Wabuu (Dingo Pictures) – Phelous

Oh boy, I’ve been putting this one off, but I’m finally gonna review Wabuu, the movie, like a bunch of you want, but I warn you, THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. (German and English Wabuu Song) ♪Shoop-de-dap-de-doo♪ ♪I am the Wabuu♪ ♪Hopping here and there♪ ♪And woop the Devil all so near(?)♪ ♪Dand-danb-dabbly–doo♪ ♪I […]

Swann Security Camera System Review

Gabe: I heard you like cameras, homie. Well today, we’re going to surround your camera with cameras as we review the Swann 3K Security System. Today, we’re going to talk about what it’s like dealing with Swann customer support, what it’s like to be inside your own command station, and how easy it is to […]

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