Confidence As a Photographer – Mike Browne

someone sent me an email a few weeks ago asking can an introvert become a good photographer I’m not gonna name this person, let’s just call him john smith. well this series of photography they’re about exactly this kind of thing. It’s about finding confidence in yourself your abilities and indeed the others around you. […]

Ultimate Youtube Live Camera!

Why Tinkernut, what do you have here? This is my homemade Youtube live streaming camera. Why stream dead, when you can stream live? Ahhhh! That’s right, at long last my live streaming YouTube camera is finally done. And if you want to learn how I made it you can click here, beside my head. In […]

40 Weird Pictures That Should Not Exist

40 Weird Pictures that Will Trick Your Brain From boats that can float on water to a dice stack that defies gravity, we count 40 weird pictures that will trick your brain! 40 Here’s a photo of a tropical parrot in a tree. But, wait! Look a little closer and you’ll see it’s actually a […]

Photography Tips for Whale Watching Pt2

Hello again people, and welcome to part two, this little miny were i got the opportunity of a lifetime to go on photograph something I’d always dreamt of photographing, here in part 2 we’re going to see what happens on the actual shoot when the light came right, something’s i had to think about and […]

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