What is wrong with you?

  29. This was very interesting look at the use of photography in the propaganda machine, if she intended this or not. The use of photography is everywhere around us in advertising. Reality is twisted to their favor.

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