The Three Strip Camera – Technicolor 100

Technicolor’s original goal was full spectrum color photography for motion picture screens. Technicolor achieved their goal by completely redesigning the camera that they had been using in the 20’s. The new camera was designed by J.A. Ball Technicolor’s technical director in the early 30’s. The cameras were manufactured by the Mitchell Camera Corporation in Glendale, […]

How to choose the perfect camera

– I own a lot of cameras, like probably too many, but that’s because it took me a really long time to figure out the style I wanted and then figure out a way to achieve that style, which is 35 millimeter Kodak film, I should have just known. Any who, people are always asking […]

How Food Commercials Are Made

Narrator: Ever wonder how food commercials look so mouthwatering and perfect? These food shoots can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, all so you’ll buy more of these. Visual engineer, Steve Giralt, shoots photos and videos for food and product-based commercials in New York City and around the world. I bring technology and kind of […]

The Moon camera

Not long ago three astronauts named Neil, Buzz and Mike set off for the Moon Unlike the space farers before them two of these men were going a giant step further they landed on the Moon For about two and a half hours Neil and Buzz explored the lunar surface taking samples and pictures What […]

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