Mahabharat | Full Animated Film- Hindi | Exclusive | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

‘If we have to introduce the current generation to the Indian culture..’ ‘..then there is nothing else more engaging..’ ‘..and entertaining than the epic of Mahabharata.’ ‘Our motive behind telling this great epic is to present it..’ ‘ a simple and exciting manner for the children without hurting..’ ‘..any religion or community.’ Brother, have one […]

Lego Star Wars – at the Cinema

It’s Rogue One. It’s Rogue One. (Singing) I’m going to see Rogue One. (Singing) Commander, did you secure the item which I have requested? What Item, Lord Vader? The tickets, you imbecile! Tickets for? The tickets for Rogue One. You didn’t secure them? We’re in the midst of a war Lord Vader. It would seem […]

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