Korean Cinema Today

Such a pleasure to be back here on stage, actually I used to work here a while back four/five years ago. So, I really feel like I’m returning home in a way. And it’s also a pleasure to have colleagues and my fellow programmers we don’t have that many programmers in the city, so I […]

Rooftop Photography in Seoul

alright guys so maybe you weren’t expecting another video so soon but today is a really nice day and I wanted to show you a nice rooftop here in Seoul you all right so I know most of you guys probably think of me more as a street photographer and that’s true but what many […]

Simple Photography Questions and Answers

today we’re actually going to be answering some very simple photography questions where actually they’re not really simple perhaps because so many people ask them it makes me wonder if I just think they’re simple but actually they’re not and some of them of course I do need to answer but anyways let’s get to […]

Street Photography in Ikseondong

So today we’re going to shoot in Ikseondong. It’s near Jongro in South Korea. If this is your first time on this channel. Please be sure to subscribe. Especially if you’re a photographer, and even if you are a Korea enthusiast. I think you’ll enjoy the scenery very much and I will be uploading regularly. […]

Rainy Street Photography – Noealz

So, welcome to another street photography videos. This time it’s the rainy evening edition which is pretty great because as you guys know, especially if you follow my instagram I really really love rainy evenings because you get all the reflections everywhere and it looks great. But anyways, today we are in the area between […]

Cyberpunk Photography

Alright so, if you’re watching this video, you’re probably interested in how to make your photos look more of that cyberpunk aesthetic right? And uh before I can give you some tips on how to make your photos look more like that, first we have to talk about what is cyberpunk itself. Let’s just call […]

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