Ep 8: Positive Current | SEARCH ON

– I often look at the news to find problems around the world. I heard about the Zika virus outbreak, and I wanted to use gene editing techniques to help prevent this from happening. And then I heard about Malaysian Airlines going missing. So, I created a blackbox finder. But then, I found out about […]

How to Do Water Drop Photography

Hi, I’m Adam and Welcome….to First Man Photography and welcome to the world of water drop Photography. In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to shoot some of these amazing images of water drops and everything you need to do it. But before we get into that if you like this video please […]

Photography On Cloudy Days – Mike Browne

Dull gray days like this one, they really can be motivationally challenging can’t they? We tell ourselves there isn’t a photo to be had because the sun’s not shining and that’s just not true it’s it’s just a different picture to be had, because different weather conditions produce different lighting conditions I am down on […]

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