The Science of Camera Sensors

This FilmmakerIQ Lesson is proudly sponsored by RØDE: Premium microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. Hi – John Hess from and today we’re going to look at the science and technology of the digital sensors. Before we get into the quantum mechanics of digital sensors, let’s look at the one […]

We Tested $30 Tiny Spy Cameras From Amazon

Michelle: What are you doing? Emma: I’m looking for the camera. Emma: Is it on the doorknob? It’s not on the doorknob. So, we got our hands on some spy gear from Amazon. These are so tiny. There’s supposed to be some cameras hidden inside these normal-looking objects. Let’s start with the clock. The camera’s […]

Eye vs. camera – Michael Mauser

Watch the center of this disk. You are getting sleepy. No, just kidding. I’m not going to hypnotize you. But are you starting to see colors in the rings? If so, your eyes are playing tricks on you. The disk was only ever black and white. You see, your eyes don’t always capture the world […]

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