Take a picture or video on your LG B470 | AT&T

Take a picture or video: Take a picture. From the home screen, press the
Camera key. To take a picture, select
“Capture”. Take a video. To take a video, from the
camera, navigate to and select the Video Camera
icon. Select “Record” to begin
recording video. To pause your recording, select
“Pause”. To begin recording again, select
“Resume”. To stop your recording, select
“Stop”. Your video will be saved to My
Folder under Videos. Access saved picture or videos. To view recorded videos and
pictures, from the home screen,
select “Menu”, then select “My Folder”. Select “Pictures” or select
“Video”. To share saved pictures or
videos, select the desired album,
photo, or video content to view. Select “Options”. Select “Send Via”. Select desired sharing method and follow the on-screen
prompts. ♪AT&T jingle♪

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