How does a camera work?

How does a Camera work? By. Branch Education If you were to guess how many smartphone pictures will be taken throughout 2018, what would you guess? Perhaps a billion? Or is it closer to a trillion? Or is it even higher at 50 Trillion or 1 Quadrillion? Here’s some stuff to help you out. There […]


[Music] what is up everybody welcome back to the art of photography 2017 is upon us new year clean slate I am amped I’m ready to get going what we’re going to do in this video is we’re going to do a mail episode because i have not checked the mail a long time I […]

Can Photography End Child Labor?

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Although this kid is smiling, he is actually hard at work pouring molten metal in a shipyard in Dhaka. Not exactly an ideal environment for a child. Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss the influence of an image like this, to assume that the photographer is just another silent witness to an atrocity […]

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