Lawn Care : How to Mend a Leaky Hose

I’m Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to mend a leaky water hose, or leaky garden hose. The first thing that you will need to do, find you a really good, sharp pocket knife or a utility knife and cut the hose, one side or the other, away from where the damaged part of the….damage […]

STAR Exemption Procedure

Hello and welcome to the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office online tutorial on applying for your STAR property tax relief credit. My name is Gabriel, and on behalf of all of us here I’d like to welcome you to Nassau County. To get started log on to The following screen will appear. Notice in the […]

To all the sheroes ll Happy women’s day ll

women are fortunate stroke of serendipity i feel blessed to be raised by one such my mother !! my absolute inspiration and role model the way she carried different roles in her life as a wife, as a supportive mother and a passionate business women, is commendable amidst a chaos of her life, she never […]

Herbicide Damage | From the Ground Up

We’ve seen quite a bit of herbicide damage in gardens this summer and one in particular that’s interesting to note is 2,4-D, which falls in the category of growth regulator herbicides. And so the symptoms you’ll see are curled, or sort of mutated or stunted growth. Beans are especially sensitive, peppers are also quite sensitive. […]

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