Photo Assignment #7 :: Motion in Photography

okay it is Monday which means Photo Assignments and in this video I want to talk about Photo Assignment #7 which is going to be incorporating motion into photography now photography is a still medium unless you’re dealing with video I’m talking about still images though in fact most of the history of art if […]

Your camera is better than Ansel’s

What is up everybody welcome back I have a topic that I want to bring up for discussion today that Deals with a quote that I heard a few months ago And I thought it was really interesting basically the quote was this every famous photograph ever made was done with equipment That wasn’t as […]


John Free is one of the great street photographers of our generation this summer I decided to reach out to John and request a lesson I asked if he would be willing to share this lesson on my show to which he agreed so I packed my camera and headed out to California to further […]

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