Male Enlargement Injection Leads to Death?

You know we’ve talked about women getting everything from butt injections to breast injections, everything from silicone to whatever else, caulk. This one was new though. A 22-year-old man, 22, lives in New Jersey. Well, he actually had an illegal silicone injection to enlarge his penis, and he died of an embolism. (audience groans) And […]

Upload image and audio files

In this video, we’ll show you how you can turn your audio or image files into a format you can upload to YouTube. First we’ll start with audio files. If you have an audio file of a song you just wrote, you can import it into a movie editing program on your PC or Mac. […]

7 Bronica SQ-Ai Shooting Tips

Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing great! Anyway, so I was developing Earlier some film from Chicago. I was scanning some more film from Some shootings around here in Indiana, and I was also working on the video from San Francisco That is coming very soon, but I thought that it would be nice […]

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