Talk Show Round-Up Video: Award winning landscape photographer shares landscape photography tips.

Welcome to Karl Taylor photography
talkshow! New home, New city and yet, in eight short years you turn that business
to being booked six weeks in advance! How did you do it?
You won a major award with
this one… It won me the New Zealand Geographic landscape photographer of the year and that was a great springboard. Here’s some of the latest industry news and gossip… He’s got some balls of steel!!! Right let’s take a look at this.
They’re turning grime into Gold! What sort of tips of advice can you offer when doing this sort of work. I
guess the first thing I look for is… How were they done Alex? It was a bit of a process I’d been experimenting with. New Zealand “All black” and I believe you shot this for Adidas? Yeah I’d set up the shot with a 5kg barbell in there.
Are you serious – how many people are going to see this? and they’re like I’m
going to pick up the 25kg 🙂 Inverse-square law – yes, exactly! That’s what I was trying
to think of. One question here from Richey which is to Karl and Alex.
What advice would you give to someone who has a career which is
financially secure but want’s to move into photography full time?
Please don’t say “Don’t”! You see, that was on the tip of my tongue.
What camera do you shoot with and what’s your favorite lens?
Does Alex use a light meter? What!!!
We are going to move on to critiquing some of our members’ work. We’ve had a load of pictures sent in!
There’s a… nice s-bend from this road and if you
had a little more elevation… You’ve gone for a nice bit of rim lighting around
the bottle, he’s got the label clear… What about that as a shot? Something else isn’t it! The lines of light in the
chrome work there… I would have preferred to maybe get a little bit more
gradated light. Alex thanks very much your insights and
brilliant we’ll see you next time guys thanks very much for watching.

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  1. Thankyou Karl for a little slice of Alex Wallace shares, looks really interesting and I keep meaning to sign up, but seeing this preview, got to go and do it.

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