How To Look Good In Every Picture ?

seven poses that instantly make you look better in photos in today’s current digital climate the all too important selfie has become the cornerstone of every person’s online presence with almost every cellphone now having its own built-in camera many tech companies take pride in the quality of each camera and its ability to capture […]

Macro Photography Tips Part 1

macro photography or micro photography as it’s also becoming known as these days is all about getting in close. Now if I’m gonna take a picture of this flower here which to be honest I can’t even focus on with my eyes because i’m turning into such an old git I’m gonna need to get […]

How To Use a Polarising Filter

A polarizing filter is an incredibly useful piece of kit that you can put over your lens. what it does is it saturates colour, it removes reflections and glare from things. Now we’ve got this great row of beautiful beach huts against the blue sky so i thought we’d get tom to talk us through […]

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