STAR Exemption Procedure

Hello and welcome to the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office online tutorial on applying for your STAR property tax relief credit. My name is Gabriel, and on behalf of all of us here I’d like to welcome you to Nassau County. To get started log on to The following screen will appear. Notice in the […]

What Is Image Quality? – Vision Campus

Welcome back to our Vision Campus! Today let’s talk about brightness, sharpness, quantum efficiency, sensor and pixel size, resolution, dynamic range, noise and signal-to-noise-ratio, and contrast, or in other words image quality. What does image quality mean? For the amateur photographer, good image quality mostly means a sharp, bright image with high contrast. In industrial […]

Focus Stacking: The Secret to Beautiful Photos

Since I first upgraded to a proper DSLR, I’ve been continually messing around with different techniques to see just what the capabilities of this awesome little device are, and, thus far, I haven’t been disappointed. It’s strange. It’s such a simple device, but it really does seem like, in the hands of a talented user, […]

Upload image and audio files

In this video, we’ll show you how you can turn your audio or image files into a format you can upload to YouTube. First we’ll start with audio files. If you have an audio file of a song you just wrote, you can import it into a movie editing program on your PC or Mac. […]

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