5 Long Exposure Photography Tips

– Hey everyone, this is Shivani from SLR Lounge, and our good friends over at B&H Photo here to give you five long exposure tips to maximize creativity. (upbeat music) We’re going to teach you how to master a creative technique called the shutter drag, otherwise known as long exposure photography. This will help you […]

CINEMATIC LOOK – 7 tips for film look

Hello my fellow filmmakers this is the ultimate summary of every video on YouTube on how to make your video look cinematic we’ve all heard every of these guaranteed tips from YouTube experts which got their knowledge from other YouTube experts these tips aren’t bad on their own but they are usually so poorly and […]

Tomb of Sargeras In-game Cinematic Finale

Our fates are now one. Argus will be your tomb. At least we will have died fighting. Our war isn’t over yet. Not while we hold the key to all worlds. Khadgar, take us home! I was always… …envious of you. Your gift. Your faith. Your vision. I never believed… …that Sargeras could be stopped. […]

My Motherland (1933) movie

From the Russian Gosfilm fond collection Dedicated to the memory of the Komsomol members… …fallen while guarding the frontiers of the socialist homeland. My Motherland A sound film in 8 parts produced at the Leningrad film factory “Rusfilm” for the 15th anniversary of the “Red Army of the Workers and Peasants” The work of the […]

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